Person:William Nutt (5)

William Nutt, "miller'
b.est. 1700
m. bef. 1725
  1. Andrew Nuttabt 1725 - aft 1810
  2. William Nutt, Jr.est 1728/30 -
  3. John Nuttabt 1732 -
  4. Mary Eleanor McNuttABT 1733 - ABT 1788
Facts and Events
Name William Nutt, "miller'
Gender Male
Birth[1] est. 1700
Marriage bef. 1725 to Eleanor "Ellen" Unknown
Death[1] 1758 Anson County, North Carolina

William Nutt was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


William Nutt's land (Beverley Manor NW, 650 acres, 1747) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 319.--13th August, 1747. Wm. Beverley to Wm. Nutt, of Orange. Whereas, Wm. Beverley, on 14th April, 1738, did agree to convey to Gibbons Jennings, late of Orange County, 650 acres in Beverley Manor, which said 650 acres were laid off by Ro. Brooke, Gent., on Christy's Creek, at Moses Thompsons; a red oak by John Brackenridge's grove, who was murdered by the Indians; in consideration of which and other, 510 acres conveyed by said Beverley to the said Gibbons Jennings, he was to pay William £38.7.2. Jennings paid all but £10 and entered on the land and built a water grist mill thereon, and afterwards, on 2d September, 1740, agreed to convey the same land to Wm. Nutt in consideration of one gray mare. Mr. Jno. Lewis's bond for 350 acres, either in the Cow or Calf Pasture, 6 shillings cash and 1,000 yards of linen. Jennings left the colony without taking any conveyance for the land from Beverley or making any conveyance to Nutt. Nutt brought suit in County Court, Orange, vs. Jennings and Beverley, to compel a conveyance, and it was decreed, 27th July, 1744, that Beverley convey to Nutt. Deed to Nutt. Teste: Robt. Davies, W. Russell, John Lin. Proved by all, 19th August, 1747.
  • Page 782.--24th May, 1750. Dennis Dyer, tailor, and Abigail, to William Nutt, miller, in Beverley Manor, said Nutt's mill on Mill Creek; corner Andrew Nutt, Abigail, wife of Dennis, 181 acres in Beverley Manor. Teste: Wm. Hamilton, Jno. Willson, Francis Beatey.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • DEED BOOK NO. 1. Page 538.--21st May, 1748. £5. William Nutt to James McCorkal, 24 1/2 acres in Beverley Manor; line of McCorkal's former survey; Spanish oak. Teste: James Trimble, John Rutledge, Robert Davis. Acknowledged by William, and dower released by Elinor, 21st May, 1748.
  • Page 538.--21st May, 1748. £5. William Nutt to James McCorkal, 24-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor; line of McCorkal's former survey; Spanish oak. Teste: James Trimble, John Rutledge, Robert Davis. Acknowledged by William, and dower released by Elinor, 21st May, 1748.
  • Page 354.--28th November, 1749. William Nutt, miller, to Dennis Dyer, tailor, 181 acres in Beverley Manor. Mill Creek. Corner Andrew Nutt.
  • Page 69.--28th November, 1750. Wm. Nutt to John Buchanan, 416-1/2 acres dated 27th July, 1744, part of 650 acres conveyed by Beverley by decree of Orange Co. Same land involved in suit in Orange, Nutt vs. Gibbins Jennings and Wm. Beverley, conveyed by Beverley to Nutt, 13th August, 1745; corner John Coulter, Mill Creek; corner James McCorkals, etc., water grist mill. Eleanor, wife of Wm. Nutt. Teste: Andrew Cowan, John Rutledge, Francis Beatey.
  • Page 72.--28th November, 1750. Wm. Nutt to John Coulter, 210 acres, part of 650 above; part of above, Robert McClenachan's line; corner to graveyard of John Breckinridge, who was murdered by the Indians. [Note: this last disposition completes the sale of William Nutt's original patent of 650 acres acquired in 1747, on which he apparently lived prior to 14 April, 1738 - (24 1/2 acres sold to James McCorkle in 1748, 416 1/2 acres sold to John Buchanan and 210 acres sold to John Coulter on 28 November 1750)].

