Person:Gurley Nix (1)

m. 1848
  1. Thomas B. Nix1849 - Bef 1877
  2. John Henry NIX1852 - 1902
  3. Frances Adaline Nix1855 - 1926
  4. Gurley Tillison NIX1858 - 1937
  5. Texas Ann NIX1863 - 1880
m. 13 Dec 1876
  1. Ludie NIX1877 -
  2. Jacob (Doc) Thomas (435-12-2495?) NIX1879 - 1969
  3. Tyree William NIX1880 - 1956
  4. Cason C. NIX1882 -
  5. Ada F. NIX1886 -
  6. Lena M. NIX1896 -
  7. Allie Bam (412-40-1578) NIX1898 - 1973
Facts and Events
Name Gurley Tillison NIX
Gender Male
Birth? 7 Dec 1858 Blount County, Alabama
Marriage 13 Dec 1876 Etowah County, AlabamaY
to Mary Elizabeth ENGLE
Death? 25 Feb 1937 Beck Springs, Jackson Parish Louisianna (age 78y, 2m, 1d) Antioch cemetery, Quitman, LouisianaAge: 78y, 2m, 1d
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From Marriages of Etowah County, Alabama Prior to 1900 Vol I . . Book A Page 314. The Etowah County Records show him as Nix, G.F., while the state resords show G. T.


This is an article that I posted on the internet: Gurley T. Nix is the son of Tyre Nix and Lettice Holden and the Grandson of Jennings Nix and Lucinda Alexander. Jennings moved his family from Pickens County, South Carolina to North Central Alabama in the early 1850's, where he established a large NIX family. I am working on a Jennings Descendants Tree but still have some branches missing. I would love to share my findings with anyone intrested in this family.

A Review of the children's date of birth would indicate that the family moved from Alabama to Jackson Parish , Louisiana between 12 April 1886 and 16 October 1896. Also it appears that Jacob Thomas may have married and stayed in Alabama. There is the possibility that he moved back to Alabama but that would be my second guess. Also at this point I can not tell about Ludie, do not know when she married, but my best guess is that she married and stayed in Alabama also. Gurley would have been 35 or so when they moved, maybe he just got the itch?

Dear Dalton: Hi, my name is Deborah Tinsley Tyler. My grandmother was Allie Bam Nix Anderson (Married Lester Ryan Anderson, Jackson Parish, LA, ) Her DOB 05-12-1899. Her Parents were: Gurley Tillison Nix (B. 12-07-(1858) and Mary Elizabeth Engle Her Siblings as documented by family members were/are: Ludie, Jacob Thomas, Tyree, Cason, Ada, and Lena. Some of these siblings and there decendants still reside in Alabama. The decendants of Ludie, Jacob Thomas, Ada, Lena, and Allie reside in Louisiana. My cousin Jerry Ann compiled a family history 25 yrs. ago (before internet!!) going back to Daniel Nix. I would be glad to mail this to you if you like. It contains some stories about Gurley Nix and family.


D. Gail Tyler Quitman, Louisiana

Nix, Gurley T � View Image Online � Age: 62 Year: 1920 � Birthplace: Alabama Roll: T625_614 � Race: White Page: 20B � State: Louisiana ED: 46 � County: Jackson Image: 714 � Township: township 16

Family 270 NIX, Gurley T. Head Own MW 62 M, Ala, Ala, SC Mary E. Wife F W 64, Ala, Ala, Ala, Allie Daughter, F W 20 S Louisiana, Alabama, Alabama

 My cousin Jerry Ann compiled a family history 25 yrs. ago.

[My Notes in brackets, Dalton J. Nix]

NIX FAMILY Daniel Nix born in the year of 1778 in Pickens County, South Carolina, married Margaret (?). They were the parents of 4 known children, Jennings (only son) and 3 daughters (names Unknown). Daniel died in the year of 1850 in Pickens County, South Carolina. [ I have attenpted to trace this link, but cannot confirm the truth. In fact it seems to be highly questionable. It seems the story got its start from some family history reports of births that appeared in the LDS church genes records.]

Jennings Nix born around 1800 married first to Licinda "Letty" Alexander. They had 4 known children- Tyree, Daniel, female (no name) [this was Mary Ann, she married befor the family left South Carolina for Blount County, Alabama and was lost to me for a number or years] and Thomas Alexander. Jennings' second wife was Temperance Pool (Ellison). They had 3 known [three is all that they had] children- James Harrison, J.D. or John Kello[e]y, Miles Jennings.

