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Willis YDNA Project Lineages (Current)
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Willis Family in Southwest Virginia


The Willis YDNA project at FTDNA currently contains about 150 kits, organized into 17 distinct groups based on YDNA similarity. Thirty nine of these kits, however, measured 25 or fewer markers, a level of analysis too low to permit reliable groupings; these results were discard. Of the remaining kits some provided no close match at a criteria of 90% similarity; these kits were also discarded. A total of 87 kits remained, organized in 14 discrete groups, ranging in size from 2 kits, to 26 kits. The following presentations are based on the data in the WIllis YDNA project as of December 2012

Color Coding



Presumed Patriarch(s)*NotesDescendants**Kits
Person:Joseph Willis (1) 1722 -1784lived in Craven County. Baptist minister at the Swift Creek Baptist Church, ordained on February 27, 1756. William Wesleysometimes identified as a child of Joseph, but he is not mentioned in Josephs will. He may have predeceased Joseph. There are several WIlliam Wesley Willis' in subsequent generations in this area.46443
Person:Joseph Willis (2)
Person:Thomas Willis (2)
Person:Caleb Willis (1) 1746/47-1827Richard Harvey/Moses W./John Tyler/Omer/John Tyler59200
Person:Richard Willis (2)
Person:Jesse Willis (1)
Person:Ephraim Willis (2)
Abner/John/John Hayes239460
Richard (b.1720, d.1800 in NC) Richard Jonathan Clay/John Gilbert N4693
Richard Willis Jr. James b.1717, Craven Co. Joel /William /William Jasper/Madison A./Homer F.William Jasper W 166383
? James b.1717, Craven Co. 205636
Jesse (b.1810 GA) Iverson Asbury George Washington 60675
James Monroe (b.1819 GA) Francis Marion Huron Branton 96147


Presumed Patriarch(s)*NotesSonsGrandsons+KitNotes
William Austin (b.1808, NC) Henry Thomas (b.1838, GA) 84019
John Harvey (b. 1860, MO) 20211
Austin (b.abt.1820, NC) John 20880
Britton (b.abt.1758, NC) Thomas Britton 155223
- 87203
David Gillespie (b.1803) David Gillespie (b.abt.1840)/Claude Edward (b.1880 TN) 246086
James (b. GA) James Hamilton (b. KY)/Raleigh Britton of OK 129808
Person:William Willis (57)
(b.bet.1725/30 Brunswick Co., VA
dbef/1792,Mecklenburg Co., VA.
The name of his brother was Richard, born 1734. Tradition has William's first wife as Elizabeth Davis and the mother to all of his children. Thomas (lived in Lincoln County, TN in 1820), 113965
Richard (moved to Spartanburg Co., SC), 209704
John b1756moved to Jessamine Co., KY John Augustine (b. 12 April, 1800, Pittsylvania County, d. 27 Jan 1886, Sullivan Co TN?)/William, born 1839.153009Inconsistent presentation on Willis YDNA Project. Father sometimes id'd as William (57) and sometimes as WIlliams son Richard (above)
Person:Richard Willis (20) (b. 4 Sept 1795 Pittsylvania County, VA, d.1863, Sullivan County, IN)
James A. Willis, who married Mahala Walters.
Person:Sterling Willis (1) (moved to Todd County, KY) James (b.1782 VA)/Anderson (b.1816 KY) 149433
Edward (moved to Garrard County, KY), William T. (b.1811 KY)/William Sterling (b.1829 KY) 153703
Sherod (moved to Jessamine Co., KY),
Person:Drury Willis (1) (moved to Madison County, KY),
William J. (b.abt.1805 Spartanburg Co., SC) James Franklin Zedic Hamilton 176129
William Ira (b.abt.1835, IA) David Wilber/William Vaughn 48626
Louden (b.1783, Mecklenburg Co., VA) - 248674
Joseph (m. 1794, Patrick Co., VA) - 51081
Major (of Pittsylvania Co., VA) Seaborn (b.abt.1809, NC) 150854
William (b. Pittsylvania Co., VA) Joel W John W./James/William Newton/John W./William Richard 177338
Daniel Campbell of KY, IL, IA, and MO (b.1807, VA) - 54942
Robert of Randolph Co., IN (b.abt.1784, VA) - 99549
Stephen (b.1703, King Wm. Co.,VA) Stephen Willis 1725-? Stephen 250529
George 250704
Henry S.(b.1810, VA/Richard PerryJulius Kendrick 136256
No information 254784
Peter (b.1765) of Rutherford Co., NC and Franklin Co., TN30700


