Place:Stone Church Cemetery, Augusta, Virginia, United States


NameStone Church Cemetery
Alt namesAugusta Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Fort Defiance, Augusta, Virginia, United States
Located inAugusta, Virginia, United States     (1740 - Present)


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Stone Church Cemetery, Augusta County, VA

Augusta Stone Church and Cemetery is located 1/4-mile south of the traffic signal on U.S Route 11 in Fort Defiance. Driving time is approximately 15 minutes from Staunton to the south and 20 minutes from Harrisonburg to the north.

Address: 28 Old Stone Church Road, Fort Defiance, VA 24437
Phone: (540) 248-2634

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Find-A-Grave Link: Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Fort Defiance, Augusta County, Virginia

Listing of Internments (Old Section)

NameBirthdateDate of DeathHeadstone InscriptionAdditional Comments
Allen, Mary abt. 1798* 6 May 181921 yr w/o John Allen, daughter of James Crawford
Allen, James n/a 1810Revolution Soldier(Government Stone)
Allison, Sarah17602 Jan 1791Note: Sarah Robertson, daughter of William Robertson and Leticia Kerr was 1st wife of William Allison (1748-1823)
Beard, Joseph4 Jun 177816 Jan 1856
Bell, David n/a n/a Militia, Revolution War, 1780(Government Stone)
Bell, James Esq.4 Jun 177316 Jan 1856*Note James Bell was married three times: 1st to Sarah (Sally) Allen, 2nd to Sarah (Sally) Crawford, 3rd to Margaret (Peggy) Craig
Bell, Capt. James abt. 1824* 29 Jun 185026 yr
Bell, Joseph17 May 174613 Sep 1833
Bell, Joseph Sr. abt. 1742* 4 Mar 182381 yrVault
Bell, Margaret25 Dec 178827 Feb 1856Relict of James Bell, Esq.
Bell, Margaret22 Feb 175920 Jun 1844w/o William BellDaughter of James Allen and Mary "Mollie" Hogshead
Bell, Mrs. Robert22 May 176926 May 1811/1814 Vault, Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Robert Bell, wife of Major William Bell, born May (month illegible) 22, 1769, died May 26, 1811 or 1844 (year illegible)
Bell, Mrs. Sarah n/a 12 Nov 1804w/o James Bell, Esq., Mrs. Sarah Bell, wife of James Bell, Esq., departed this life four hours after the birth of William, November 12, 1804. Aged 25 years.
Bell, Sarah abt. 1789* 18 Dec 180617 yr, w/o James Bell, Esq.
Bell, Major William174422 Aug 1833
Berry, Cornelia A.7 Dec 184417 Jul 1849d/o Thornton & Rachel Berry
Berry, James W._2____ 18296 Jun 1849s/o Thornton & Rachel Berry
Berry, Rachel28 Apr 181225 ___ 1852w/o Thornton Berry
Berry, Rachel12 Dec 18396 Jan 1849
Bourland, Nancy16 Sep 184110 Aug 184210 mo 25 da, d/o William & Margaret Bourland
Brown, Francis11 Sep 1808**17 Nov 186052 yr 2 mo 6 da
Bruffy, Hugh Campbell31 Mar 181324 Jun 1848Vault
Byers, John11 Oct 18258 Feb 1853
Clindinst, Michael172321 Feb 181693 yralso spelled Kleinadt
Clindinst, Michael13 Apr 177015 Jul 1845
Cochran, John n/a 1765This stone marks the grave of John Cochran, born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1725, came to America in 1740, settled in Stone Church neighborhood in Augusta Co., Va., where he lived until his death in 1765. He was a man of intelligence, high character, and sternly worth qualities which he transmixed to his number of able descendants who are settled thoughout the United States. (new stone erected)
