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Person:Duncan Campbell (44)


It is unlikely that Lord Ormellie of the Breadalbane Cambells, a cadet branch of the Campbells of Argyll, is the Duncan Campbell who married Mary McCoy in Ireland in 1672 a) Peerage records show that he died unmarried, sine prole. b) Hew would have been only 13 years of age at his supposed marriage to Mary McCoy It is more likely that this Duncan Campbell is a different person altogether. The working thought here is that he is Person:Duncan Campbell (44) son of Hugh Campbell and Mary Patterson. Hugh is also said to be of the Campbells of Argyll, but in the main line, a grandson of Colin the 6th Earl of Argyll.


From: ThePeerage

Duncan Campbell, Lord Ormelie was born circa 1660.1 He was the son of John Campbell of Glenorchy, 1st Earl of Breadalbane and Holland and Lady Mary Rich.1 He died on 5 January 1727, without issue.1,2 Duncan Campbell, Lord Ormelie was styled as Lord Ormelie between 1681 and 1727.1 On 14 July 1685 he was passed over in his father's nomination as successor, owing to his 'incapacity.3' Citations
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...from " Descendents of James Campbell and Grace Hay" - compilers note - I would like to discuss Duncan Campell, Lord Ormelie, son of John Campbell, 11th of Glenurchy and 5th Baronet. He is not the Duncan who married Mary McCoy. In the "Heraldry of the Campbells" on p.57 it states that "he was weak mentally" and "issaid to have married Margaret Campbell of Lawers and to have left 2 sons.". However in Vol.1 of "James Campbell and his Descendants" by Katherine Campbell Harper, beginning on p.228 thru p.235 you will find a discussion of claims of descent from Duncan Campbell, Lord Ormelie. The records are still extant and for 182 years it was believed in the Breadalbane family that Duncan died unmarried. On 23 Apr 1686 Lord Ormelie signs declaration that he renounces his claim to the Breadalbane Peerage and that he does not intend to marry. On the 19th of October 1696 there is a Bond of Interdiction not to sell his lands without his father's consent. On 13 Dec 1704 Lord Ormelie signs over all rights to his father and male relatives. At the close of 1704 Lord Ormelie was neither married nor in a state to marry. A court case in 1872 brought out this data and his supposed grandson was b. in 1710. This makes it rather farfetched especially since documents regarding payment for Lord Ormelie's maintenance and his funeral bill are extant. The judgment of the court was that claims of descent from Lord Ormelie d. 1727, were "Spurious" and ruled out all legitimate or illegitimate descents for Duncan, Lord Ormelie. I have collected numerous Campbell data. For instance there was a Duncan Campbell of the House of Breadalbane who d.1612 and had married a Mary McCoy. Of course dates too early to be Lord Ormelie...
Apparently when Grey John acquired the Buttler Estate in Ireland, his eldest son Duncan travelled there in about 1671[1] , which was when he married Mary McCoy in secret. Thus his children by that marriage were not recognized as heirs, Robert, John, and Dougal. Later when he became mentally incapacitated his family had no knowledge at all of this marriage. "Prior to 8May 1680, Duncan returned to Scotland with his tutor Alan Ramsey. After this Duncan eloped with Marjorie Campbell of Lawers and by her had 2 known sons, James, a Jacobite who was captured at Preston and was banished to America on the Scripto in 1716, and Patrick. On the 23 April 1686, Duncan now with the title Lord Oromele renounces his claim to Breadalbane Peerage, stating he's not now married nor intends to marry. On 19 October 1694 Lord Oromele makes a bond not to sell his lands without his father's consent. On the 13 December 1704 Lord Oromele signs all rights to his father and male relatives. As Lord Oromele's mental condition grew worse, his father 'Grey John' became his guardian and at John's death in 1717 his brother John of Glenorchy became his guardian. Prior to 1726 some sort of agreement was reached with Lord Oromele's 3 sons in Ireland and his brother Alexander. Also 2 sons of his sister Janett's, Arthur and James Hamilton, all living in Ireland. They all came to America in 1726 with their families. Duncan, Lord Oromele died in 1727.


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Ormelie Duncan Campbell 1991 SmartMatches Birth: 1659 in Bolloch Castle, Ireland Death: 1727 in Dublin, Ireland Sex: M Father: Andrew Campbell b. 1609 in Drumboden, Ireland Mother: Mary Rich b. in Holland

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  Spouses & Children    

 Mary McCoy (Wife) b. 1653 in Drumboden, Kilmachrenan, Donegal, Irela

Marriage: 1672 in Drumboden, Kilmachrenan, Donegal, Ireland 1 Jan 2003 01:26 Children: John Campbell Sr b. 16 Nov 1674 in Drumboden, Kilmachrenan, Donegal, Ireland Hugh Campbell b. About 1678 in Drumboden, County Donegal, Ireland Mary Polly Campbell b. About 1686 in Drumboden, Ireland Dugal Campbell b. About 1677 in Drumboden, County Donegal, Ireland James Campbell b. 1682 in Drumboden, County Donegal, Ireland Dugald (Or) Dougal Campbell b. About 1680 William Campbell b. About 1680 in Drumboden, County Donegal, Ireland Robert Campbell b. 1678 in Drumboden, County Donegal, Ireland

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-Duncan was born in Scotland of the noble house of Breadalbane -served in the military -Was also known as "Duncan the Nut". Physicians of Duncan's time diagnosed him as being "Too mentally unstable" to be allowed to bear children. There are questions being raised as to whether or not John Grey wanted to remove his son as heir thereby creating the story of unstable mental status. Lord Ormelie's brother, John Campbell eventually became guardian of his brother Lord Ormelie Duncan Campbell, due to Lord Ormelie's mental illness. John was given title and everything that went along with the privledge.