Processioning List of 1748

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 24.--John Lynn and Robert Young report, viz: 8th March, 1747-8, processioned for John Henderson, Samuel Downey, Wm. Nutt, James McCorkle, Wm. Ledgerwood, Alex. McFeters, James Gilmore's, Robert Davies, Wm. and James Bell, John Lynn.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - JULY 16, 1746. - (71) Road ordered from Co. Ho. to Clerk's Office, and tithables of John Madison, William Nut, James McCorkle, Robert McClenachan and James Armstrong clear it.
  • Page 302.--13th August, 1747. William Beverley to James McCorkle, £16.4.11; 370 acres in Beverley Manor; graveyard in William Nutt's line; Brackenridge's line; James Brackenridge's line. Witnessed and proved above.
  • Page 453.--27th February, 1749. Same [William Beverley] to Robert McClanachan, Gent., Christie's Creek, Beverley Manor. Corner William Nutt. Tract for Andrew Cowan, James Caldwell's line. Another tract called Elk Meadow, 216 acres, 190 acres. Teste: George Anderson, Arthur Hamilton.
  • Page 458.--27th February, 1749. Same [William Beverley] to William Currey, 360 acres Beverley Manor. Corner tract first surveyed for James Bell, now in possession of Andrew Cowin. Corner William Nutt. Tract surveyed for Adam Thompson, now belonging to Robert McClenachan. Corner Samuel McCorkall's land. Corner to James Moody; Cowin's line. Teste: Arthur Hamilton, John Linn, George Anderson.
  • Page 529.--28th February, 1749. Same [William Beverley] to John Lynn, Jr., 383-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner John Bigham. Corner William Nutt, John Henderson's line. John Linn, Sr. Teste: James and Andrew Linn, James Henderson.
  • Page 617.--Same to same [William Beverley to James Callahan], 230 acres on Nutt's Creek in Beverley Manor. Corner John Linn; McNabb's corner; Bigham's line.
  • Page 515.--23d May, 1751. James McNutt's orphans. Settlement by Thos. Beard, administrator. Paid Mr. Burden for 185 acres bought by my wife (Thos. Beard's?) now, but before marriage. 17__ to Mr. Burden quit rents on 85 acres for 10 years. 1747 to Mr. Downs for quit rents. 1744 to Mr. Burden for quit rents, 300 acres. December 20th, 1748, paid David Hays rents debt due before marriage. Paid Wm. Nutt debt. 8th May, 1749, paid Wm. Hunter for work. 4th February, 1747, paid John Huston, debt. 9th December, 1748, paid John Roseman. debt. 10th May, 1748, paid Saml. Wilson, for bringing some linen from Penna. Paid to Widow Sheals, a debt. Paid to Robt. Alexander, for schooling James and Robert McNutt. Paid to James Dobbins, for schooling Alex. McNutt. Paid one new Bible, for Alex. McNutt. Paid one new Testament, for James McNutt. Paid one new spelling book, for the children.
  • Page 514.--26th November, 1751. Beverley (by Lewis and Madison) to Wm. Ledgerwood, Jr., 300 acres in Beverley Manor on Buchanan's Mill Creek, formerly Nutt Creek; John Bigham line; John Buchanan land, James McCorkal's line; corner John Henderson; corner John Lynn.
  • Page 214.--20th May, 1752. Robert McCorkal to William Marshall, 269 acres. Wm. Nutt's Mill Creek of Christian's Creek in Beverley Manor; James Caldwell's line. Teste: Edward Hall, Andrew Cowan, James McCorkall.
  • Page 139.--20th March, 1753. James McCorkle and Jane, to Elijah McClenachan, 1753, 370 acres in Beverley Manor; the graveyard in Wm. Nutt's line; corner Breckinridge; corner Wm. Nut; also 23-1/2 acres part of tract formerly Wm. Nut in Beverley Manor; line of McCorckle's former survey. Teste: Wm. Lusk, Ro. Breckinridge.
  • Page 180.--19th February, 1763. Robert McClenachan and Sarah to John McClenachan, £250, 310 acres by deed from James Armstrong on North Branch Christians Creek, small island in said creek; corner James Caldwell; corner Alexander McClenachan. Also 190 acres from Beverley on Christian's Creek; corner Wm. Nut's land; corner tract surveyed for Andrew Cowen, James Caldwell's line. Delivered: Alexander Sinclair per order, 13th December, 1773.
  • Page 373.--14th September, 1763. John ( ) Coulter and Isbell ( ) to John Brown and Thomas Gardner, £140, 210 acres in Beverley Manor, purchased by John Coulter from William Nutt, 28th November, 1750, on Mill Creek; Robert McClenachan's line, corner James McCorkle; corner to graveyard of John Breckinridge, who was murdered by the Indians; corner John Buchanan's land. Delivered: Thos. Brown, May, 1771.

