Person:Tyre Nix (1)

m. 1824
  1. Tyre Nix1825 - 1863
  2. Daniel (Grainger) Nix1827 - 1912
  3. Mary Ann NIX1828 - Aft 1900
  4. Thomas Alexander NIX1830 -
  5. William (Billy) NIX1832 - Aft 1900
m. 1848
  1. Thomas B. Nix1849 - Bef 1877
  2. John Henry NIX1852 - 1902
  3. Frances Adaline Nix1855 - 1926
  4. Gurley Tillison NIX1858 - 1937
  5. Texas Ann NIX1863 - 1880
Facts and Events
Name Tyre Nix
Gender Male
Birth? 12 Jun 1825 Pickens District, South Carolina
Marriage 1848 Pickens County, South Carolinato Lettice (Letty) Holden
Death? 19 Apr 1863 Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN (age 37y 10m 8d) (Gilmer Hospital) Co "C" 28th Ala Inf RegtAge: 37y 10m 8d


Tyre Nix and his wife Lettice (Letty) Holden had one small son, Thomas B. and maybe another on the way when they moved from South Carolina to Alabama.  The second child, John Henry was born 27 May 1852, but I have not determined for sure where he was born. The 1960 census states that he was born in South Carolina, but that would seem to indicate that they did not come to Alabama at the same time as his father, Jennings. I have always assumed,but with no proof, that they all made the move as a family group. 

They had a total of 4 children before Tyre joined Company �C� of the 28th Alabama Infantry Regiment as a Pvt. in Feb. of 1862. He served with his brother Daniel in the 28th until he died at the Gilmer Hospital in Chattanooga 19 April 1863 of an illness described as fever and erysipelas (strap infection). More solders died of illness and disease than died of battle wounds. The fifth child, Texas Ann was born the same year that Tyre died.

Tyre and his family appear on the 1855 Alabama State Census for Blount County, and the 1860 Federal Census Records. Letty and the family appear in the 1870 Etowah County census. Etowah County was organized after the Civil War from parts of the surrounding counties. Some of the boundaries were not well established creating confusion that lasted into the 1900's.

When Tyre died he left a family of five small children, the oldest Thomas B was only 14. Thomas married Dicey Ellen Hopper 3 Jan 1867, and is reported to be deceased when his mothers estate was probated 8 Oct. 1877. I have found no other record of his death. I have found records indicating that Dicey had a total of five children. Considerable work remains to be done to establish the details of this family. It appears that only the first child was Thomas's, the other Nix children were born after Thomas died. This would exlplain why only the first child was mentioned in Lettie Holden's Pobate records.

The second son was John Henry, he married Eunice Adaline Inman 24 Nov., 1873 and they had 4 daughters and 6 sons. Two of the daughters died as teens or early adults, apparently before they married. I have husbands for the other two but have not found their families. All of the sons married and raised their families in the general area of Etowah and Blount Counties.

The third child was Frances Adaline, she married the Rev. William F. Thomas 1 Jan 1873 and they had a total of eight children. Her husband and two of her sons contacted typhoid fever in the fall of 1899 and all three died in a two week period. She latter married Thomas J. Morrow of Cullman County. They had no additional children but he assisted her in raising her young children until he died in 1919. She died 8 jan 1926 and is buried at Livingston Chapel Cemetery in Cullman County.

Gurley Tillison married Mary Elizabeth Engle 13 Dec 1876 in Etowah County. They had three sons and four daughters. All but the youngest daughter were born in Etowah County. I have the story from some living cousins that about 1897 Gurley decided to move the family to Texas, but they got off the train in Jackson Parish Louisiana to visit with some friends. Gurley liked the country, found a farm for sale and determined to put down new roots in Louisiana. Descendants remain in the area today.

The youngest child was a daughter, Texas Ann. She married William Hamilton Alexander on 28 Jan 1880 in Etowah County, and she died 23 Dec of that same year. More research is needed for his family. Was her death associated with child birth? I found her in DeKalb County, Alabama with some of her relatives, the descendants of her older brother Thomas. Her husband was the grandson of William Alexander, who was the brother of Texas Ann�s grandmother Lucinda, the wife of Jennings Nix. William and Lucinda were children of Daniel D. Alexander of Pickens District, South Carolina. I have not been able to trace William following the death of Texas Ann. This is an interesting family, but it is not complete.

