Preliminary Family Tree of the Campbells of Augusta County



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Person:John Campbell (205)


The following is a preliminary depiction of the family tree of the Campbells who settled in Augusta County by 1738, whose descendants include General William Campbell of Kings' Mountain. This depiction is intended to assist with sorting out the various Campbells in the Augusta County area, and is likely to change significant as this work progresses. Color coding indicates locations where the individual flourished or died. When no color is shown, no further data is currently available about the person. The connection to Duncan Campbell is commonly stated, but highly unlikely. It is possible that these Campbells are indeed descended from a couple by the name of Duncan Campbell and Mary McCoy, as shown in the diagram, but it is probably not the Duncan Campbell who died in 1727 as is commonly believed. That Duncan Campbell, known as "Lord Ormellie" is known to have died in 1727, but died unmarried, sine prole. In anycase, since he is also known to have been born in 1659, he could hardly be the husband of Mary McCoy, as the couple by that name are believed to have been married in Ireland in 1672 when "Lord Ormellie" was age 13.

See: Preliminary Family Tree of the Campbells of Augusta County for discussion. Note that the lineage as currently laid out on WeRelate does not conform well to Drapers discussion given above. Draper may be in error, or perhaps the family relationships currently inplace on WeRelate need to be revised.