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List of Records for John Walker in Chalkley's Chronicles


In February of 1749 Robert Breckinridge, Sheriff of Old Augusta was directed to "execute a process" on John Walker, pursuant to a lawsuit by Andrew Campbell. Breckinridge told the court

Being four of same name, I knew not which to execute process on, Robert Breckinridge.

Genealogist can perhaps sympathize with Breckinridge's predicament as we frequently encounter records for people we are searching, but are left unsure of whether they pertain to the person sought or "some other John Walker". In the specific case of John Walker in Old Augusta during this time period we find numerous records for "John Walker". Some can be clearly associated with specific individuals, most can least no easily.

The following is a list of John Walkers known, or at least commonly believed to be in Old Augusta between 1738 and shortly after 1800.

Person LinkDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherAKA
Person:John Walker (81)170517781734Ann Houston John II Katherine Rutherford John III
Person:John Walker (217)17141797c1746Margaret Culton Alexander I unknown Gunstocker John
Person:John Walker (315)<1720>1752 John Walker of South Branch
Person:John Walker (149)>1734Miss Long John III Ann Houston John IV
Person:John Walker (211)>1737 James 126
Person:John Walker (249)>1740c1812  ? Sawney Alexander
Person:John Walker (207)17471814 1) Margaret Hudson
2)Margaret Kelso
Alexander the Wheelwright
Person:John Walker (220)1750<1797 Elizabeth McCampbell Gunstocker John
Person:John Walker (202)17551830 son of Samuel of Natural Bridge
Person:John Walker (258)>1767? Joseph Walker Nancy McClung "Died Young"
Person:John Walker (xxx)

Most of these John Walkers are associated with The Wigton Walkers as described by Source:White, 1902, but there is at least one John Walker in the area about the time of Breckinridge's comment, namely Person:John Walker (315) who lived on the South Branch of the Potomac. Court actions subsequent to Breckinridge's statement show that it is John (315) who was being sued by Andrew Campbell. Who then, are the other three John Walkers?

Given their DOB's we have only a few choices for these other John Walker's:

Person:John Walker (81) AKA John III 1705-1778
Person:John Walker (217) AKA Gunstocker John 1714-1797
Person:John Walker (315) AKA JOhn of South Branch <1720->1752
Person:John Walker (149) AKA John IV >1734-
Person:John Walker (211) >1737-<td>
Person:John Walker (249) >1740-c1812