There are a many unanswered questions about this family. If their second son was born in South Carolina, that means that they could not have come to Alabama until late 1852 at the earliest. And after they reached Alabama, there are still unanswered questions. I would appreciate any assistance in completing the history of this branch of the Jennings Nix family.

Census Records; 1860, 1870, 1855

1860 Federal Census, Aalabama, Blount County, Page 21, Eastern Division, County of Blount, enumerated on 15th day of June 1860, J. H. Skinner, Post Office Summitt, stamo #1053, image 41 of 106, Residence 290, Family 279.

Tyra Nix, 35, M, w, Farmer, 700, 100, S., Carolina Lettie ?. 30, F, S. Carolia, Thomas B. 11, M W, S. Carolina, John, 8, M, S. Carolina, F. A. 4, F, Alabama, Gerly, 1, M, Alabama,

1860 Blount County Alabama census, pg 41 280-279 Tyra (sp Tyre) Nix 35 SC; Lettie (sp Lettice) 30 SC; Thomas B. 11 SC; John 8 SC; F.A. (f) 4; Gerly (m) 1. ALSO:

275/276 James Moody and Dicy

276/275John Holden and Mary

277/276 Wiley Moody and Wife Susanna and

278/277 William D. Moody amd Elizabeth

279/278 James Alexander and wife Salina Holden

280/279 Tyra Nix and wife Lettia plus children Daniel, the brother of Tyre is on image # 38, maybe 10 families down the road.

1870 Etowah County, Alabama census pg 243, #79, Letty Nix 45 SC; John 17 SC; Adaline 15 Al; Gurley 12 Al; Texas A.D., 6 Al.

1855 Census Index Blount County Page 019, No Township listed, Al 1855 State Census Index ID# AL05519728.

1855 Blount County, Alabama State Census

Key: Name, Males Under 21, Males Over 21, Females Under 21, Females Over 21, Total The next section (after the second hyphen) records: Insane Within Each County, Insane Sent Abroad, Slaves, and Free Persons of Color.

Nix, Daniel, � 1,1,5,1,8 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, T.M., � 1,1,1,0,3 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, Tyra, � 2,1,0,2,5 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, William, � 1,1,2,0,4 � 0,0,0,0

For William that would be one male under 12-Thomes M.; One male over 21-William; 2 females under 21 Nancy E. and Elizaberh; Total of 4 individuals.

Letty Nix formerly Letty Holden who married Tyre Nix & resides in Alabama, Elizabeth Ann Nix Formerly Elizabeth Ann Holden who married Daniel Nix & resides in Alabama, See note at James Holden

NIX, TYRA � State: AL Year: 1855 � County: Blount County Record Type: � � Township: No Township Listed Page: 019 � Database: AL 1855 State Census Index

NIX, TYRA � State: AL Year: 1860 � County: Blount County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule � Township: Eastern Subdivision Page: 1053 � Database: AL 1860 Federal Census Index

Jennings Nix and Lucinda �Letty� Alexander. Family Records found in the Alexander�s of Upper SC, page 425. (see book for more details).

This came off of the and is very close to the Alexander Book. The major difference is the acknowledgement of Jenning�s son William, who is NOT listed in the Alexander Book. This was the first time I�ve have seen a date of death for Lucinda or a birth date for William. I am corresponding with this woman who is a direct descendant of Jennings, and who has done extensive research on this family. James �Jennings� Nix was the son of Daniel and Margaret Nix of Pickens District � Eastern Division. He was born 1803 in Ga., and died 24 Feb 1885, Blount Co., Ala. He married 1824 to Lucinda �Letty� Alexander, b 1803 d 4 Aug 1856 Blount Co., Ala. Lucinda �Letty� Alexander was the daughter of David Alexander and Mary White. Jennings married 2nd Mrs. Temperance Pool Ellison.

NOTE: I HAVE SEVERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ACCURACY OF S0ME PARTS OF THE ABOVE. 1) Letty was the Daughter of Daniel D. and Mary Unknown. 2) I have not abeen able to prove that Jennings was the child of Daniel and Maargaret Nix.