Craig, George Edward8 Nov 18452 Aug 1849s/o William & Agnes CraigVault
Craig, James17 Apr 178127 Mar 1863
Craig, Rev. JohnDec 171021 Apr 1774In Memory of Rev. John Craig, D.D. Commonwealth of the Presbytery Ministerial Service in this place Anno Domino 1740, and Faithfully Discharged duty in the time to April 21 Anno Domini 1774. The departed this life ever, living 15 hours affliction from the Hand of the Great Creator. Aged 63 yrs. 4 mos. The Church of Augusta in the expression of their gratitude of the man of this late Beloved Pastor having obtained titarity of G.C. paid the expenses of the members - 1798 (many members).Vault
Craig, Martha31 May 17941 Jan 1851w/o James Craig
Craig, Susan1801*__ May 1821Sacred to the Memory of Susan Craig, wife of James Craig, died May __ 1821. Aged 20 yrs, and by her side her infant born William B. Craig, died 10 of May 1818. Aged 10 mos.
Craig, William B.Jul 1817*10 May 1818as listed above, infant born William B. Craig, died 10 of May 1818. Aged 10 mos.
Craig, William1759*8 Sep 1829 This humble tribute is offered to the Memory of William Craig and Jane his wife who by his request reposed in the common grave. William departed this life 8th September 1829. Aged 70 years. Jane departed this life June 9, 1811, 67 yrs.(Stone now broken in 3 pieces)
Craig, Jane1744*9 Jun 1811as listed above, Jane departed this life June 9, 1811, 67 yrs.
Crawford, AnnJun 1772*3 Sep 180735 yr 3 mo, w/o Robert CrawfordVault
Crawford, Alexander179124 Nov 1826
Crawford, Elizabeth13 Dec 177524 Mar 1847
Crawford, Elizabeth1 Sep 17952 Apr 1822(last date not clear)
Crawford, George__ Oct 177517 Sep 1824
Crawford, George__ Nov 1815__ Feb 1852
Crawford, George W.20 Mar 1809__ Jul 1858
Crawford, Harriet Mrs.29 Jan 1800?24 Nov 1843/45w/o John Crawford Jr.(yr. not clear)
Crawford, James177712 Feb 1831
Crawford, Jane Mrs.175113 Sep 1834
Crawford, Maj. John1761*17 Dec 184685 yrVault
Crawford, Martha1 Jul 182_4 Aug 1824
Crawford, Martha Jane25 May 1811**5 Jul 182413 yr 1 mo 10 da
Crawford, Mary27 Oct 179523 Jan 1834
Crawford, Nancy27 Oct 177023 Jan 1834"Here rest the body of"
Crawford, Nancy Smith27 Jan 184319 Apr 18441 yr 2 mo 13 da, d/o William & Margaret Crawford
Crawford, Rebecca Mrs.22 Feb 17696 Jun 1851w/o Maj. John Crawford, "Here rest the mortal remains of"
Crawford, Ivy17223 Sep 1807w/o Robert
Crawford, Capt. Sam Sr.1786*13 Feb 184660 yr
Crawford, Sarah17671846
Crawford, Sarah Agnes16 Feb 184623 Oct 1849d/o T.P.& Sarah J. Crawford
Crawford, Sarah Jane29 Jan 182627 Mar 1846w/o Thomas P. Crawford, d/o Alexander Walker
Crawford, Sarah1781*19 Feb 184160 yr
Curry, Ann25 Sep 172715 May 1819Ann Curry, wife of Dr. Robert Curry, born September 25, 1727, died May 15, 1819, native of Ulster, Ireland, and native builders of this beloved country.
Curry, Dr. Robert10 Nov 17175 Jan 1804Captain in French and Indian War. Captain of Home Guards in the American

Revolution and Elder of Augusta Church.

