Person:John McClung (2)

m. BEF 1724
  1. James McClungABT 1722 -
  2. Elizabeth McClungABT 1724 - 1773
  3. Matthew McClung1725-1740 - 1802
  4. William McClung1725-1740 -
  5. John McClung1731 - 1817
  6. Sarah McClungBEF 1734 -
  7. Mary McClung1735 - 1827
m. BET 1754 AND 1755
  1. Margaret McClung1755 - 1839
  2. Judge William McClung1758 - 1811
  3. Rebecca McClung1760 -
  4. John McClung1762 - 1830
  5. Archibald McClung1764 - 1848
  6. Phoebe McClung1766 -
  7. Elizabeth McClung1768 - 1853
  8. Dr. James McClung1770 -
  9. Joseph McClung1775 - 1866
Facts and Events
Name John McClung
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1731 Ireland
Marriage BET 1754 AND 1755 to Elizabeth Alexander
Death[1][2] 1817 Fairfield, Rockbridge County, Virginia

John McClung was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John McClung in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 113--John McClung, Sr., aged 73, deposes, same time and place (deposes at Brownsburg, July, 1805).
  • Vol. 2 - Page ___--John McClung, Senior, deposes, 14th December, 1807, has known the land 63 years. Downey lived on it. Believes Downey was a hunter, from seeing bear skins hang about the house. Deponent lived in Borden's grant 63 years; he is now 77 years old.

Information on John McClung

From "The Alexander Family of Scotland, Ireland and America", compiled by Francis Austin Arnold of Carrollton, Missouri, 1896 - from at Family Tree

Elizabeth Alexander married John McClung and had issue:

1. Margaret, married Robert Tate of Augusta 2. Judge William, (see Collin's Kentucky, pg. 333, 442), married Miss Marshall 3. John, married Miss Stuart 4. Archibald, single in 1824 5. Elizabeth, married Robert Stuart 6. Phoeby, married first, James Paxton; he was shot; married second, Samuel Moore 7. Rebecca, married William Steel 8. James, a physician, "drowned in Licken County, Kentucky" 9. Joseph, married first, Elizabeth Wilson, second, Esther McClung

From Augusta County, VA records (not sure same John McClung):

NOVEMBER, 21, 1755. Page (507) Wm. Akry has removed out of the Colony. James McMurdie witness from Bedford. Robert Means's will proved. Admr. moved for by Thos. Thompson, his nephew and heir-at-law, and also by John McClung, who married Jennet, niece of decd.--given to Thomas.

Augusta County, Virginia Circuit Court Records:

Page ___--John McClung, Senior, aged 73, deposes, 15th July, 1805.

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    8-3 John McClung, b. in Ireland, 1731; d. near Fairfield, Va., 1817. He was an Elder in the Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church. He was a remarkably stout and fine-looking man; very straight, six feet high and very portly, weighing 180 to 200 pounds. He was a successful farmer, possessing a considerable estate in land and slaves. He had a good English education and took a prominent part in the erection of schools and churches, m. 1754, Elizabeth Alexander, b. in Ireland, Oct. 28, 1735; d. prior to Nov. 29, 1802, dau. of Archibald Alexander and his wife, Margaret Parks, and aunt of Dr. Archibald Alexander, of Princeton. Twelve children.