GroupHaplogroupPresumed Patriarch(s)*LocusDescendants**Kits
GloucesterR1b1a2Person:Francis Willis (4)Lived and died in England (1660-1691. Sons Francis (3) and Henry (12) inherited his brothers property in Virginia Person:Francis Willis (3) of Gloucester, VA
Person:Henry Willis (12) of Fredricksburg VA


GroupHaplogroupPresumed Patriarch(s)*LocusDescendants**Kits
TennesseeR1b1a2David WillisTN (Grainger County for some;
unknown for David)


Person:Henry Willis (10); First encountered in 1769 when he secures land in Saltville Gap in Washington County VA.
Left the area about 1784. Researchers in this line believe he went to Green County TN, and from there to Pulaski County Kentucky. Sequence of court record documentation for him is consistent with him being the same person in all three locations. In particular his marriage to Mary Cochran is consistent with him witnessing or serving as bondsman in marriages in both Greene County and Pulaski County.
Henry (b.1793; brother of Samuel73949
Henry b.1793; brother of Samuel/Greenville/ Henry/Mathias 198137
Henry (b.1793))138115
Samuel (b. abt. 1800; brother of Henry)67855
No information 107970

Southwest Virginia Willis Group

Haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1a4
Presumed Patriarch(s)*NotesDescendant**Descendant chainKits
Person:Abner Willis (1)
First encountered about 1795 when he appears on tax rolls in Washington County VA. No trace after 1840Person:Amos Willis (2)James C./Londy/William C.203117
Person:Richard Willis (22)64544
Person:McKinsey Willis (1)First Appears in Madison Co KYMerrill MerleAbner Bond/Clyde192034
William Sydney 211916


Presumed Patriarch(s)*NOtesSonsGsonsKits
Jacob Willis 1770-1841of Morris County, New Jersey was born about 1770 in New Jersey. Jacob died about 1841 in Morris County New Jersey. His parents may be Aaron and Johanna (Lyon) Willis. m 1) Phebe, 2)1768 Johanna in Morristown, N.J.Benjamin (1880-?) m. Mary Eakley; 205702
David (Abt 1810) m. Mary;
Aaron (1813-1896) m. 1st Unknown, 2nd Louisa Estler, 3rd Bridget Lynch (no children by Bridget);
Isaac (1815-?) m.Sarah Search
Joseph Willis of Morris County, New Jersey, born c. 1680 (wife Patience Thompson), was a blacksmith in New Jersey. Joseph (II) born around 1721 (wife Abigail), Joseph (III), born 1759 (wife Grace Winans). Joseph (III) moved from Essex County, New Jersey, to Greene County, Pennsylvania, prior to 1780, to Columbiana County, Ohio, in 1822, and died in Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1843. 95119 and 101870)
.Benjamin married Abigail Winans; when she died he married her cousin Anna Winans.