Curry, Samuel17 Apr 177015 Apr 1845Son of Dr. Robert and Ann Curry. Ruling Elder of Augusta Church. Served in

War of 1812 as Corporal in Captain Kirk's Company. His wife Mary, daughter of James Glenn. November 15 1774 [s/b 9 Jun 1778] - d 23 Apr 1863

Curry, Mary15 Nov 177423 Apr 1863as listed above, His wife Mary, daughter of James Glenn.
Davies, Elizabeth1833*3 Feb 185623 yr w/o H. Davies(nee Curry)
Dean, Rebecca12 Jan 18021 Jun 1851
Dixon, Francis M.17 Aug 1805**12 Mar 183226 yr 6 mo 24 da
Dunn, James M.1 Dec 181228 Aug 1854
Eidson, William Poage7 May 18331 May 1853
Finley, Wilber3 Apr 1847**9 Apr 18525 yr 6 da, s/o Samuel & Sarah Finley
Forber, Mary n/a 1870(see Kerr), Jacob Revercomb, died 1862. His wife Mary Forber, died 1870.
Gamble, Anna C.17 Jun 178912 Dec 1812
Gamble, Elizabeth F.abt. 1798*30 Jun 186163 yr w/o Philander Gamble
Gamble, Emily E.27 Jan 18361 Jan 1861(td>
Gamble, John1760Jan 1831
Gamble, Mary A.3 Aug 183327 Jun 1858
Gamble, Philander __ Oct 18008 Apr 1856
Gamble, Rebecca176718 May 1832
Gamble, Sarah Jane n/a n/a No Dates, d/o P.& E.Gamble
Gamble, William24 Jun 1793**5 Nov 185663 yr 4 mo 12 da
Givens, Jane14 Sep 175013 Nov 1812
Givens, JohnMay 174013 Apr 1812
Givens, Letitia10 May 179025 Jun 1811
Hall, Frances n/a Aug 1843Frances Hall, wife of John Mills, and Daughter of John and Elizabeth Day, died 1843.listed on Mills Monument (see Mills below)
Harnesberger, Annie C.12 Feb 179713 Apr 1860
Harnsberger, Letitia4 Feb 18296 Feb 1833d/o Samuel & Ann G. Harnsbergera small stone with A.G.H., by the grave of Letitia, was sunken in the ground too deep to read.
Harnesberger & Martin n/a n/a
Harnesberger, Rebecca30 May 179421 Mar 1852
Harnesberger, Samuel30 Apr 179830 Oct 1851
Henton, Charles18761894s/o D.B.& M. McC. Henton
Henton, Benjamin Winters6 May 1862**17 Apr 186311 mo 11 da, s/o L.W.& D.B. Henton
Henton, D. Benjamin23 Nov 183025 Apr 1902
Henton, Elizabeth Wilson7 Mar 183117 Oct 1873
Henton, Hannah F.J.31 Jun 1837**2 Jun 185315 yr 11 mo 2 da
Henton, Inf. Son14 Feb 18616 Mar 1861*21 da s/o L.W.& D.B. Henton
Henton, Sarah M.18 Sep 182526 Dec 1850d/o Silas & Susan Henton
Henton, Sarah H.11 Mar 1806*17 Feb 185346 yr 11 mo 6 da
Henton, Sarahabt. 1830*Oct 184919 yr
Henton, Silas16 Nov 1792**21 Apr 185259 yr 7 mo 5 dadates vary
Henton, Susan1 Oct 18284 Mar 1849d/o Silas & Susan Henton
Henton, William3 Dec 1832**13 May 185623 yr 5 mo 10 da
Hogsett, Elizabeth n/a 1842Kerr Monument: South side- John Kerr, died July 8, 1830, his wife Elizabeth Hogsett Keer died 1842 in Va.
Hufing, Andrewabt. 1797*20 Sep 183639 yr (or Huling)
Huston, Jane21 May 179517 Dec 185459 yr 6 mo 26 da, w/o H. Huston
Hyde, Mrs. Lizzieabt. 1830*10 Mar 185323 yr w/o William B. Hyde
Hyde, Little Lizzie n/a n/a d/o William B. & [stone broken off]No Dates
