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Volume 4, Page 416

Ring, had Abigail, b. 27 Oct. 1665; Alice, 27 Dec. 1670; Hannah;
and Mary, Sept. 1677. He sold est. in Boston 1673. WILLIAM, Boston,
on adm. to the ch. 9 Feb. 1634, call. "one of our br. Edmund
Quincy's serv." with wh. he came prob. the yr. bef. by w. Alice had
Meribah, b. 14 May, bapt. 25 June 1637; Usal, Usual, Uzal, Usewell,
, or other outlandish name, 7 Apr. 1639, not bapt. at B. bec. the f.
had gone to Exeter, in disgust for being disarm. Nov. 1637, as being one
of the friends of Rev. John Wheelwright, yet was, by our ch. recommend.
to the ch. there; came back bef. long time, and had Elihu, bapt. 5
Dec. 1641, tho. the poor copy of town rec. makes him. b. Nov. 1642;
Mary, bapt. 14 Apr. 1644, a. 9 days old; and Leah, b. 7 Dec. 1646; in
each instance the name in town rec. being Werdall. He m. for sec. w.
5 Dec. 1657, Elizabeth wid. of John Gillet, or Jillet, and had Abigail, b. 24
Apr. 1660. His wid. Elizabeth was liv. 1673. Of the contr. of m. betw. h.
and w. and construct. of same by the Ct. during the life of the parties,
see. Geneal. Reg. XII. 275. WILLIAM, Wells 1649, then sold wine, sw.
alleg. to Mass. 5 July 1653.

    WARE, HENRY, Dorchester, rec. as townsman, Dec. 1668, on a certific.
from the Gov. of being allow. to settle in Mass. JOHN, Dedham,
s. of Robert of the same, m. 10 Dec. 1668, Mary, d. of Michael Metcalf,
had John, b. 17 June 1670; Eleazer, 13 July 1672, d. soon; Eleazer,
again, perhaps d. soon; perhaps Eleazer, again, so rec. at Wrentham,
28 Sept. 1676; but his w. d. prob. bef. he rem. from D. and by
a sec. w. Joanna he had m. at D. Jan 1680, had Joseph, 2 June 1681; but
the town rec. disagr. with fam. geneal. for that latter makes the last
named d. b. 1681, and the s. 1682; and the town rec. proceeds with
Mary, 15 Nov. 1684; and Zechariah, next day wh. d. soon; and Benjamin,
8 July 1688; while the fam. geneal. throws in d. Hannah 1686,
yet the town rec.of her is 24 Sept. 1687. He went to Wretham aft.
he was freem. 1677, and was rep. for W. 1689. JOSEPH, Salem 1682.
PETER, York, a rep. 1665 and 9, is by me thot. to have wrong spell.
of this name in our Rec. and to belong to the fam. of Weare. ROBERT,
Dedham 1643, m. Margaret, d. of John Hunting of D. had John, bapt.
11 Oct. 1646, but Geneal. Reg. VI. 146, says b. 6 Oct. 1648; Nathaniel,
bapt. 1 Oct. 1648, tho. in that geneal. said to be b. 7 Oct. 1650;
Robert, b. 1 Aug. 1653; Esther, 28 Sept. 1655; Samuel, 30 Sept.
1657; Ephraim, 5 Nov. 1659; and Ebenezer, 28 Oct. bapt. 3 Nov.
1667; was of ar. co. 1644, freem. 1647, and d. 1699. His will of 25
Feb. pro. 11 May, provid. for w. Hannah, and equal portions to ea. ch.
exc. larger to John, is abstr. in Geneal. Reg. VI. 146; but the laborious
collector must be in error is assum. that his was the Robert impress. for
serv. in Philip's war. We can have no doubt, that it was his s. of the