Records in Anson County, NC

  • 1755 - Military Service, 1755, Anson County, North Carolina. William Nutt and his sons Andrew, William Jr, and John were living in Anson County in 1755 and served under Captain Andrew Pickens, who had been a recent resident of Augusta Co, Va, and prior to that in Lancaster, later Dauphin County, PA. There is also a Robert Nutt listed in Pickens' company, but this is the only place he is mentioned, so it is unknown if he was a son of William, a nephew, or something else. If he was a son, he must have died before the gift deed was made. Names in the Pickens' company on 7 Oct 1755 include Nutt (Andrew, Robert, John, William, William Jr), Davies (George, John, Moses Robert, William), McCain (Hugh), Mountgomery (Robert, John), and Pickens (Captain Andrew, John, Joseph, Andrew, William). Every able bodied man from 16 to 50 had to report for drill on muster days and the company was called out in times of disaster. These Captain's districts were also used for purposes of taxation and enumeration (the township system in NC was a much later development). The Waxhaw settlement was at this time about five years old and was considered to be in NC. There was only one company at this time and it doubtless contained all the able-bodied men of militia age. These were the pioneer settlers of the Waxhaws.
  • 14 & 15 February - William Nutt, who refers to himself as Senior and his son as Junior, that was previously designated and given as William Nutt, Jur., in land deeds dated February 14 & 15, 1754, and which are recorded in Deed Book B-1, pages 503, 504 & 505, Anson County, North Carolina, the said land lying along the Catawba River and on the south side of Twelve Mile Creek.
  • 27 Jul 1758, Anson County, North Carolina. On 27 July 1758, William Nutt sold to William Brown some land on the East side of the Catawba, near bank of Twelve Mile Creek (this land is now in SC).
  • 5 December 1758. Anson County, NC Deed Book 5, page 305.
Anson County, North Carolina.
To all Christian people, I, William Nutt, Sr., of Anson County in the province of North Carolina, in the true faith of a Christian, send greetings. Know ye that I, for good cause and consideration, give and grant unto my beloved son Andrew Nutt all my claim, interest and demand of and in the fee simple estate of 162 acres of land whereon Ambrose Mills now dwells and I do order and impower my beloved son William Nutt, Jr., to convey the same unto the said Andrew or unto whomsoever the said Andrew Nutt, his heirs, executors and administrators or assignees will appoint.
I also give and grant unto my said son William Nutt, his heirs, executors, administrators, assignees, the fee simple estate of and in 272 acres of land, part of the tract of land whereon I now dwell on the upper side as the same hath been surveyed, laid off and divided by my order, executed by Francis Beaty, and I do here-by give said William order to improve on, for his proper use thereon, giving and granting the same to him and his heirs, and assignees forever.
Also I give and grant to my beloved son John Nutt the fee simple estate of and in 300 acres of my said land whereon I now dwell on both sides of Waxhaw Creek, including all and singular my houses and improvements thereon, bounded as by a plan thereof made by Francis Beaty bearing the date of the 25th of this instant, references thereunto being had may appear provided always and it is hereby expressly declared that I do reserve to myself and to my well beloved wife Ellen or to the survivor of us or either of us the full and free use of all the house, field and improvements now made on the said plantation during my lifetime or the lifetime of my said beloved wife, empowering, ordering and allowing my said son to begin wheresoever he shall think fit to improve ground within the said bounded and after the decease of me and my said dearly beloved wife, the said John shall fully, freely and absolutely have, hold, use, occupy, posses and enjoy the same to him and his heirs and assignees forever.
In witness whereof the said WILLIAM NUTT, SR., hereto set my hand and seal, this 5th day of December, 1758.
(Signed) William (His x Mark) Nutt
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of,
Nathaniel Walker
James McCorkel
Hugh McCain
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    Irene Amato writes: "I have found our family name spelled all the following: Not(t), Nut(t), Knot(t), Nutter, Knut, Naught, McNutt etc...When first found it was spelled Nott-Nutt about equally. It appears that William Nutt could not read or write, although in a time when any kind of reading aid was unheard of, the problem might have been physical. He evidently pronounced his name Nott (as in Not) as it was first recorded several times by different clerks." (From The Nutt Chronicles - A Story of William & Eleanor Nutt's Descendants -1991).
    William's will is recorded in Deed Book 5, page 305, Anson County, NC. He names his three sons and his "well beloved wife Ellen". His son-in-law, Hugh McCain was one of the witnesses of the will that was dated 5 Dec 1758.