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My father was Lt Col Roland Henry Baker, Jr awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Naval Aviator Air Group VF-6, US Navy Carrier World War II USS Hancock (CV-19), US Navy Carrier Korean War USS Philippine Sea (CV-47), In Dec 1942. Aircraft: SBD SB2C (Helldivers) F6F-5 (Helcat) AD-5W (Skyraider) R5D. 13,568 flight hours, 329 carrier landings (including 43 night). VAW-12 Detachment O in C. VR-24, R5D Plane CDR. Five ATP FAA Type Ratings. Credited w/two "Zekes". Out 5/1/1963. He served in the Pacific during W.W. II and later in the Korean War. After he retired he flew private jets such as the Sabreliner Alpha, Golfsteams and Learjets. On the afternoon of 12 Jun 1994 Roland H Baker was killed while riding a Vincent Black Shadow on the country roads of Davidson County, Tennessee at age 70 while I was studying molecular genetics at Berkeley.

My maternal grandparents were Joeseph Humphrey Chadbourne and Barbara Anita Bullard. My mother is still living.


I live in Santa Barbara, California and Fremont, California. Please contact me if you have a DNA match or a shared common ancestor.

I have a degree from U.C. Berkeley in Molecular Genetics. My specialty is in ancient human genomes, ancient human migrations and applications of genetics to genealogy. I owe much of my fascination in this subject to the early works of Allan Wilson, Rebecca Cann and Mark Stoneking at U.C. Berkeley. I am captivated by the revolution in Next Generation Sequencing enabled by Illumina technology.

I post articles relating to ancient human genomics and genetic genealogy on Facebook and Twitter. I'm also active on Find A Grave. I am also involved in Scientific Computing Projects for organizations as diverse as FUNDEP in the Amazon, NASA and NOAA.

My ancestors migrated mainly from the British and the Channel Isles to Maine, New Hampshire, Eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island during the great migration. I also have three native American ancestors and one San ancestor from the 17th and 18th centuries.

My California Sons of the American revolution Application was for Elijah Kidder. My California Mayflower Society application was for Stephen Hopkins. My Mayflower lines include: Alden, Allerton, Bradford, Brewster, Chilton, Cooke, Hopkins, Howland, Mullins, Priest, Rogers, Samson, Tilley, Warren, White, Winslow. I'm considering doing a Baronial Order of Magna Charta (BOMC) and Military Order of the Crusades (MOC) application.

My tree is administered Roland_H_Baker_III and my public tree is "Roland Baker:". I have trees on GENI, MyHeritage and FamilySearch. I have a partial tree on WikiTree. I have a separate tree for Leonard research.

My AncestryDNA results are linked to my account and I have DNA tested close to 30 cousins. These results are on AncestryDNA, FTDNA and GEDMATCH. My results include: FullGenomes 30x Whole Genome Sequence. Y-DNA Haplotype R-L664 subgroup 2.D R1a1-CTS4385>L664>(S3478?)>S2894>YP282-C>YP441>A172 GEDMATCH Kit # is A961190, FTDNA Kit 340616 Autosomal "Family Finder" FTDNA and FullGenomes Full Sequence mtDNA, Y-DNA FTDNA STR-111, BigY and FullGenomes Complete Sequence ID 97MV2 Y-DNA analyzed by and FullGenomes to ~500 STR. 23andMe. AncestryDNA attached to my tree. My mtDNA Haplotype has markers consistent with both the J1c2 and J1c3 C13934T classification. I have published the full sequence which can be accessed at the NIH genbank or at Use ACCESSION # KR072973. My mother is also on AnstryDNA, FTDNA #B11314 and GEDMATCH Kit # A457577.

Current Projects: I am currently writing biographies for several families from the Great Migration using Chicago Style inline citation and bibliographies focusing on the latest research I can find including the works of Robert Charles Anderson's Great Migration Project, Douglas Richardson's Royal Ancestry, various journals including The American Genealogist (TAG), The New England Historical and Genealogical Register in addition to the traditional tomes. I am also focused on disambiguation and cleaning up confused profiles of this period on GENI and Wikitree including *gateway* lineages. I am also currently researching all the descendants of James Gardner Sampson 1768 – 1831 descendant of Mayflower passenger Henry Samson.

Aside from genetics and genealogy I enjoy photography, sailing, mountain climbing, trail running, biking, traveling and dancing. I also read history, archaeology, economics and various scientific books and journals for fun and I'm addicted to the online University classes on iTunesU. I also enjoy botany, ethnobotany, wildlife biology, biochemistry and astronomy. My musical tastes are idiosyncratic and includes opera, classical, flamenco, reggae, both western and non-western music and recently Sacha Nairobi and Luciana Mello. I also work on open source development projects such as Linux, FreeBSD and Apache.