Children of James �Jennings� Nix and Lucinda �Letty� Alexander: Tyre Nix b 12 Jun 1825 Pickens Co., SC died 19 Apr 1863 Chattanooga, Tn. Married 1848 Pickens Co., SC Lettice Holden. Daniel Nix b 7 Feb 1827 Pickens Co., SC d 1912 Etowah Co., Ala. Married 1st 1845 to Elizabeth Ann Holden of Pickens Co., SC. Married 2nd Nancy L. Turner. Mary Ann Nix b 29 Jun 1828 d aft. 1900 Blount County, Ala. Thomas M. Nix b 27 Jul 1830 SC William T. Nix b 5 Apr 1832 SC

From: <> Date: Mon Apr 22, 2002 09:37:09 PM US/Central To: Subject: Now the interesting part

I found a box in the old chifferobe that had some letters, tax receipts, receipts from hardward stores, and I don't know what else as I have not got to the bottom of it yet.

There are letters to Netie Griffin, Altoona, Ala and addressed to "Dear Daughter" and signed by Sallie Conn. Dated 1912.

A letter addressed to Mrs. Netie Nix, Altoona, Ala addressed to "Dear Granma" and signed by Souolar Nix, Pisgah, Ala, Box 107 Rd. Dated April 28, 1922

A letter to Mrs. Nettie Nix, Altoona, signed "your daughter, Lillie, Henagar, Alabama. Dated Sept. 14, 1923.

A letter to Nettie Nix, Altoona Ala, to "Dear Mother" and signed Allie. Dated Nov. 3, 1921.

A letter to Mrs. Nettie Griffin, "Dear Mother" and signed by D. C. Nix. It also contains a clipping from the paper concerning a court order from the City Court of Gadsden, Etowah county, Ala against J.R. Nix and in favor of A. E. Fields. It concerns property to be sold the 31st day of Dec. 1906. He is asking her to come if she is able and see what can be done.

A letter from COMMERCIAL UTILITY COMPANY, Quincy, Ill, U.S.A. Dated Dec. 18, 1916. To: J.H. Nix, Gallant, Ala. An open account of $6.85, in Account with Chas. Duke, Attalla, Ala.

Dear Sir:

We have had placed in our hands the above claim with positive instructions to 'ENFORCE THE PAYMENT AT ONCE", but as it may have been an oversight on your part in not payint it before, ...........

You will save yourself considerable trouble and expense by writing us at once. Yours respectfully, COMMERCIAL UTILITY COMPANY.

A postcard to Harvey Nix, Brooksvill, Ala, from Dan N.

Something from the UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE TO Jennings H. Nix, dated June 10, 1890.

A letter to Columbus Pharmical Col from J.P. Griffin, Brooksville, Ala. I desire to try your Tuberculoidal tablets. Enclosed please find MO for 1.50. Send 200 of them to J.p. Griffin, Brooksville, Ala.

And it goes on. And I have a whole shoebox of this stuff.

I believe it was granddaddy Nix's and he left it with daddy. We must get together and go through this stuff. In the meantime I will guard it with my life.


Earlene and Bill Stanfield

CIVIL WAR SERVICE RECORDS from ancestry Civil War Service Records disk #3 Tyree Nix; Co C 28th Alabama Inf. Rank not listed. Roll-box 374; Roll Exct 33; Roll-Rec. 3270. Hit #511 from a list of 607 NIX records.

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NIX, TYREE Co C died 4/19/1863 at Gilmers Hospital, Chattanooga of fever and erysipelas(Strep infection).

Nix, Daniel, (2nd Junior Lieutenant), born about 1827 in South Carolina, enlisted at Murphree's Crossroads 6 Feb 1862; and appointed Lieutenant on that date. Reenlisted for duration of war at Dalton, Georgia 23 Jan 1864. POW at Resaca, Georgia 16 May 1864. Discharged from Military Prison, Alton, Illinois 24 May 1865. "Wishes transportation to Guntersville, Alabama on Tennessee River." Daniel Nix married Elizabeth Ann.

Nix, Tyree, born about 1825 in South Carolina, died 19 Apr 1863 at Gilmers Hospital, Chattanooga, Tennessee of fever and erysipelas (streptococcus infection). Tyree Nix married Lettie.

