Person:Christopher Huston (2)

  1. Christopher Huston (2) - 1784
  2. John Huston
  3. Thomas Huston
  4. James Huston1721/22 - 1789
m. BEF 1738
  1. Christopher Huston
  2. Rebecca Huston
  3. Elizabeth Huston1740 -
  4. Sarah Huston1740 -
  5. John Houston1744 - 1828
  6. James Huston1747 -
  7. William Huston1754 - 1821
Facts and Events
Gender Male
Marriage BEF 1738 to Susannah Wilson
Death[1] 1784


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Source:Huston, 1912
Family Relations of Christopher of Mill Creek Hundred
Document:Will of Christopher Huston 1773/1784
Houston Land Records in Old Chester County, PA
Notebook:Houston Records in Cumberland County
Analysis:Comparison of Children of Christopher Huston (2) and Samuel Huston (5)


This article is about the Christopher Houston who settled in Cumberland County, PA, about 1744. Christopher may be the Christopher mentioned as a grandchild in the will of Person:Christopher Huston (1) of Mill Creek Hundred, and suspected son of Person:James Houston (14) of Brandywine Hundred who apparently predeceased his father Christopher (1). [2] Much of the following is based on Source:Huston, 1912. See Family Relations of Christopher of Mill Creek Hundred for reasoning.

Christopher's will identifies his wife as Susannah. Source:Huston, 1912 identifies her as "Susannah Wilson". From the common but unverified DOB's given to their children they probably married about 1737. This marriage may have occurred in what is now Cumberland county, but perhaps it occurred further east in what is now Lancaster or Chester County, or perhaps Cecil County Maryland, or even in New Castle, Delaware, depending on where his parents lived.

In any case, Christopher Huston first appears in what is now East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County PA, on October 30, 1744 when he obtains a warrant for 198 acres of land. The later survey for this parcel shows that Christopher also owned land immediately to the north of this parcel. When and how that land was acquired has not been determined. [3]It would be very useful to find the exact location of this property.!

Christopher Huston was an active and prominent citizen of the section even prior to the formation of the county and in 1784 was tax collector for East Pennsboro, collecting tax to the amount of 12£ 2d.

On April 26, 1773, Christopher Huston made his will which was probated on December 14, 1784. [4]Wife Susanna Wilson, died aged 80 years and their remains repose in the graveyard of Pine Hill.

Children of this couple, as given by Source:Huston, 1912 include:

Christopher, married Nancy Smith.
Sarah, married James McKinstry. She died aged about 84 years.
Elizabeth, married John McCullough. Died aged about 70 years*
William, died aged about 40 years.
John, married Margaret, a daughter of Samuel and Isabella (Sharon) Huston.
Rebecca, married McMurtrie, and her second husband's name was Smith.


  1. Will date April 1773, probate date 14 December 1784 Source:Huston, 1912
  2. He is sometimes identified as the son of Robert son of Christopher (1); This is not supported by the wills of Christopher (1) and son Samuel. Christopher (2) is also sometimes identified as the son of John Huston and Margaret Cunningham (4), though that seems to be unsupported.
  3. Based on PA Archives. Source:Huston, 1912 gives this as 150 acres.
  4. Some private extractions give the will date as 26 April 1783. The date needs to be verified. However, Source:Huston, 1912 quotes the following:
    On March 23, 1817, John Huston, of Dickinson township, and Margaret, his wife, for $4,973.00, deeded to Michael Saxton 160 acres and 19 perches of land which tract of land is described in the title deed as follows: "Whereas Christopher Huston, father of said John Huston, late of the township of East Pennsboro, in the said County of Cumberland, became in his lifetime lawfully seized in his demesne as of fee of and in a certain plantation or tract of land containing 320 acres, be the same more or less, adjoining lands of James McKinstry, the heirs of John Waugh, deceased, and others, and being so seized, died, having first made his last will and testament in writing, bearing date April 26, 1773, wherein and whereby (among other things) he did give and devise unto said son John Huston, one-half of his plantation or tract of land."
    This suggests that the correct date for the will is 26 April 1773.