Schregardus in Friesland, Netherlands

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Friesland, Netherlands


The Schregardus family starts with Henricus Schregardus born about 1636 registered at the University of Franeker April 1, 1651, continued at the University of Groningen November 27, 1658 and finally in Leiden May 10, 1659. He studied theology and medicine and finished his studies as with his thesis: De Tremore. He was minister in Rinsumageest 1663-1683 and Dokkum from 1683.

His parents are not found yet. There are a few genealogists assuming, his father was Johannes Schregardus and his mother Doetje Sierx. Johannes Schregardus is nowhere mentioned, and Doetje Sierx was the stepmother of Hiltje Wolters Wolfganck, his 2nd wife.

According to the tradition the first daughter should be named after her grandmother and the first son after his grandfather. We have Margriet (Grietje), Wouter (Wolter), Johannes (Hans), Auckje, Frederik, Isaak and Feickjen as children of Henricus Schregardus. I suppose Margriet is called after her fathers mother; Wouter after his mothers father; Johannes after his fathers father; Auckje after his mothers grandmother; Frederik unknown; Isaak after his mothers brother or grandfather and Feickje after her grandmothers grandfather Feycke Fockens.

After this complicated text I would expect the father of Henricus Schregardus should be Hans or Johannes, his mother Margriet or Grietje.

I found Hendrick, christened in Leeuwarden August 28, 1633, father Hans Griger; Trynke, christened in Harlingen June 17, 1636, parents: Hans Schreger and Gryett Beerndts; Beerndt, christened in Harlingen October 8, 1637, parents: Hans Crayer and Griet Beerndts.

Because the names were written acoording the sound, it could be possible, that this Hans Griger, Schreger and Crayer is one and the same person, and Henricus Schregardus is the same as Hendrick, son of Hans Griger. The only problem is: there is no proof.

The Schregardus family spread in the North-Eastern part of the province Friesland the second son, Johannes went to Holland and his offspring is spread over Holland and Gelderland (that's my line). Quite a few descendants of the Frisian branch migrated to the United States and later also Canada.

All people called Schregardus are descendants of Henricus Schregardus.