Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p417

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Volume 4, Page 417

same name. Each of the ch. lov. to gr. age. The wid. d. at Dorchester
( or, at least was bur. there), 20 Apr. 1721, aged 84. Esther m. 13
May 1673, Rev. Samuel Mann of Wrentham, where, also, others of the
fam. liv. ROBERT, Wrentham, s. of the preced. serv. in Dec. 1675,
under Mosely in Philip's war, n. 4 June 1677, Sarah, d. of Michael
Metcalf, had Robert, b. 6 Dec. 1680; Michael, 11 June 1683; Margaret,
6 June 1685; Jonathan, 28 Feb. 1687; Sarah, Mar. 1689; and
Esther, 7 May 1693; and was freem. 1681. Prob. the w. and nine
ch. giv. to him in Geneal. Reg. VI. 147, may belong to his s. of the
same name. SAMUEL, Boston, adm. of the first ch. 28 Feb. was freem.
in May 1675, of wh. no more is kn. and that may seem strange to cursory
readers of N. E. affairs. Perhaps he perish. in Philip's war that
yr. perhaps he rem. soon. WILLIAM, Dorchester 1643, ar. co. freem.
10 May of the same yr. but when he came, or how, is not told. Yet
that he brot. fam. is sure; rem. within ten yrs. to Boston, was a shoemaker,
and d. 11 Feb. 1658, leav. wid. Elizabeth and ds. Elizabeth w. of John
Gill, mariner. and Sarah, w. of Edward Grant, shipcarpent. Abstr. of
his will of 26 Mar. 1656, pro. 1 Apr. 1658, may be seen in Geneal.
Reg. VIII. 353.

    WARFIELD, JOHN, Medfield, freem. 1682, of wh. I find no more, but
that he had been of Dedham more than 40 yrs. bef. and had m. Hannah,
of Robert Randall of Weymouth, wh. in his will of 27 Mar.
1691, remembers her, as then of Mendon.

    WARHAM, JOHN, Dorchester, came in the Mary and John from Plymouth
1630, having been a min. at Exeter in Co. Devon, where capt.
Roger Clap, wh. in his humble, but invalu. tract, gives the best acco. of
him, had in his youth, heard his teaching; yet we kn. not, at wh. of the
univ. he was bred, if at either, tho. so much may be presum. as he was
episcop. ord. At Plymouth, bef. embarc. he with an elder br. in the
gospel, Rev. John Maverick, and many of their fellow passeng. had
formed a strictly congregatio. ch. He was sw. a freem. 18 May 1631,
and the w. wh. he brot. d. 1634, without having ch. as is believ.
Ano. w. Abigail, m. a. Oct. 1662, wid. of John Branker, outliv. him,
and d. 18 May 1684, but she was not the mo. of his four ds. for her
former h. did not die bef. 1662. He was with the body of his ch. rem.
1635 to Windsor, and there officiat. till his d. 1 Apr. 1670, tho. for near
six yrs. preced. a dissatisf. party of the worshippers had desired the
serv. of a younger preach. From the whole page of Magn. III. 121, it
is found that he was afflict. with melancholy in his latter days, and
earlier had deliv. sermons from notes; but betw. these two distinguish.
traits of his life, no connex. is pretended by the profound author. His
d. Abigail, bapt. at W. 27 May 1638, m. Oct. 1658, Thomas Allyn;