Person:James Moulton (9)

James Moulton
Facts and Events
Name James Moulton
Baptismal Name James Egan Moulton
Gender Male
Ordination[1] 1862
Marriage to Emma Knight (add)

James Egan Moulton (9) the second had the same name as his father James Egan Moulton (8) the first.

James Egan Moulton the second entered the Methodist ministry in 1862. He was sent out to Australia in 1863 and spent the main part of his ministry in Tonga. There he translated the Bible into Tongan, wrote many Tongan hymns and school books, and established the great high school (Tupou College) which has been the main centre for Tongan education since. Even the present king and his brother, the prime minister, were pupils there. I Harold Moulton have been to Tonga twice in connection with Bible Society work. (That is an interesting story.) The second time coincided with the centenary of Tupou College and Auntie Helen and I were specially honoured because of our Moulton connection. I also met Queen Salote on my first visit. Uncle Egan retired and died in Australia, and we have many Australian cousins. Granny met a lot of them last year too, so we feel we know the family. You can read his biography, written jointly by his son (James Egan Moulton the Third) and my uncle W.F.Moulton the second.

Source: Letter from Harold Moulton to Andrewjmm July 1974

  1. Source: Letter from Harold Moulton to Andrewjmm July 1974.