Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p415


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Volume 4, Page 415

p. 14, says, 1680; Bethia, 1682; Nahum, 18 Dec. 1684; Elisha, 12
Jan. 1687, k. by the Ind. in his 23d yr.; Bathsheba, 16 May 1689, d.
young; and Gershom, 3 Jan. 1694; and d. 25 Nov. 1697. His wid. d.
8 Dec. 1720. WILLIAM, Newton, s. of John of the same, and gr.s. of
the preced. m. 31 Dec. 1689, Abigail, d. of lieut. John Spring, had John,
b. 23 Feb. 1691, was freem. 1690, and selectman sev. yrs. but rem. as
Jackson thinks. late in life. WILLIAM, Marlborough, eldest s. of the
first Obadiah, by w. Judith had William, b. 9 June 1691; Jemimah, 5
July 1693; Gamaliel, 2 Oct. 1694; Jacob, 9 Mar. 1697; Judith, 6 Mar.
1700; Keziah, 4 June 1703; and Dinah, 2 Oct. 1704; rem. in few yrs.
aft. to Conn. three d. 8 Jan. 1731, and his wid. d. 21 Jan. 1746. Of
this name Farmer in MS. finds fourteen among gr. at Harv. five at Yale,
and nine at other N. E. coll. 1834.

sometimes WARDWELL (and Farmer thinks the last form may be
the most correct), ELIAKIM, Hampton, s. of Thomas, m. Lydia Perkins,
was a favorer of Quakers, so far as to show his hospitality, for wh. he
was abused, as is seen in the Hist. of Sewel, Lond. 4 to d. p. 330. Of
his w. is told in the County Ct. rec. May 1663, the surpris. extravag.
behav. in going naked into the meeting ho. at Newbury, for wh. she was
whipt, and this seems to have led Bishop, in his New Eng. Judged, to
more surpris. vindicat. of her. See in Coffin's Hist. 66. ELIHU,
Hampton, s. of William of Boston, m. 26 May 1665, Elizabeth Wade, perhaps
d. of Jonathan, had Elizabeth b. 15 Dec. 1666; Elihu, 2 Jan. 1669;
Prudence, 6 Oct. 1670; Jonathan, 26 July 1672; and Susanna, 9 Aug.
1684. Part of his life was, I think, spent at Ipswich. JOSEPH, Lynn,
1669. SAMUEL, Andover, s. prob. of William, m. 9 Jan. 1673, Sarah
, prob. as sec. w. by the former or the latter may have had
Mercy, wh. m. 31 Aug. 1697, John Wright; and Elizabeth wh. d. 9 Sept.
1675. He was execut. 1692, for the damnable or preposterous crime
of witchcraft. Under the parlysis of fear his moral power had yield.
to the falsehood of confess. of guilt, but on the approach of execut.
was happy eno. to recover sense, and retract the folly. Farmer says
he had Samuel, William, and Eliakim. THOMAS, Boston 1634,
perhaps br. of William, a shoemaker, adm. of the ch. 9 Nov. of
that yr. and freem. 4 Mar. foll. by w. Elizabeth had Eliakim, bapt. 23
Nov. 1634; Martha, b. Aug. bapt. 3 Sept. 1637; Benjamin, b. Feb.
1640; and Samuel, 16 May 1643; but the last two were not bapt. at
Boston, on acco. of thee heresy or rem. of f. and d. 10 Dec. 1646. He
was disarm. Nov. 1637, as a supporter of Wheelwright, yet in Jan.
1639, as they had long bef. rem. to Exeter, was recommend. from our
ch. with eight others to "the ch. of Christ at the falls of Piscataqua, if
they be rightly gathered," and in 1643 had commiss. from Mass. Ct. to
try small causes there. Perhaps he was of Ipswich 1648. UZELL,
Ipswich 1673, carpenter, s. of William of Boston, m. 3 May 1664, Mary