Person:William Moulton (27)

William Moulton
b.14 Mar 1835
d.5 Feb 1898
  • HWilliam Moulton1835 - 1898
  • W.  Hannah Hope (add)
  1. James Moulton1863 - 1917
  2. William Moulton
Facts and Events
Name William Moulton
Baptismal Name William Fiddian Moulton
Gender Male
Birth? 14 Mar 1835
Marriage to Hannah Hope (add)
Death? 5 Feb 1898

William Fiddian Moulton has the Same Name as his son William Fiddian Moulton.


The eldest of the four brothers, was the third generation in the ministry. You can read his biography written by his son of the same name. He married Hannah Hope, daughter of another Methodist minister. She was my Harold Moulton grandmother, and I remember her from my boyhood. She died when I was about nine. Her surname Hope was given to their son James Hope Moulton James Hope Moulton; then to his two daughters. One of them died young. The second of course is Auntie Helen Helen Hollings of Sydney. In the next generation the name was passed on to your [Andrewjmm's] mother Rachel Hope Monk.

W. F. Moulton was first on the staff of Richmond College, Surrey, where Methodist ministers were trained. Then he founded The Leys School, Cambridge, and was its first headmaster from 1875 to 1898 when he died. The chapel at The Leys is the Moulton Memorial Chapel. He was one of the leading members of the English Revised Version committee, which produced that version of The Bible (New Testament Section) in 1881. That was a pioneer version, as no major revision had been made since 1611. He also wrote books, such as 'The History of the English Bible', a commentary on St.John's Gospel, an English translation of an important Greek Grammar from the German, and (with A.S.Geden) the Concordance to the Greek New Testament. He was President of the Methodist Conference in 1890.

Source: Letter from Harold Moulton to Andrewjmm July 1974