Maryland and Virginia

Presumed Patriarch(s)*BackgroundSonsGSonsGGsonGGGSKits

John Willis
Old Rapphanock VA,
Richmond VA
William bc1680 Old Rappahannock, VA,-1716 Richmond Co, VA. John Willis d 1761-62 in Orange Co Va. William bc 1739 d 1833 Boone Co Ky.Edmund Terrill Willis 1766-1820; Edmund's brother William Willis Jr. 1781 Culpepper, VA-,1830 Adair Co KY. 73893
Isaiah Willis
1764 VA-1815 GA
married Susannah Cooper in 1793. He lived on Pistol Creek, in Lincoln County, Georgia, where he bought land on December 24, 1800. Martin
Isaiah Carter Willis (1808-1880)
m Eveline Wilkerson (or Wilkinson) 1830 Wilkes Co. GA.
George W.,
Edward W.,
Carter, A.S.,
William M. born 1848 Wilkes Co., m. Margaret Louisa Parkman, and migrated to Oak Fusca, Tallapoosa, Alabama in 1880. Later movied to Comanche, Texas. sons: Charley M., William P.201363
John Willis b1650to1660 d1712 Dorchester Co, MD. Crier for the Court of Dorchester County. Qwned a parcel of land named "Wantage", indicating that he may have originally been from the village of the same name in Berkshire Co, England. John Willis Jr. (b bef 1690 - 1764 iCaroline Co, Maryland), Richard Willis, bc1718 dc1763 in Caroline Co Richard Willis Jr.,1760 -1823 in Caroline Co. 10590
William Willis, 90447
Andrew Willis (b c 1690). N61310
Jarvis Willis 1752 MD-of Maryland and Franklin County, Tn; He received a Revolutionary War pension for his service with the Second Continental Line, having enlisted in February 1777 in Maryland. son William was born about 1794 in Stokes County, NC- d bef 1830 in Warren County, Tennessee.,Harmon 20484
John JamesWilliam Marion Willis of Alabama,b 1856 and d.1910 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. m.1) Sara Jane Bradford 2) Molly Vest. 56029
John William Willis Baltimore, Maryland and Warren County, Ohio m. Nancy Hite 1798 Baltimore, Maryland. George Willis signed the wedding certificate and James A. Willis was a witness.William H. (Billy) Willis, a minister, was b.1812 iWarren County, Ohio. 50374
William Willis Adair County, Kentucky married Elizabeth Steele. They later moved to Sangamon County, Illinois.148947


Presumed Patriarch(s)*NotesKits
Robert WIllis
b Scotland c1760, to Westmoreland County PA born in Scotland about 1760, went to Ireland with his family as a youth, then immigrated to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the Colonies. Lived in Westmoreland/Fayette County, Pennsylvania, through at least 1800, and died in Belmont County, Ohio, in 1830. William Willis, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1790 and died in Iowa in 1854. N32250, 148698


Haplogroup R1b1a2
Presumed PatriarchNotesKits
John Willliston b. 1703-1775lived Carteret Co NCThomas Martin WillistonGeorge Willis Sr.Martin Willis>79985


Haplogroup R1b1a2
Presumed Patriarch(s)*NotesSonGSonGGsonGGGsonKit
William Willis 1824-Jackson, Alabama25499
Andrew Jackson 86546
James (b.1827, Jackson Co., AL) 126553
William (b.1819, KY, d.1859, Tishomingo Co., OK) 247483
Henry (b.early 1900s, Adair Co., KY) 179376
No information 75805


Presumed Patriarch(s)*notessonsgsonsKit
Henry Willis b c1733-1810 of Caswell County, North Carolina married Mary Haddock in May 1783 in Caswell County. He died in 1820 in Caswell County. William 42272 (not clear which one kit is for
Henry Jr.,
Anderson. Anderson was born Dec. 17, 1800 in Caswell County and moved to Habersham County, Georgia, where his sons W. A., John C., and Drury Dobbins were born. 127670
Henry 1731-1810251661
Martin Van Buren 1848- b. Cleveland Co NCN66750
Elijah Willis 1809-born in Georgia in 1809, = Elizabeth Daniel in 1834 in Talbot County, Georgia, and about 1836 or 1837 settled in Autauga County, Alabama. Elijah's father was born in North Carolina. William (born in 1835 in Georgia), 99629
James Wesley,
George, and
Joseph P.
William b 1775b. Rutherford Co NCJohn ErastusJohn Elijah/James Joseph126061
Henry (d.1820 Caswell Co., NC)219583
James Willis 1755-17961755 in Cumberland County, Virginia, and died in 1796 in Chatham County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Benjamin Wilson, also of Cumberland County. Wilson Willis,
Larkin Willis (b.1777 moved to Hawkins Co TN, 118615
Elijah Willis
Elisha Willis.
Benjamin Willis 1765-bc 1765 in North Carolina. His ancestors are said to have immigrated from England. Willis named Descendants of son Thomas lived in Mitchell County for many generations.Rev. Thomas Willis (husband of Keziah Grindstaff),90449)

