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Walker Tapestry
YDNA. Walker



There are several lines of Walkers [1] in the northern portion of the Carolina Cradle. [2] The following depiction shows the approximate location where these Walkers were living. Where available, YDNA affinities are shown based on results from the Walker DNA Project.

Moon Crk Walkers
YDNA Group 33 John Walker
U. Hogan Crk Walkers
YDNA Group 33 William Walker
L. Hogan Crk Walkers
YDNA Group 33 Samuel Walker
Jordan Crk Walkers
John and Phillip Walker
Sandy Crk Walkers
YDNA Group 1 Samuel Walker

The Wigton Walkers

YDNA Group 33, sometimes referred to as the Walkers Creek Branch of the Wigton Walkers. This line traces its descent from John Walker I of Wigton Scotland, as documented in Source:White, 1902. This line first settled on the Nottingham Lots in Old Chester County, PA, about 1726. They moved to Borden's Grant by 1738. During the French and Indian War John Walker III moved to the Moon Creek area of what is now Caswell county. By 1771 John and his extended family moved to Castle's Woods area of Virginia, where John died sometime before 1778.

Three main branches of this group have been identified in the Carolina Cradle, based on YDNA results

Moon Creek WalkersJohn Walker III settled in the Carolina Cradle about 1756. He apparently owned a number of tracts, but is generally thought to have lived in the Moon Creek area. He is a member of what is sometimes described as the "Walkers Creek Branch" of the Wigton Walkers

Person:John Walker (81)

Lower Hogan's Creek Also known as the The Orphan Group. This line settled immediately to the west of the Wigton Walker line (above), centering on Hogan's Creek. The term "Orphan Group" is sometimes used to refer to this lineage arose because it seemed obvious that they were related to the Wigton Walkers, yet no direction could be found for them---hence they were "orphans". It is only with the advent of YDNA that we know that the Orphan line is in fact connected to the Walkers Creek Branch of the Wigton Walkers. Samuel (55) is believed to be the brother of John Walker (81), based on a Power of Attorney give by John in 1771 to his "well beloved brothers Samuel Walker and Joseph Walker". The POA was intended to sell property owned by John on Mudlick in Roanoke watershed. In 1765 that property was occupied by an Alexander Walker, who is believed later lived in the Carolina Cradle, and for whom YDNA data shows a connection to John Walker (85). The whereabouts of Joseph Walker is currently not known.

Person:Samuel Walker (55)
Person:Alexander Walker ()
Person:Joseph Walker ()

Upper Hogan's Creek Walkers This group is also numbered among the Walkers Creek Walkers, based on YDNA affinities. William Walker came to Orange County, from Cumberland County, PA, prior to his death in 1769[3] William left bequests to sons: William, James, John, Alexander and Abraham. Alexander (died 1794) and James Walker (died 1803), received land grants on Hogan's Creek in the 1780s in an area in southeastern Rockingham County. William Walker (1737-1800) established a home on Country Line Creek just a few miles from Alexander and James. John Walker immigrated to Davidson County in the Southwest Territory (present-day Tennessee) some time prior to 1793. The exact relationship of this group to the Lower Hogans Creek, and Moon Creek Walkers is not known.

Jordan Creek Walkers

John Walker and his brother Phillip are said to have come to America From Ireland prior the Revolution. They may have initially settled in Maryland, moved on to Pennsylvania, and finally to Orange County NC, settling on Jordan Creek. John's property lay in what is now Caswell County, while that of Phillip lay in Alamance County. Phillips will of 1796 (probate) identifies his brother as "John Walker".

Person:John Walker (264)
Person:Phillip Walker (6)

Sandy Creek Walkers

YDNA Group 1. Samuel Walker left a will April 24 1773; proved March 1781 in Randolph Co NC. It mentions his two sons in law - James Hunter and Robert Fields and names his two daughters, Mary and Ann. Fide Mary Ann Hubbell, Walker ShortList, September 19, 2009, citing "The Case for James Hunter of Stinking Quarter and Sandy Creek: Regulator Leader, 1765-1771" Journal of Rockingham History and Genealogy Vol II #2 Oct 1977 page 51-66. Group 1 appears to be composed of several separate lines representing independent importations from Scotland/Ireland. Most of the participants seem to be related to an importation into Delaware probably around 1720. Some descendants moved south into Mechlenburg, Randolph, and Rutherford Counties North Carolina around 1750. The Sandy Creek Walkers are probably descended from one of these emigrants.

County Line Creek

Person:William Walker (215)


YDNA Group 22. A John Walker married to Rachel died in Caswell County in 1789. See MySource:Will of John Walker of Caswell, NC, 1789. Line has been traced by some to Nottoway and Lunenberg Counties, VA. Exluded by YDNA from being in Wigton Walkers, or Sandy Creek Walkers. Does not immediately match up with data for Upper Hogans Creek or Jordan Creek Walkers.


  1. See: Notebook:Walker Family in the Carolina Cradle
  2. It is likely that additional lines are present as well but have not been identified here as yet. Walkers in the southern portion of the Cradle have not as yet been examined.
  3. Surviving correspondance of son James Walker and wife Ann shows a clear family connection to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.