Tyree Nix born 1825 Pickens County, South Carolina- married Lettice "Letty" Holden. They had 5 known children- Thomas, John, Frances, Adeline, Gurley Tillison, and Texas Ann. Between the years of 1855 and 1858 Tyree moved his family to Etowah County, Alabama. Tyree fought in the Civil War. While in war he died in a hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee of an infectious skin disease, which was common during war time. Tyree died on Arpil 19, 1863.

Gurley Tillison Nix was born on December 7, 1858 in Etowah County, Alabama. He married Mary Elizabeth Engle on December 13, 1876 in Alabama. Paw and Maw ( as we knew them) had five children Ludie, Jacob Thomas (Doc), Tyree, Carson, and Ada while living in Alabama. Around the year of 1890 Paw heard about land and opportunities in California. He, Maw, five children and all their worldly goods boarded a train headed for California. On the way they stopped in Bienville Parish, Arcadia, Louisiana to visit friends. Paw liked the looks of the land so they decided to settle around what we know today as Liberty Hill. They lived in this area for about 5 or 6 years. Paw heard about good farm land over in Jackson Parish around Quitman for sell. So, once more he moved his family. He bought about 140 acres of land paying the large amount of two to three dollars per acre. After settling in this area, they added two more children to their family, Lena born in 1896 and Allie born in 1899. Their children started getting married and having their own families.

Ludie / John Loe-4 children-Dee,Mary Lou, Jimmy and Winston. Jacob Thomas (Doc) / Iola ? -4 Children-Jacob Thomas Jr. , Glenalo, Jessie, and John. Tyree / Mattie Curbow- 3 children- Boyd, Verdie, and Marvin Cason/ Lela Tarvin- 4 children-Juanita, Cleo, Freeman, and Edward. Ada / Seymour Loe- 3 children- Lloyd, Newt, and Elbert Lena / Elmer Harvey- 5 children- Margaret, Juanita, Elaine, Lurline, and E.L. Jr. Allie . Lester Anderson- 5 children- Lester Jr., Geraldine, Zora, Nell, and James.

Aunt Lena rembers Paw telling the story about his wheat crop. When he was a young man he had grown the wheat, harvested it and went to a nearby town to sell his goods. On the way he crossed a small creek, dropped his wheat, which got all wet, he had to spread it out until it dried. After all his efforts, he came out with $7, cash which was the cost of a tan palm beach suit, which he purchased.

Aunt Lena says Maw and Paw were very strict parents. She remembers one whipping from Paw. They were killing hogs and he told her to get him something and she didn't move fast enough and he gave her a good lick with a rope.

Paw and Maw Nix were farmers all their lives-growing cotton, peanuts, corn, watermelons, and other things. They lived a long, fulfilled life. They may not have been rich in material things, but they were very rich in love and respect from their children, family and friends.

Maw Mary Elizabeth, died April 24, 1936 after a stroke at the age of 79. The following year Paw, Gurley Tillison, died on February 5, 1937 of heart and stomach trouble at the age of 78. They had seven children and 28 grandchildren at the time of their death.

Nix, Gurley T � View Image Online � Age: 62 Year: 1920 � Birthplace: Alabama Roll: T625_614 � Race: White Page: 20B � State: Louisiana ED: 46 � County: Jackson Image: 714 � Township: township 1

1860 Federal Census, Alabama, Blount County, Page 21, Eastern Division, County of Blount, enumerated on 15th day of June 1860, J. H. Skinner, Post Office Summitt, stamo #1053, image 41 of 106, Residence 290, Family 279.

Tyra Nix, 35, M, w, Farmer, 700, 100, S., Carolina Lettie ?. 30, F, S. Carolia, Thomas B. 11, M W, S. Carolina, John, 8, M, S. Carolina, F. A. 4, F, Alabama, Gerly, 1, M, Alabama,

Gurley Tillison Nix [My comments in brackets, Dalton J. Nix] Birth: 7 Dec 1858 in Old Dekalb ( Area That Is Now Part Of Etowah), County, AL [Etowah County was established following the Civil War from parts of the surrounding five Counties of Marshall, DeKlab, Cherokee, St Clair, and Blount. The exact boundries were not specific and for the following 50 years the exact county lines continued to be refined. The location where Gurley was born was called Warrior River Valley and was actually in Blount County at that time. Today it is a part of Etowah County] Death: 5 Feb 1937 Sex: M Father: Tyre Nix Mother: � � Burial: Beck Springs, Jackson Parish, Louisiana Post New Message

