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Location Map for Houston's, Huston's, and McQuiston's in Old Chester County, prior to the Revolution (more or less).

(See end of page for a map that includes town names useful for orienting purposes.)

The following tabulations are color coded to the above map [in progress, adjustments being made]. These data are primarily based on land and tax records, and are a work in progress. See Houston Land Records in Old Chester County, PA for key land records related to the Houston's in this area.


Houston's, Hustons, and McQuiston's east of the Susquehanna
WhithornPerson:Anthony Houston (1) Whithorn Scotland; d. 1724
Person:William Houston (14) of Whithorn Scotland, d. 1707 earliest known Houston in Old Chester (so far)
Person:Henderson Houston (1) son of Anthony (1), minimal data
Mill Creek HundredPerson:Ann Houston (4) Dau of Christopher Huston (1), wife of John Walker III of the Wigton Walker lineage
Person:Christopher Huston (1) of Mill Creek Hundred, Delaware, died 1726
Person:Samuel Houston (6) son of Christopher Huston (1), d 1739
Robert Huston son of Christopher (1); This is conceivably person:Robert Huston (6), but direct proof is lacking. he could also be person:Robert Houston (13) who married Martha Work, but this is not yet clear. In anycase, so far, these are the only Robert Huston's that we've found located "east of the Susquehanna" during this period. Christopher of Iredell, son of Robert son of Christopher 1, is said to have "crossed the Susquehanna" on his way to North Carolina---implying that his family lived east of the Susquehanna.
Person:Margaret Houston (11) Daughter of Christopher (1); married Person:Hugh Linn (1)
Person:Christopher Houston (1) of Iredell County, NC; early family history describes him as coming from Pennsylvania, and "crossing the Susquehanna. This would seem to place his family in modern Lancaster or Chester Counties, though a Delaware, Maryland location should also be considered.
Brandywine CreekPerson:James Houston (14) died before 1726, settled on Shellpot Creek, DE; possible son of Christopher Huston (1)
Person:John Houston (13) Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, m. c. 1750 Ann McMullen
Person:James Huston (3)son of James Husten and Mary, baptized 1720/21 Old Swedes church in Wilmington. His father is most likely James Houston (14) who settled on Shellpot Creek, and lived within Brandywine Hundred, and believed by some to be an unrecognized son of Person:Christopher Huston (1) of Mill Creek Hundred. James the Younger moved westward to settle initially in the Juanita River Basin of what was then the transmontane portions of Cumberland County. He is presumably related to one or more of the other Houston's in the Juanita River Basin, but more work is needed to confirm this. See the Juanita Basin Houston's, below.

The GapPerson:John Huston (9) Immigrated from Scotland c. 1725, Settle in West Sadsbury by 1737. There are a number of mentions of him (and wife Martha), in Lancaster County. Some of these records identify him as a miller. Some suggest that he was involved in property actions in areas outside of what is now Lancaster County, including Cumberland and York Counties. One seems to show a philanthropic interest, suggesting that he was a wealthy man. His relation to Samuel and William Huston below is unknown. Some genealogists have identified him as the John Houston who moved to Bordens Grant in modern Rockbridge county. Those genealogist make this John Houston the ancestor of General Sam Houston, though this is unlikely. Land records in Lancaster show him to have remained in this area until after 1763 (long after John of Borden's grant appeared in that area. This John Houston probably died in Lancaster County. See:Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families
Samuel HustonSettled (?) in West Sadsbury in 1738, probably kin to John 9, and William
William HustonSettled in West Sadsbury by 1734, son of a John Houston, probably John (9); a Revolutionary patriot, who fought at the battle of Brandywine, where he was severely wounded, taken prisoner and thrust on board the British prison ships anchored at Philadelphia. After lying there for several months he was exchanged and returned home, but never fully recovered from his wounds or the treatment received aboard the prison ships.Biography of David W. Houston: KANSAS BIOGRAPHY, VOL.III, PART 2:777-780
Hanoverperson:Robert Huston (6)secured land warrant in Lancaster Co, 1737, Warrant eventually used for surveyed and patent on Walnut Creek, Hanover Township, by Wm. McCulloch; Robert may or may not have settled here originally.
CadorusRobert Hueston of Cadorus township had two children, Sarah (b. 1735) and Andrew (b. 1739) baptized by The Rev. John Stoever in Lancaster County, PA, in 1736 and 1740, respectively. This is conceivably the Robert Huston (6) who secured a land warrant in Lancaster County in 1737. See marraige records of the Rev. Stoever


Houston's, Hustons, and McQuiston's west of the Susquehanna
Conodoguinet CreekPerson:Christopher Huston (2) of East Pennsboro, Cumberland Co PA, Pre Revolution
Person:Samuel Houston (14)Settled on North side of Conodoguinet near Mechanicsburg
Person:James Huston (15)Settled on land immediately southeast of Silversprings Meeting House, outside of modern Mechanicsburg.
McQuiston'sPerson:James McQuiston (1)Robert, James and Thomas McQuiston, sons of John McQuiston and Isabella Crelon, of Ireland, immigrated to America in 1735. Family records show that they "Landed in America at New Castle on the 6 of August 1735". They may have remained in eastern PA for sometime, but perhaps moved westward into Lancaster County at a fairly early date, and eventually acquired land warrants in Cumberland County (West Pennsboro). They eventually migrated south to North Carolina.
Person:Robert McQuiston (1)
Person:Thomas McQuiston (1)
Person:James McQuiston (1)A James McQuiston settled in Pennsboro TWP by 1752 when he took out a land warrant in the area
Little ConewagoPerson:John Huston (13) Settled westward from Gettysburg, on the Little Conewago Creek, York County, PA, before 1754. Not the same person as Dr. John Huston, of the Gap Houstons, who lived in York County after the Revolution, but conceivably related
Conocochegue Creek
Joseph Houston of Letterkenney Twp
William Houston of Letterkenney Twp
David Huston Of Peters Twp. David Huston secured a land warrant in 1737 in Peters Township. Archibald and John secured warrants in 1744. These properties more or less adjoined each other, and David, Archibald, and John are presumed to be kindred. John died sometime before 1762, as his property appears adjacent to the survey for Archibalds land as belonging to James Huston, formerly land of John Huston. James is presumably the son of John. A portion of James' property eventually is shown as belonging to a George Huston.
Archibald Huston
John Huston
James Huston
George Huston
Juanita River BasinWilliam HustonLocated "Nr. Juanita River" in Fermangh Township, Juanita County
John HustonLocated "Nr. Juanita River" in Fermangh Township, Juanita County
William HustonToboyne Township, Perry County
Person:James Huston (3)Same as the James Huston who is listed among the Brandywine Huston's, above

Far West

(Not shown in the accompanying maps).

Hustons, and McQuiston's of Western PA
Washington CountyPerson:William Huston (4)On Catfish Run, Catfish Camp, modern Town of Washington
Person:James Huston (4)On Catfish Run, Catfish Camp, modern Town of Washington
Person:Isaac Huston (1)

Work Needed

Many of the above Houston's need additional work. Some need a LOT of work. The following, however, have been scarcely touched upon, and are in particular need to additional information.

Person:George Houston (4) d. 1761 Red Lion Hundred, notes only
Person:Jonathan Houston (3) on Swart Nutten Island


The following persons have been explored to a greater or lesser extent in conjunction with some lines of Houston's in Old Chester. They are listed here for convenience.

Person:Hugh Linn (1)
Person:Margaret Linn (2)
Person:Hugh Linn (2)
Person:Margaret Pulford (1)
Person:Patrick Porter (1)

Location Map