Person:Richard Moulton (3)

Richard Moulton
  • HRichard Moulton1849 -
  • W.  Maude Cole (add)
Facts and Events
Name Richard Moulton
Baptismal Name Richard Green Moulton
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1849 Preston, Lancashire, England
Marriage to Maude Cole (add)

Richard Green Moulton, the fourth brother, was born in 1849 in Preston.

After Cambridge he did a great deal for the University Extension Movement, spreading eduction to those for whom it was then difficult. After that he was Professor of English Literature in Chicago till his retirement. He produced 'The Modern Reader's Bible', the first Bible to be presented in modern literary form. He was also a great Shakespearian scholar and wrote several books on Shakespeare, as well as on literary form in general. His wife was 'Aunt Maude', whom your mother used to know, from whom we inherited a number of nice things. You can read his biography, again written by W.F.Moulton, his nephew. I am typing now at what used to be his desk.

Source: Letter from Harold Moulton to Andrewjmm July 1974

  1. Letter from Harold Moulton to Andrewjmm July 1974.