Hyde, Mary17 Nov 1797Mar 1838w/o Joseph
Hyde, Mary T.17 Nov 179220 Mar 1833Vault-Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Mary T. Hyde, wife of Addem Hyde, born November 17, 1792, and died March 20, 1833. 7 loving children and a bereaved husband.
Hyde, William184118421841 - 1842, s/o Charles
Kenney, James22 Jul 17897 Nov 1864
Kerr, James n/a 1770
Kerr, John n/a 1772
Kerr, John n/a 1794
Kerr, Jane P.11 Jan 1822**27 May 186644 yr 4 mo 16 da, w/o Nathaniel Kerr (small stone)
Kerr, Jane1800*186767 yr (small stone)
Kerr Monument: Erected November 11, 1930, by V.B. Kerr and Nephews.North side- Mother of 12 children. Jane Patterson Revercomb, wife of Nathaniel Kerr and daughter of Jacob Revercomb and Mary Forber. Born November 11, 1821, died March 27, 1866. 12 children are: John, Henry, Will, Mary, Jacob, Alexander, Zachary, James, Sarah F., Cornelia C., Margaret, Harriet Vincent.East side- Revercomb-grandfather and grandmother. Jacob Revercomb, died 1862. His wife Mary Forber, died 1870. Both buried in Bedford County, Virginia. Children: Elizabeth, Frances, Jane, Henry, Jacob, Catherine. Swiss and Dutch.South side- John Kerr, died July 8, 1830, his wife Elizabeth Hogsett Keer died 1842 in Va. 12 children: Joseph died 1839, Joseph died 1839, Alexander died 1833, Jane died 1833, James and Thomas G. died in Missouri, Amaziah died in Illinois, Nathaniel, John, Sarah, Hiram, Betsy and baby died in Virginia. Scotch-Irish Kerrs 1730 to 1930 in Virginia.West side- Great grandfather and great grandmother. James Kerr, 1726-1812. His wife Jane Kerr, 1739-1824. Owned old home on Middle River.
Lamb, Robert M.27 Aug 184924 Jul 1858
Lamb, William2 Mar 18199 Feb 1856
Marvin, Ann17939 Jan 1853w/o [wife of] J. Marvin
Mauzy, Martha C.17 Jun 183229 Oct 1859
Mills, John n/a 14 Jun 1800Here lies the body of John Mills who died June 1800Mills Monument: East Side of Mills Monument: John Mills, son of John of near Dromore, Ireland, settled on Middle River, Augusta Co., Va., about 1780. Died June 14, 1800. Frances Hall his wife and Daughter of John Hall and Elizabeth Day, died 1843. West side: Children of John and Frances Mills: Robert, William, Samuel, James, John, Thomas, Alexander, Elizabeth, Sally. [Monument erected by-WM. M., M.E.C., M.R.M., C.W. Mills of Ohio, 1926]
Mills, Robert n/a From near Dromore, Ireland. Settled in Middle River, Augusta Co., Va., prior to 1780 and died September 1785.
Mills, Susanna n/a 1798Susanna, his wife (wife of Robert Mills) died March 1799.
Moffett, George Col. n/a Augusta Co. Va. Militia, Revolution War. 1811
Montgomery, Elizabeth1 Sept 17969 Jan 1858
Montgomery, William Ellis n/a n/a no dates
Moorman, Dr. D.G. n/a 20 Oct 186262 yr
Moorman, James Franklin n/a 1 May 1862,James Franklin Moorman, son of Dr. D.G. Moorman and M.L. Moorman, died in

