Person:Uriah Humble (5)

Uriah Humble, Jr., of Brock's Gap, North Branch, Shenandoah River, VA
d.Bef. 7 October 1773 Westmoreland, PA
m. Abt. 1682
  1. Bernard HumbleAbt 1682 -
  2. Michael HumbleAbt 1687 -
  3. Elizabeth HumbleAbt 1688 -
  4. Martin HumbleEst 1697 to 1707 - Bef 1774
  5. Uriah Humble, Jr., of Brock's Gap, North Branch, Shenandoah River, VA1705 - Bef 1773
  • HUriah Humble, Jr., of Brock's Gap, North Branch, Shenandoah River, VA1705 - Bef 1773
  • WCharity Custer1716 - 1770
m. 17 JAN 1735
  1. Elizabeth Susannah Humble1736 -
  2. Conrad Humble1736 - 1791
  3. Martin HumbleAbt 1738 -
  4. Michael Humble1744 - 1818
  5. Paul HumbleAbt 1750 -
  6. Charity Humble1756 - 1831
Facts and Events
Name Uriah Humble, Jr., of Brock's Gap, North Branch, Shenandoah River, VA
Alt Name Uriah Umble
Gender Male
Birth? 1705 Durham, England
Marriage 17 JAN 1735 Philadelphia, PAto Charity Custer
Death? Bef. 7 October 1773 Westmoreland, PA

Uriah Humble was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • 1750-51, March 12th--Uriah Umble, 200 (acres), joining Thos. West on Mud Lick Branch.
  • Page 152.--13th August, 1759. James ( ) Baggs and Elizabeth ( ) to Uriah Humble, £25, 220 acres in Brock's Gap of North Mountain patented to James and lies on side of Third Hill upon Dry River, a branch of Shanando. Teste: James Johnson, Johannis Keplinger. Delivered: Uriah, April, 1765.

Land Grant Surveys in Virginia:

  • Page 86 - Uriah Humble, 134 acres, Brocks Gap. Adjoining Martin Humble. Februry 12, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 32].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 322.--18th June, 1770. Uriah Humble and Charity ( ) to his son, Conrad Humble, £30, 220 acres in Brock's Gap on Dry River patented to James Baggs, 12th January, 1746, and by him conveyed to Uriah. Teste: Jacob Miller, Conrad Custer, John Thomas. Delivered: Jno. Ruddle, 10th May, 1784.

Will of Uriah Humble

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Will book 1, page 2
July the 17th, 1773
Uriah Humble deced) In the name of God Amen I, Uriah Humble of Westmoreland County in the Province of Pennsylvania being very sick and weak in the Body but of perfect mind and memory Thanks to God for his mercies therefore calling to mind ye Mortality of my body and Knowing that is appointed for all men nce to die I do make this my last Will and Testament Viz. principally and first of all I Recommend my Sould Into the Hands of Almighty God that Gave it and my Body to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian like manner at the Discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but that at the Genearl Resurrection I shall Receive the same by the mighty powers of God and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased Almighty God to bless me with In the first place I order that all my Just and lawfull debts be paid and for that Intent I order the the Place I now live on shall be sold after my decease and all my Personal Estate I will and Bequeth unto my Dearly Beloved wife during her natural life or during the time of her widowhood But to be used at the Discretion of my Executor and as Touching the hands Belonging to me In Virginia if it is not sold I order that it shall be let for a term to the Intent that the Place may be put Into Good Repair But in Consideration thereof my son Paul as a new beginner and that my daughter Susanna Johson has had not so much as som of the other Children I order that Paul shall have my Plow Irons and Horse Gears and the Sorrel Horse and that James Johnson is to have my old waggon wheels and their Equal Share at the Decease of my Dearly Beloved wife and with the Rest of my children and for the due observation of this my last Will and Testament I Constitute my well beloved son Michael Humble my sole Executor of this my Will in trust.
Uriah Humble (Seal)
Sealed & Signed in presence of us
the day and year above written
Paul Humble, Susanna Johnson, James Johnson
On the Seventh day of October Anno Domini 1773 personally appeared before me James Johnson one of the Subscribing Witnesses within named who being duly Sworn according to law doth depose and say that he was present and saw and heard, Uriah Humble the Testator within named sign, seal, publish, pronounce & declare the within writing tobe his last Will & Testament & that at the time of doing thereof he was of sound & well disposing mind memory & understanding to the best of his knowledge observation & Belief & that he also saw Paul Humble and susanna Johnson they other two Witnesses sign their Names as
Witnesses to the same.
Ar St Clairy, D Y Rr
Be it remembered that on the seventh day of October Anno Domini 1773 The Last Will and Testament of Uriah Humble late of Westmoreland County aforsaid Yeoman deceased was proved in due form of Law and Letters Testamentary thereon were granted to Michael Humble the Executor therein named to being first Duly Qualified well and truly to administer the Estate of the said decendent and to exhibit a true and perfect Inventory thereof into the Rgisters Office at Westmoreland on or before the Seventh day of Novemver next and to render a true and just account of his said Administratioin when thereunto lawfull Required.
Ar St Clairy, D Y Rr
Recorded 9th March 1774

