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Person:Duncan Campbell (44)1727Sometimes identified as the son of Lord Ormellie, though this is probably in error. See:Notebook. Duncan Campbell, Lord Ormellie, 1659-1727

Old Chester


Person:Duncan Campbell (44) 1672Mary McCoy HughMary PattersonPossibly apocryphalDrumabodan

Old Augusta

Old Augusta Campbell Tapestry
Male lines
PersonDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherNoteLineage Group
Person:Charles Campbell (31)172217671744Margaret BuchananPatrick (11)Elizabeth Taylor"Major Charles of Beverley Manor"
Person:David Campbell (50)1779 1859 1800 Maria Hamiklton Campbell Governor of VA
Person:David Campbell (46)17051790Mary Hamilton White David CampbellDrumabodan Campbells
Person:Hugh Campbell (24)1678 <1774 DuncanMary McCoy
Person:Hugh Campbell (25)1714 <1740 <1740 Esther McGill Robert (59)Calfpasture
Person:Hugh Campbell (29)<1641 <1661 Mary Patterson Drumabodan
Person:Hugh Campbell (31)1704
Person:James Campbell (121)c1718 PatrickElizabeth Taylor
Person:John Campbell (205)16741741Grace Hayssaid to be the son of Person:Duncan Campbell (44) Drumabodan Campbells
Person:John Campbell (198) c1716 PatrickElizabeth Taylor
Person:John Campbell (290) 1774 Elizabeth??Lived on Little's run adjacent ALexander Walker
Person:John Campbell (292) John (290)Elizab eth
Person:John Campbell (203)1741 1825 1778 Elizabeth McDonald White DavidMary HamiltonLieutenant
person:Gilbert Campbell (3)c1695<1750Prudence OsranSettled Woods CreekCampbells of Auchinbleck
Person:Patrick Campbell (11)169617671)<1716
1)Elizabeth Taylor
On Beverley's Manor by 1738Drumabodan Campbells
Person:Patrick Campbell (12) 1724 17991774 Ann Powell PatrickElizabeth TaylorAmherst County, then s. KY
Person:Patrick Campbell (21) Jean Ferguson HughMary PattersonDid not come to AmericaDrumabodan
Person:Robert Campbell (59) 16781768 1700 Margaret Calf PastureDrumabodan
Person:Robert Campbell (55)17121768On Beverly Manor by 1740
Person:William Campbell (123)c1720 1744/45 1742Mary Ann Buchanan PatrickElizabeth Taylorone dau
Person:William Campbell (85)1745 1781 1767 Elizabeth HenryMajor Charles (31)Margaret BuchananGen .William Campbell
Person:Andrew Campbell (23)abt. 1765, Augusta County, Virginia 15 May 1819, Campbellsville, Taylor County, KentuckySee:Family:Unknown Campbell and Unknown (9)To Kentucky w. Brothers
Person:James Campbell (186)abt. 1775 Augusta County, Virginia26 February 1832, Campbellsville, Taylor County, KentuckySee:Family:Unknown Campbell and Unknown (9)To Kentucky w. Brothers
[[Person:Adam Campbell (6)abt. 1778 Augusta County, Virginia6 February 1850 Campbellsville, Taylor County, KentuckySee:Family:Unknown Campbell and Unknown (9)To Kentucky w. Brothers
Person:Michael Campbell (6)abt. 1780Augusta County, Virginia10 August 1847See:Family:Unknown Campbell and Unknown (9)To Kentucky w. Brothers
Person:David Campbell (74)abt. 1788Augusta County, Virginia<t>See:Family:Unknown Campbell and Unknown (9)To Kentucky w. Brothers
Female lines
PersonDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherNoteLineage Group
Person:Esther Campbell (6) transferred land to John Campbell, and ALexander Walker on Little's Run
Person:Griselda Campbell (1)

Family:Unknown Campbell and Unknown (9)

Southwest Virginia

PersonDOBDODSpouseNoteLineage Group
William Campbell
Arthur Campbell