James Monroe Willis 1819- 1885was born March 27, 1819, in Jones County, Georgia. He married Mahala Wood on November 1838 in Monroe County, Georgia. He died January 13, 1885, in Clay County, Alabama. 96147)
Jesse Willis 1810-of Georgia and Dale County, Alabama was born about 1810 in Georgia. He married Martha (last name unknown) in Georgia before moving to Dale County, Alabama, where he was a farmer listed in the 1840, 1850, and 1860 census. Iverson Asbury Willis ?-1863 killed at Stone River at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 60675)


Presumed Patriarch(s)*NotessonsGSonsGGSonsGGGSonsKit
Abraham Willis 1796-b 1796 in NY, lived in Herkimer County, New York Father may be Joseph Willis (appearing in the 1810 census of Schuyler, Herkimer, NY). Married Hannah Whaley in 1819. Moved to they were in Fairfield Township, Huron County, Ohio. They both died in Huron County, Ohio, 1880/1881Alpheus David (b.1822 NY - d.1916 OH)
James (b.1827 NY)
Horace (b.1831 NY - d.1890 OH)
Joseph W. (b.1844 OH - d.1829 OH
Stephen Willis
of New York was born in 1802 in Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer County, New York. 246488)
Melatiah Willis
Melatiah Willis of Vermont was born in 1767 and died in Vermont in 1823. Married Martha Seaver, b 1767 and d1813 in VT. Both are buried in Corinth Center Cemetery, Orange County, Vermont. Melatiah Jr. (b.1791 - d.1872 VT),
Shubeal (b.1794 - d.1865 VT),
Benjamin (b.1798 VT - d.1891 VT), all buried in Corinth Center Cemetery,
Shubeal Willis married Lydia Bagley, of Vermont, in 1822. Jonathan Bagley Willis, who was born September 23, 1825 in Corinth, and moved to Pueblo County, Colorado. 178713


Lineage data is not consistent with Ancestry lineages. Can't tell which should be accepted.

Haplogroup I3
Patriarch*DescriptionSons GrandsonsGGsonsDescendant lineKits
Henry Willis
b1628 in Warminster, St. Denys, Wiltshire, England, d 1714 in Westbury, Long Island, New York. Married MARY PEASE 1654 in Warminster, St. Denys, Wiltshire, England. She was born 06/12/1632 in Warminster, St. Denys, Wiltshire, England, and died 04/23/1714 in Westbury, Long Island, New York. Long Island, NY. Henry Willis of Long Island, New York was born in 1628 in Warminster, Wiltshire, England. After being persecuted because of his Quaker religion, he immigrated to Long Island in 1674. His elder son William remained in Long Island. His younger son John settled in Pennsylvania. John founded branches of Willis-surname descendants in Pennsylvania (York County), Virginia (Franklin County), Kentucky (Mercer County), Ohio, Missouri (Monroe County), and elsewhere. William WillisJohnRichardJames/John/William/John/William Charles171536
Joseph of Lancaster Co, PAHenryDedrich William Sr.168427
John b1667-68, London England; d1745, Thornbury, Chester County, Pennsylvania.Henryperson:Joseph Willis (28)John/James E./Felix H./Gustavus Adolphus30786
Person:John Willis (65) Married Phoebe Bennet in PA. To Franklin County VA. About the same time a Henry Willis appears near by. Henry/Henry/Thompson/ Greenberry 10381
Henry/Henry/Thompson/ Greenberry 85974
Henry/Henry/Greenberry Gordon/Jedidiah 10862
Bennett/Hugh/Richard Baxter 8404
person:Isaiah Willis (1) 1742-1829
Settled in Franklin County, VA
William/Jubal/William 141333
William/Lee/Charles Cobb 8430
William/James/James Robert 27840
William/Isaiah/Samuel 10112
Person:Henry Willis (29)
Henry is commonly said to be John's brother, but may have been a son. In anycase, he apparently moves to Monroe County Kentucky about 1780
No information 167028

*Designated Patriarchs are somewhat arbitrary, and usually represent the earliest born. Not all persons matching YDNA signatures with the Patriarchical line necessrily descend from him. They might descend from an earlier common ancestor. Earliest descendants with tapestry Articles


YDNA. Abner Willis of Southwest Virginia
YDNA. Sterling Willis of Madison, KY