Tyre Nix Birth: Death: Sex: M Father: Mother: � �

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Spouses & Children � Children: � 1. Gurley Tillison Nix b. 7 Dec 1858 in Old Dekalb ( Area That Is Now Part Of Etowah), County, AL

�gen circles, 11 May 2003

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> from the book A GENEALOGICAL COLLECTION OF SOUTH CAROLINA WILLS & RECORDS, Volume I, by Pauline Young: > > JAMES HOLDEN pack 68 Equity > Clerk of Courts Office, Pickens, S.C. > Jacob Alexander and his wife Polly Alexander who was formerly Polly Holden states that James Holden her father died in May 1854 intestate. That he owned 585 acres of land on both sides of Big & Little Crow Creek, water of Keowee River, adjoining lands of E. Alexander and others. Owned 250 acres on Big Crow Creek adjoining lands of Henry Grogan and the home tract and other and known as the Humphries tract. Owned 152 acres on Little & Big Crow Creek adjoining lands of William Alexander and others. Subject to distribution among his children as follows: Joshua Holden who resides in Pickens DIstrict, Lucy Maloy who married Andrew Maloy and resides in Louisiana, the husband however has not been heard from for many years. The children and representatives of Malinda Roe, formerly Malinda Holden viz her husband Watson Roe and her children, David Roe, James Roe, Ruthy Roe names and numbers of the others not known now in Alabama...Salina Alexander formerly Salina Holden who married Jam! > es Alexander and resides in Alabama. Jannetta Ray formerly Jannetta Holden who married Emory Ray and resides in Georgia, Arvy or Anadoe Holden a minor who resides in Alabama, John Holden who resides in Alabama, Nancy Moody formerly Nancy Holden who married Abraham Moody and resides in Alabama. Letty Nix formerly Letty Holden who married Tyre Nix and resides in Alabama. Elizabeth Ann Nix formerly Elizabeth Ann Holden who married Daniel Nix and resides in Alabama, Fanny Bynum formerly Fanny Holden who married Elijah Bynum and resides in Alabama...filed April 12, 1856...

Nix, Daniel Jr. - 2nd. Lieut./Pvt. Co. C

Enlisted 02/06/1862, Murphy�s Crossroad, AL

Re-enlisted 01/23/1864.

Captured 05/14/1864 at Resaca, GA

Entered Alton Military Prison 05/25/1864.

Released from Alton 05/24/1865.

Nix, J. - Co. E

Buried at Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN

Nix, Tyree - Co. C

Died 04/19/1863 at Gilmer Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

1855 Blount County, Alabama State Census

Key: Name, Males Under 21, Males Over 21, Females Under 21, Females Over 21, Total The next section (after the second hyphen) records: Insane Within Each County, Insane Sent Abroad, Slaves, and Free Persons of Color.

Nix, Daniel, � 1,1,5,1,8 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, T.M., � 1,1,1,0,3 � 0,0,0,0 This appears to be Thomas Alexander and Elizabeth Gassaway with one male child. That would agree with William Alexander being born abt Jan 1852.

Nix, Tyra, � 2,1,0,2,5 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, William, � 1,1,2,0,4 � 0,0,0,0

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Name:Tyree Nix Company:C Unit: 28 Alabama Inf. Allegiance: Confederate

U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > South Carolina > Pickens > Eastern Division, image 33 of 157, line 10, 240/240

Nix, Daniel, 23, M, Farming, 150, SC, cannot read and write

    , Elizabeth A. 23, F, SC, Cannot read and write
    , Letittie M. 4, F, SC, 
    , Mary A. 2, F, 
    , Phoeba, 1/12, F, SC. (Actually Falby Jane)

241/241 Nix, Tyre, 25, M, Farming 150, SC, Cannot read and write.

    , Lettice, 25, F, SC, Cannot read and write
    , Tho. B. 1, M, SC, 

Image 32, 237/237 Holden, James, 58, M, Farming, NC,

         , Sarah, 55, F, SC, 
         , Jannetta, 19, F, SC, 
         , John, 17, Laborer, SC, 
         , Frances, 14, F,  SC,   
         , Ara, 10, F, SC,