Person:John Wheelwright (2)

Rev. John Wheelwright
  • F.  Robert Wheelwright (add)
  1. Rev. John WheelwrightAbt 1592 - 1679
  • HRev. John WheelwrightAbt 1592 - 1679
  • WMarie StorreEst 1601 - 1629
m. 8 Nov 1621
  1. John Wheelwright1622 -
  2. Thomas Wheelwright1624 -
  3. William Wheelwright1626/27 - 1727
  4. Susanna Wheelwright1628 - Bet 1674 & 1679
  • HRev. John WheelwrightAbt 1592 - 1679
  • WMary Hutchinson1605 - Bef 1679
m. Bef 1630
  1. Katherine Wheelwright1630 - 1715/16
  2. Mary Wheelwright1632 - 1632
  3. Elizabeth Wheelwright1633 - Aft 1707
  4. Mary Wheelwright1637 - 1711/12
  5. Lieutenant Samuel WheelwrightCal 1638 - 1700
  6. Rebecca WheelrightEst 1640 - 1678
  7. Hannah WheelwrightBef 1644 -
  8. Sarah WheelwrightCal 1648 - 1726/27
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] Rev. John Wheelwright
Gender Male
Birth[2] Abt 1592 Lincolnshire, England
Marriage 8 Nov 1621 Bilsby, Lincolnshire, Englandto Marie Storre
Marriage Bef 1630 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child (Katherine).
to Mary Hutchinson
Emigration[1] 1636
Residence[1] 1636 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[5][8] 1638 Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United StatesSignatory and author, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States. Exeter Combination
Residence[5] 1642 Wells, York, Maine, United States
Residence[5] 1647 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Residence[5] Bet 1656 and 1662 England
Residence[5] 1662 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Will[11] 25 May 1679 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death[2][9][11] 15 Nov 1679 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[10] Colonial Burying Ground, Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[11] 26 Nov 1679 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United StatesWill proved.
Probate[11] 4 Dec 1679 Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesWill proved.
Reference Number[12] Q6263734?

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John Wheelwright (c. 1592–1679) was a Puritan clergyman in England and America, noted for being banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the Antinomian Controversy, and for subsequently establishing the town of Exeter, New Hampshire. Born in Lincolnshire, England, he graduated from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Ordained in 1619, he became the vicar of Bilsby, Lincolnshire, until he was removed for simony.

Leaving for New England in 1636, he was welcomed in Boston, where his brother-in-law's wife, Anne Hutchinson, was beginning to attract negative attention for her religious outspokenness. Soon he and Hutchinson accused the majority of the colony's ministers and magistrates of espousing a "covenant of works". As this controversy reached a peak, Hutchinson and Wheelwright were banished from the colony. Wheelwright went north with a group of followers during the harsh winter of 1637–1638, and in April 1638 established the town of Exeter in what would become the Province of New Hampshire. Wheelwright's stay in Exeter lasted only a few years, because Massachusetts activated an earlier claim on the lands there, forcing the banished Wheelwright to leave. He went further east, to Wells, Maine, where he was living when his order of banishment was retracted. He returned to Massachusetts to preach at Hampton (later part of the Province of New Hampshire), where in 1654 his parishioners helped him get the complete vindication that he sought from the Massachusetts Court for the events of 17 years earlier.

In 1655 Wheelwright moved back to England with his family, and preached near his home in Lincolnshire. While in England he was entertained by two of his powerful friends, Oliver Cromwell, who had become Lord Protector, and Sir Henry Vane, who occupied key positions in the government. Following Cromwell's death, the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 and Vane's execution, Wheelwright returned to New England to become the minister in Salisbury, Massachusetts, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was characterized as being contentious and unbending, but also forgiving, energetic and courageous. His sincere piety was never called into question, even by those whose opinions differed greatly from his.

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    '4 I doe giue & bequeath unto my grand children Thomas & Jacob Bradbury forty pounds Sterlg: a peece to each of them in Currant money of New england, by my Executor when they doe come unto ye age of xone & twentyx years, either of them dying before they doe come to that age then ye pson Surviveing shall haue ye whole fower score pounds 5 I do giue & bequeath unto my Sone Samll : Wheelwright of Wells all my land lying in ye towne of Crafft in ye County of Lyncolne in ould England neare Waneflitt in ye same County wth all ye privilidges & appurtenances thereunto belonging to him & his heires for ever and I doe further giue unto him my aforesd Sone Samuell all my houses lands Marsh meadows scituate & being in ye township of Wells in ye County of York in New england with all ye privilidges & appurtenances therunto belonging [excepting before excepted] that land & marsh wch by mee was giuen as aboue specified unto my Sone in law Edward Rishworth To my aforesd Sone Samull: Wheelwright to his heires & assignes for ever: And I do further giue unto my Sone Samuel Wheelwright my clock & all my library & bookes & all my Apparrell & all ye rest of my estate & goods not disposed of in this will excepting the rents I haue owing to me in ould england halfe whereof I do giue unto my Executer & ye other halfe to bee divided equally between my three grand childeren William Thomas & Jacob Bradbury In case my Executor do recover it & if it so happen that one or more of those three childeren shall die before they come to age then hee or those yt doe surviue shall haue ye part of him or those that are deceased 6 And further I do giue unto my latter wyfes Childeren all my plate to bee equally divided amongst them by two indifferent psons chosen by themselues to make that division: Lastly I doe make ordeine & constitute my Sone Samll. Wheelewright of Wells aforesd to bee ye sole Executor of this my last will & Testament by whom care is to bee taken for payment of my just debts & discharging of ye legasies & funerall expences In wittness wherunto I haue hereunto affixed my hand & seale at ye day & date hereof.'

    John Wheelwright (SEAL)

    Witness: Jno. Flood, John Price, Henry Ambross.

    Sworn in court in Boston Nov. 26, 1679, by Jno. Flood aged 27 years, before Hum. Davie, Assist.

    Sworn in the Norfolk court Dec. 4, 1679, by Henry Ambros, before Nath. Salstonstall, Esq. and Capt. John Gillman.

    Allowed upon the above evidence, Dec. 4, 1679.

    Norfolk Records, vol. 3, leaf 235."

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