Person:Frances Nix (1)

Frances Adaline Nix
m. 1848
  1. Thomas B. Nix1849 - Bef 1877
  2. John Henry NIX1852 - 1902
  3. Frances Adaline Nix1855 - 1926
  4. Gurley Tillison NIX1858 - 1937
  5. Texas Ann NIX1863 - 1880
m. 1 Jan 1873
  1. Viola T. Thomas1872 - 1893
  2. James Willey Thomas1876 - 1954
  3. Louie M. Thomas1880 - 1902
  4. Miles E. Thomas1882 - 1958
  5. Elbert B. Thomas1885 - 1899
  6. Pearcy Thomas1889 - 1899
  7. William (Will) Self ThomasAbt 1895 - 1962
  8. Eldredge Green Thomas1895 - 1980
m. 7 Dec 1905
Facts and Events
Name Frances Adaline Nix
Married Name _____ Morrow
Married Name _____ Thomas
Gender Female
Birth? 26 Sep 1855 Blount, Alabama, United States (Now in Etowah County)
Marriage 1 Jan 1873 Etowah County, Alabamato Rev. William F Thomas
Marriage 7 Dec 1905 to Thomas J Morrow
Death? 8 Jan 1926 Cullman, Cullman, Alabama, United StatesAge: 70y, 3m, 14d
Burial? