Person:Christopher Huston (1)

Christopher Huston
b.Abt. 1676
  • HChristopher HustonAbt 1676 - Bef 1726
  • WMartha UnknownBef 1682 -
m. Bef. 1698
  1. Samuel Houston - bef 1741
  2. James Houstonbef 1701 - after 1721
  3. Robert HoustonAbt 1701 -
  4. Jane Houston1706 -
  5. Margaret HoustonBef 1709 -
  6. Ann Houstonest 1715 - 1770
Facts and Events
Name Christopher Huston
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1676
Marriage Bef. 1698 to Martha Unknown
Death? Bef. 6 January 1726-7 Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Delaware


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Timeline overview of key data points for Christopher and his children.
Will of Christopher Huston


Christopher Huston lived in Mill Creek Hundred in what is now Delaware, dying there about 1726. Christopher's will shows that he had, at death, six children: two boys, Samuel and Robert, and three named unmarried daughters Martha, Jane, and Ann, and one unnamed married daughter, who is identified in the will of her brother Samuel, as Margaret. Samuel also identifies his mother as Martha.

Christopher left bequests to two Grandsons, (Christopher and James Houston). Son Samuel is believed to have died without issue, so it is generally assumed that these grandsons were the children of son Robert. [1]Since Robert and Margaret were married at Christopher's death, we can assume that his marriage to Martha must have occurred prior to c. 1706, and that Christopher and Martha were probably born by 1686.


One view of the descendancy of Christopher Houston (c1686-c1726):

Note that "dotted" connection lines are considered unproven at best, and suspect at worst.

There is a significant discrepancy in the above lineage. Christopher (c1676-1726) names two of his grandchildren in his will of c1726. Those two grandchildren are usually interpreted as being the children (Christopher and James) of son Robert. However, Robert's children are all given (in genealogies I've looked at) DOB's later than 1726. This indicates that either a) their DOB's are off, or b) the grandsons were not the children of Robert son of Christopher (c1676-1726). One possibility that is being considered is that Christopher had an otherwise unrecognized son who predeceased him. A possible candidate for that son is person:James Houston (14) of Shellpot Creek.


Personal Data
DOB:bef. c. 1686at his death in 1726 Christopher had a married daughter Margaret =Person:Hugh Linn (1). That implies that she was born before c 1706, which in turn implies that Christopher was born before c 1686. Some lines of speculation suggest a DOB of c 1646
DOD:after Dec 6 1726Date of will
POD:Mill Creek Hundred, Delaware
Spouse:Marthason Samuel identifies his mother as "Martha" in his will of 1739
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
James Houston before 1726 Speculative. [2]
Person:Maragret Houston (12) Person:Hugh Linn (1) prior to 1726 *, ** See Wife of Hugh Linn (1)
person:Samuel Houston (6) c1740 East Nottingham, PA. Probably now Cecil County, MD. *
Robert Houston *,**
Jean Houston *, ** as Jean Linn in her brother Samuel's will
Martha Houston *, ** as Martha Linn in her brother Samuel's will
person:Ann Houston (4) 1734 per Source:White, 1902 John Walker *, **, as Ann Walker in her brother Samuel's will
*mentioned in Christopher's will of 1726.
**mentioned in Samuel's will of 1739.


  1. Another possibility is that Christopher had a third son who predeceased him. Including these two grandchildren in the will may represent the "share" of this predeceased son.
  2. Existence inferred by identification of grandsons in Christopher's will, James and Christopher (Jr.). These can't be the sons of Samuel (no children, per his will of 1742), and could be the sons of Robert. Robert is thought to have a son Christopher, but it is widely believed that this Christopher is Christopher of Iredell County NC, but who was born after 1726 so couldn't be the grandson mentioned in Christopher of Mill Creek Hundreds will. Implies an unrecognized son who predeceased Christopher of Mill Creek Hundred. Will of Margaret Pulover-Blunston-Lightfoot leaves a bequest to a James Houston son of James (Sr.) of Brandywine Hundred. Speculation is that James Sr. is the missing son.