service May 1, 1862, Age 21 years, 9 mos. 16 das.

Moorman, John C.3 Apr 183628 Aug 187641 yr
Morris, Heiskel26 Sep 185628 Nov 1881
Morris, HenryNov 18222 Nov 1886(A gravestone by Henry Morris's grave had fallen face down, so it could not be read)
Morris, Matie4 Aug 187918 May 1885
McClanahan, John26 Aug 182013 Mar 189271 yr 6 mo 17 da
McClanahan, Mary E.4 Jul 182327 Sep 1898(The two McClanahans Monuments disappeared from their graves between

the dates of June 15, 1952 and September 18, 1952)

McClung, Charles12 Feb 180825 Dec 1882
McClung, Rebecca25 May 181212 Jul 1850w/o [wife of] Charles McClung, d/o John & Sarah Walker
McClung, W.G. n/a 23 Nov 1901A Confederate Soldier
McCue, Ann Berry11 Jan 1844**Died September 30, 1863Aged 19 yr. 8 mo. 19 das., Daughter of Thomas McCue, son of Dr. William McCue, son of Rev. John McCue, 1753. Died September 30, 1863.
McCue, Elizabeth Wilson14 Jan 18246 Jul 1908Elizabeth Wilson, Born January 14, 1824, Died July 6, 1908, Dau. of Dr. James Wilson, son of Rev. William Wilson, D.D.
McCue, Inf. Daughter n/a n/a d/o William & Elizabeth McCue
McCue, John1816*22 Feb 186650 yr
McCue, Thomas W.2 Jan 181811 Jul 1865Thomas W. McCue, Born January 2, 1818, Died July 11, 1865, Son of William McCue, Son of Rev. John McCue
McGuffin, Sarah B.June 1812**1 Dec 183321 yr 6 mo, w/o Jamison D. McGuffin
Nelson, Alexander17499 Jan 1834
Nelson, Alexanderabt. 1746*2 Jan 1831nearly 85 yr.
Nelson, Alexander F.27 Oct 1798d 23 Oct 1850
Nelson, Elizabeth K.25 May 180231 Jul 1831w/o Alexander F. Nelson
Nelson, James
Nelson, James20 Aug 1793**March 11, 1854Aged 60 years, 6 mos. 19 das., A useful Member of Society. A just man a sincere Christian, long ruling Elder in the Augusta Church.
Nelson, Lucy E.W.25 Dec 1844d 11 Sep 1862d/o Alexander F. & M.E. Nelson
Nelson, Nancyabt. 1763*19 Jan 182966 yr w/o Alexander Nelson
Patterson, John11 Jun 1919
Patterson, Sophia16 Aug 1924 (stone lying on the ground)
Poage, John15 Apr 1839**26 March 1862Member of Captain Doyle's Co. 5th Regt. Va. Vol. Died March 26, 1862, of a wound at the battle of Kern's Town, March 23, 1862. Aged 22 yrs. 11 mo. 11 das.(Govenment Stone)
Poage, John Jr.10 April 1827Ensign Anderson's Co., Augusta Co. Va. Mil. Rev War. April 10, 1827(Government Stone)
Poage, RobertPvt. Va., Mil. Rev. War(Government Stone)
Poage, Robert1774Sacred to the memory of Robert Poage, Immigrant from Ireland-1739. Elder in the Augusta Stone Church- 1740. Justice, First Commission of the Peace. Augusta County-1745, died 1774. And to the Memory of his wife. Elizabeth Preston. (Monument erected by J.G. Bishhop, Nyack, N.Y., a descendant).
Poage, Major William18 Mar 178123 Sep 1855
Reamer, Daniel P.7 Aug 1719**24 Jul 185535 yr 11 mo 17 da
Reamer, Fannie H.abt. 1855*28 Apr 187318 yr d/o D.P.& R.A. Reamer