Source: USGenweb, transcribed by Judy Wendt,

Processioning List of 1755, 1760 & 1767/68

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 150.--1755: Thos. Moore and David Robson processioned as follows, viz: For Adam Reader, present Arnold Custard, Alex. Painter; for Adam Burd; for Nicholas Cane, present his son, Daniel Cane; for John Miller; for Wm. Pickins; for Jno. Porting; for Wm. Caslberry; for Wm. Hopkins, present Thos. Shanklin; for Francis Green; for Thomas Gordon; for James Beggs, present Uriah Humble; for Jacob Bare; for Jacob Trumbo, present Amrode Lamb; for Rees Thomas, present Jno. Thomas; for John Bare; for Thomas Moore, present Francis Hieghl; for David Robson.
  • Page 283.--1760: Processioned by Abraham Bird, David Robinson, viz: For Jacob Trumbow, for John Miller, for Joseph Dicktum, for Uriah Humble, for Jacob Bare, for Conrad Lamb, for Abraham Bird, for Adam Rieder, for Mathias Rieder, for Alex. Painter, for John Bare, for James Baggs, for John Phillips, for Alex. Buchanan, for Daniel Davison, for Jacob Woodley, for Thomas Logan, for Zebulon Harrison, for John Harrison, for John Harrison, Jr., for John Davison, for Michael Weron, for Thomas Moore, for Francis Hughes, for Jonathan Hodges, for Andrew Bird, for Thomas Milsaps, for William McGee, for John Blizard, for Jacob Rambow, for David Robinson, for Martin Shumaker, for Charles Dayley, for Francis McBride, for John McDaniel, for John Bryant, for Macoy _____, for Robert Cravens, for George Spence, for John Miller, for Wm. Pickins, for Isaac Robinson, for John Capter.
  • Page 447.--1767-68: John Dunkle and Michael Props procession, viz: For Michael Props, for Frederick Keester, for Nicholas Havener, for Mathew Patton, for Ludwick Wagner, for Nicholas Sivert, for Sebastian Hover for Robert Davis, for Roger Dyer, orphan; for John Dunkle, for Mathias Tice. Processioned by Thos. Beggs and Michael Humble from Brocks Gap to Hampshire Line, viz: For Abraham Bird, present Rudy Mauk and Teter Couts; for Teter Coutts, for Conrad Custard, for Rudy Mauck, for Conrad Lamb for Isaac Beackfield, for John Miller, for Charles Man, for Thomas Witsell, for Conrad Custard, Sr., for Jacob Trumbo, for Thomas Beggs, for James Beggs, for Jacob Bare, for James Marshall, for Andrew Trumbo, for Martin Witsell, for Adam Reader, for Uriah Humble.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 377.--24th August, 1751. Inventory of Richard Ticktum from the gap of the North Mountain upon Shannadore, by Charles Dayly, John Steats, Uriah Humble, all of the place aforesaid.
  • Page 80.--21st November, 1754. Daniel Love's bond as guardian (appointed) to Joseph Dictom, orphan of Richd. Dictom, with sureties Uriah Humble, Robt. Ralston.
  • Page 130.--5th December, 1754. Appraisement of Richard Tictom, in the Gap of the North Mountain upon Sorondo, sold by Daniel Love, 5th December, 1754 To James Bagge, Jacob Richards, Nicholas Mase, Uriah Humble, Ephraim Love (part of a tramble), Daniel Love, Wm. Pickins, John Davis, Howel Jones, Jacob Bear. Robert Denton, John O'Neal, John Miller, Edward Megary, Mathew Waters, James Bryant, Jacob Sword, Robert Williams, William Carrill, Thomas Wast, Zephli Joseph, Mathew Waters. Joseph Zrepbli, Andrew Seduskay, Charles Witman, Abraham Bird, Nicholas Custert. Arnold Custard, Jacob Richards, James Claypole.
  • Page 164.--27th May, 1756. Casper Utt's appraisement, by Uriah Humble, John Thomas, Arnold Kurter (prob. Custer).
  • Page 422.--1st December, 1756. John Scot to Jno. Pickin, mortgage of 400 acres adjoining Cub Run. Col. Woods on one side and James Buseter on the other, £37.15 secured. Teste: Arnold Kuster ( ), Wm. ( ) Pickin, Uriah Humble.
  • Page 383.--10th February. 1757. Jno. Bumgardner, Jr., heir to Jno. Bumgardner, deceased, to Robert Ellet (Elliot), £15, 250 acres on a branch of Cub Run. Teste: Uriah Humble, Adam Reder. Delivered: Robert Elliot. November, 1758.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1758 (C). - Love vs. West.--Signatures of John Dunbar, Uriah Humble, James Johnson, Benjamin Kinley, Good Mowgainey.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 19, 1760. - (432) John Bags, Thomas Bags, Jacob Trumbeau, Jacob Bear, Isaac Brackfield, Conrad Lamb, John Richards, Jacob Richards, Thomas West, Daniel Cain, Martin Whitsell, Uriah Humble with one, Martin Humble, and Jacob Caplinger, added to tithables.
  • Page 233.--17th February, 1761. Uriah Humble's bond (with Thomas West), as guardian (chosen) to Catherine Morly, orphan of Daniel Morley.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 17, 1761. - (463) Jane, wife of Wm. Sprowl--Commission for private examination. Catherine Murley, aged 16, orphan of Daniel Murley, chose Uriah Humble guardian.
  • Page 470.--14th November, 1763. Joseph Dictom and Rachell to Conrad Custard, £130, 160 acres on North Branch of Shannandore, near the Clover Lick. Delivered: Uriah Humble, April, 1765.
  • Page 503.--10th April, 1772. We, the subscribers being first sworne to appraise the estate of Conrad Coustar, deceased. Feb. 1st, 1772, as followeth, appraised by us April 10th, 1772--Uriah Humble, Jas. Marsall, Abraham Bird.

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