Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p158

Volume 1, Page 158

Wethersfield 1657, s. of Richard, by w. Lydia, m. 24 Apr. 1657, had
John, b. 12 June 1658; Jonathan, 21 June 1660; Joseph, 23 Apr. 1663;
Samuel, 3 Jan. 1666; Sarah, 31 Mar. 1668; Daniel, 12 Oct. 1670; rem. 1672
to Norwalk, there had Ebenezer 8 Jan. 1673; Lydia, 1675; and Margaret, 29
Mar. 1677; and he d. that yr. aged 46. RICHARD, Wethersfield 1640, had
Samuel, and prob. John, both b. in Eng. SAMUEL, Wethersfield, s. of the
b. in Eng. by w. Mary had Mary, b. 10 July 1655; Samuel, 6 Apr. 1657;
Stephen, 28 Dec. 1658; adm. freem. of Conn. 1657, rem. to Hatfield, and had
Sarah, 1661; Ann, 1665; Ebenezer, 1667; and John, 1669. Perhaps
he was of Norwalk 1672. His w. was k. with one of the ch. by the Ind. 19
Sept. 1677; and he m. 25 June 1678, Mary, wid. of Thomas Wells of Hadley,
wh. d. 1690. Next he m. 1691, Mary, wid. of John Allis; and for fourth w.
in 1705, had Sarah, wid. of John Wells, and d. 1713. SAMUEL, Hatfield,
s. of the preced. m. Mary, wid. of Dr. Thomas Hastings, for sec. or third
w. WILLIAM, Wethersfield 1646, by w. Thomasine, had Samuel, b. 20
July 1647; Daniel, 20 Nov. 1648; John, 9 Jan. 1650; Susanna, 5 Nov.
1651; Mary, 2 Feb. 1653; and Nathaniel, 13 Nov. 1654. Gr. of this name
were not seen by Farmer at any N. E. coll. in 1828, exc. Yale, where they
count. sixteen.

    BELKNAP, ABRAHAM, Lynn 1637, rem. to Salem, where Mr. Felt
notes his d. 1643. It was early in Sept. of that yr. is inv. was tak. 16
Feb. foll. sign. by Mary B. prob. his wid. Lewis, 89, gives him s.
Abraham, and Jeremy. But good reason may easily be found for
giv. him other ch. certain. Joseph, and Samuel, besides, prob. Hannah,
wh. m.
6 Dec. 1663, the sec. Christopher Osgood. ABRAHAM, Haverhill,
s. of the preced. took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677; but no more is heard of him;
nor any thing of his supposed br. Jeremy. JOSEPH, Salem, a youth,
s. of Abraham the first, b. prob. in Eng. rem. to Boston, ar. co. 1658,
freem. 1665, was one of the found. of the third or Old South Ch. 1668,
whence he took dism. to Hatfield, there liv. in good esteem from 1682 to
96, then came back to Boston, and d. 14 Nov. 1712, aged 82. By w.
Ruth he had Joseph, b. 26 Jan. 1659; Mary, 25 Sept. 1660; Nathaniel,
13 Aug. 1663; Elizabeth 1 July 1665; and by sec. w. had a d. Ruth, 27 Nov.
1668; wh. d. soon; and by third w. Hannah, d. of Thomas Meakins, of
, wh. d. 26 Dec. 1688, had Thomas, 29 June 1670; John, 1 June
1672; Hannah 8 June 1673; Ruth, 17 Mar. 1677; Abigail, 27 June 1679;
and Abraham, 26 Apr. 1682; beside Samuel, wh. with the eldest s. Joseph
was made excor. by the will of 29 Nov. 1710, pro. 5 Dec. 1712. Of these
dates of b. three or four are tak. from a careful paper in Geneal. Reg. XIII.
15, tho. the writer inadvert, refers for rec. of the will. the the wrong
departm. of our Country offices, and most curious. fail to discov.
the earliest ancest. on our side of the ocean. Mary m. a Grafton;
Elizabeth m. a Patterson, and liv. in Eng. and Ruth m. her cous. John
Meakins. JOSEPH, Boston, eldest s. of the preced. leather breeches
maker, m. Deborah, d. of Jeremiah Fitch of the same, wh. d. 20 Apr.
1687, had Mary, b. 24 Nov. 1684, d. soon; Joseph, 18 Nov. 1685; and
Jeremy, 1 Jan. 1687. He next m. 1 Apr. 1690, Abigail, d. of Thomas
Buttolph the sec. and had Thomas, 24 Jan. 1691, d. young; Abigail, 29
Feb. 1692; Mary, 15 Oct. 1694; Nicholas, 15 Oct. 1695; Buttolph, 29
Dec. 1697; Nathaniel, 18 Dec. 1699; Ruth, 2 Mar. 1702, d. soon; Elizabeth
13 Apr. 1708; Lydia, 17 Jan. 1710; and Abraham; and d. 30 Mar.