Reamer, Rachel A.abt. 182810 Dec 186234 yr, w/o Daniel P. Reamer
Reamer, Sarah M.16 Apr. 1862**26 Oct 18526 mo 10 da
Reid, Benjamin F.abt. 1798*30 Jul 185961 yr, (not sure if initial is F. or T.)
Reid, Elizabeth S.abt. 1842*20 Oct 185917 yr
Reid, L.176928 Oct 1845
Reid, Rebecca C.16 Apr 180921 Nov 1844?w/o Benjamin F. Reid(Vault)
Reid, Sarahabt. 1817*13 Apr 185942 yr
Rhodes, Mildred179518 Sep 1833w/o William
Robertson, AlexanderMar 1711(inscription illegible)
Robertson, Alexander1 Mar 174425 Nov 1816
Robertson, Alexander175322 Apr 180148 yr
Robertson, Annabt. 1767*10 Dec 181548 yr w/o William Robertson
Robertson, Dewitt G.10 Dec 182726 Dec 1849
Robertson, Elizabeth18 Oct 17576 Feb 1825
Robertson, Elizabeth S.11 Feb 183530 Oct 1846
Robertson, George S.H.24 Jan 185725 Nov 1846
Robertson, Janeabt. 1753*25 Nov 182572 yr(could be 1828)
Robertson, Letticeabt. 1724*14 July 1775Here lies Interd, the Body of Lettice Robertson who departed this life the 14th July 1775 In the 51st Year of her LifePart of Double Vault, Survey Report, West Augusta graveyard: 1936 July 10.[1]
Robertson, Double Vault (Inscription illegible)in the 51st year of __.likely the stone of Lettice Robertson, listed above.
Robertson, Lettice10 May 179025 Jun 1811
Robertson, Lettice K.12 Jan 179018 Dec 1836
Robertson, Sarah17554 Sep 1785
Robertson, William1748/1750*12 Nov 1831 or 1833 (not clear)83 years of age. He was a zealous patriot and officer from 1775 till the end of the Revolution. A faithful Magistrate, a good citizen and an honest upright man.
Rodes, Annabt. 1774*29 Apr 1853Relict of Mathew Rodes of Albemarle County, Va. Departed April 29, 1853, in her 79th year.
Rodes, Mildred9 Apr 18113 May 1861w/o A. F. NelsonAlexander Nelson was married twice: 1st wife Elizabeth K. Died 1831.
Roler,>td>In Memory of Mary Susan and Elizabeth Trimble, daughters of J.C. & Margaret Roler.
Roler, Mary Susan8 Apr 183622 Oct 1841
Roler,Elizabeth Trimble22 Mar 184830 Mar 1849
Roller, Jacob C.23 Nov 180931 Oct 188474 yr 11 mo 8 da
Roller, Margaret B.1 Nov 18098 Apr 186248 yr 5 mo 7 da
Roler, Nancy Bell18 Feb 185124 Jan 1854d/o J.T.& D.D.E. Roler
Roler, William Hansford29 Oct 184412 Oct 1850s/o M.& Margaret Roler
Ross, Alexander9 Feb 1741illegible
Ross, Maryabt. 1813*14 Oct 184027 yr w/o James E. Ross (Vault)
Sheldon, Sarah R.abt. 1808*18 Sep 183729 yr w/o Dr. William Sheldon of Charles City.
Shifflett, Kirtley F.9 Dec 181611 Feb 185539 yr 2 mo 2 da
Snapp, Inf.15 Mar 186113 Apr 1861child of C.H.& J.F. Snapp
Snapp, Mary Bell27 Jan 1860*15 Jul 18605 mo 18 da d/o R.B.& J.L. Snapp
Snapp, Robert24 Jun 17961 Jul 1858(Last two figures not clear)
Snapp, Robert B.19 Feb 183612 Jan 186528 yr 11 mo 24 da
Speece, Rev. Conrad7 Nov 177615 Feb 1836Sacred to the Memory of Rev. Conrad Speece for more than 22 years, Pastor of Augusta Stone Church. Born November 7, 1776 died February 15, 1836. He consecrated a mind rich in generous learning to the service of his Savior.