Spouses & Children � Mary Elizabeth Engle�(Wife) b. 16 Mar 1857 in Steele St. Clair, County, AL Marriage: 13 DEC 1876 in Etowah County, AL Children: � 1. Ludie Nix b. 8 Aug 1877 in Crawfords Cove, St. Clair, County, AL 2. Jacob Thomas Nix b. 16 Feb 1879 in Crawfords Cove, St. Clair, County, AL 3. Tyree W. Nix b. 20 Aug 1880 in Alabama (Location Unknown) 4. Cason C. Nix b. 3 Jan 1882 5. Ada Nix b. 12 Apr 1886 6. Lela Nix b. 16 Oct 1896 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana 7. Allie Nix b. 12 May 1899 in Jackson Parish, Louisiana

�gen circles 11 may 2003

hightowr gedcom: pg 38702


Eva Lee NIX

  • BORN: 18 FEB 1907, Bienville Parish, LA, USA
  • DIED: 07 FEB 1927, Haughton, Bossier Parish, LA, USA
  • BURIED: ,
  • MARRIED: Claude Dewey STEWART, 06 MAY 1923, Webster Parish, LA, USA

1. Odis Martin STEWART

Gurly T. Nix Birth: 7 Dec 1858 in Etowah County,Alabama Death: 5 Feb 1937 in Louisianna Sex: M Father: Mother: � � Burial: Beck Springs,Jackson Parish,Louisianna LDS Baptism: 2 Jul 2000 LDS Endowment: 2 Jul 2000 Changed: 2 Jul 2000 09:33:05 Post New Message

Spouses & Children � Mary Elizabeth Engle�(Wife) b. 16 Mar 1857 in Steele,Alabama Marriage: 13 DEC 1876 in Etowah County,Alabama LDS Sealing Spouse: 2 JUL 2000 Children: � 1. Ludie Nix b. 8 Aug 1877 2. Jacob Thomas Nix b. 16 Feb 1879 3. Tyree W. Nix b. 20 Aug 1880 4. Cason C. Nix b. 3 Jan 1882 5. Ada Nix b. 12 Apr 1886 6. Lena Nix 7. Allie Nix

U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > Louisiana > Jackson > Police Jury Ward 3 >, image 36 of 54, line 80, 266/267, 

Nix, Gurley T., Head, M, W, 62, M, Al, SC, Al,

    , Mary E. , wife, F, E, 64, M, Al, Al, Al, 
    , Allie, Daughter, F, W, 20, S, LA, Al, Al, 

Corrections. Gurley mother born in SC Mary father born NC

U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Township 12 Range 3, image 10 of 11, 

1870 United States Federal Census Record about Gurley Nix Name: Gurley Nix Estimated Birth Year: abt 1858 Age in 1870: 12 Birthplace: Alabama Home in 1870: Township 12 Range 3, Etowah, Alabama Family and neighbors: View Results Race: White Gender: Male Value of real estate: View Image

U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Louisiana > Jackson > 3-Wd > District 55, image 4 of 53, line 86, 30/33, 

Nicks, Gurley T., head, M, W, 52, M1 35, Al,

       , Mary, wife, F, W, 53, M1 35, 7,7, Al, 

1910 United States Federal Census Record about Name: Gurley T Nicks Age in 1910: 52 Estimated birth year: abt 1858 Birthplace: Alabama Home in 1910: 3-Wd, Jackson, Louisiana Neighbors: View Results Race: White Gender: Male Occupation: View Image Image Source: Year: 1910;�Census Place: 3-Wd, Jackson, Louisiana;�Series: T624;�Roll: 516;�Page: 78B;�Enumeration District: 55;�Part: 1;�Line: 19.

Louisiana Statewide Death Index, 1900-1949 Record about G T Nix Name: G T Nix Death Date: 25 Feb 1937 Estimated Birth Year: 1859 Age: 78 Years Gender: Male Race: White or Mexican � Parish: Jackson Certificate Number: 2048 Volume: 5

Gail Tyler (Living descendant} 3719 Beech Springs Road Quitman, LA 71268