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Source: Probably Source:Chalkley's Chronicles


Person:Hugh Campbell (24)
[[Person:Charles Campbell
Person:David Gass (1)
[[Person:Margaret Cowan
Person:John Campbell (205)


  • Page 202.—10th October, 1749. William Magill's will—Wife, Margaret, and her son, Person:David Gass (1); sons, James and William, adjoining Charles Campbell; son, John; grandchild, James' son; daughter, Elizabeth. Executors, Robert Cravens, Hugh Campbell. Signed William Magill, Margaret Magill. Teste: Andrew Erwin, Charles Campbell. Proved, 29th November, 1749, when Margaret renounced the will.
  • Page 280.—15th November, 1758. Accounts against estate of William Magill paid by Hugh Campbell and Robt. Cravens. Legacies paid, viz: To James, John, William, Margaret McGill, Hugh Campbell, John Jones, Robert Dickson, John Berry, Ro. Fouller (to each of these £9, 1, 6).


This is the will of William Magill who married Margaret Cowan, the widow of John Gass. John died in Cumberland County PA about 1734. Margaret then married the widower William Magill. About this same time her daughter Isabella, married Archibald Woods, who witnessed John's will. Archibald was the son of person:Michael Woods (1); Michael was the nominal head of a set of inter-related families in Lancaster and Cumberland County PA, who about 1734 moved to the Valley of Virginia. Among these families was that of William Magill. Michael's wife was Mary Campbell. Charles and Hugh Campbell listed in William Magill's will, are believed to be kinsmen, both of whom settled in Augusta County.

See: Preliminary Family Tree of the Campbells of Augusta County for discussion. Note that the lineage as currently laid out on WeRelate does not conform well to Drapers discussion given above. Draper may be in error, or perhaps the family relationships currently inplace on WeRelate need to be revised.


Note: William Magill's second wife, Margaret was listed in his will. She was the widow of person:John Gass (1), who died in Lancaster County, PA in 1734, prior to her marriage to William Magill