Stover, Jacob23 Jan 1777d 12 Feb 1847[1857?]70 yr 1 mo 20 daNote: Jacob and Margaret are listed in the 1850 Census, and his date of death is listed as 12 February 1857 on Ancestry and One World Tree.
Stover, Margaret17 Jun 177915 Jul 185475 yr w/o Jacob Stover
Tate, John A.abt. 1796* 12 Nov 181721 yr
Turk, Annie E.6 Sept. 1858**10 Nov 18613 yr 2 mo 4 da, d/o B.& A.E. Turk
Turk, Ann E. Robertson31 Aug 1863**11 Sept 186411 mo 1 da, d/o Rebecca B. & Rudolph Turk
Turk, Ann Elizabeth18 Sept 1817**14 Jun 185436 yr 8 mo 27 da, w/o Rudolph Turk
Turk, Rebecca B.25 Apr 1831**10 Sept 186433 yr 4 mo 16 da, w/o Rudolph Turk
Turk, Rudolph22 Jan 181717 Apr 1890Monument erected by his sons, Rudolph S. & William A. Turk.; One stone in the Turk's lot was so deep into the cement covering over lot, that the name could not be seen.
Van Lear, Jacob19 Jan 177328 Feb 1846
Van Lear, Nancy12 Apr 17709 Jul 1858w/o Jacob Van Lear
Van Lear, Margaret A.V.8 Oct 1807**4 Apr 185042 yr 5 mo 27 da, w/o Robert V.L.Van Lear
Van Lear, Robert V.L.7 Aug 18042 Apr 188984 yr 7 mo 26 da
Van Lear, Robert H.19 Feb 1835**29 Oct 185116 yr 8 mo 10 da, s/o R.& M. Van Lear
Walker, Elizabethabt. 1769*7 Sep 184273 yr
Walker, James27 Mar 18335 Jun 1834
Walker, John Sr.abt. 1770*17 Apr 183666 yr
Walker, Sarahabt. 1767*7 Sep 184275 yr w/o John Walker, Sr
Walker, Sarah Jane29 Jan 182627 Mar 1846d/o Alexander Walker, w/o Thomas P. Crawford
Wayt, Susannaabt. 1763 or 1769*2 Apr 1830 or 183667 yr w/o John Wayt, birthdate 28 Oct 1768 from "Colonial Families of the USA, 1607-1775"
Webb, Harriet H.5 Jan 18211 Aug 1872
Webb, J.C.7 Jan 18107 Feb 1890
Webb, James D.14 Apr 1867d 19 Feb 1868
Webb, Jermiah Taylorabt. 1848*7 Nov 18535 yr s/o J.C.& H. Webb
Webb, John Cyrus28 Aug 1854**30 Oct 18562 yr 2 mo 2 da, s/o J.C.& H. Webb
Webb, Kate C.25 Dec 18545 Aug 1874
Wilson, Hannahabt. 1806*1 Apr 184236 yr w/o Thomas P. Wilson
Wilson, James20 Feb 1794**11 Mar 185460 yr 19 da
Wilson, Sarah Margaret3 May 182721 May 185124 yr 18 da, (Sarah Margaret, 1st wife of R.K. Wilson)
Wilson, Rev. William1 Aug 17511 Dec 1835Sacred to the Memory of Rev. William Wilson, Second Pastor of Augusta Church. Born August 1, 1751, died December 1, 1835 Aged 86 yrs. 4 mos.
Young, Andrew Sr.19 May 1773**26 Oct 185986 yr 5 mo 7 da
Young, JamesLt. Young's Co. Troops, Rev. War. 1790 (Government Stone)
Young, Margaret E.2 Feb 1849**14 Jan 18511 yr 11 mo 12 da
Young, Thomas1749*1758*1749 - 1758
Dates marked with an asterisk (*) are dates calculated from information on headstone
Dates marked with a double-asterisk (**) are birthdates calculated from a tombstone birthdate calculator and date of death.


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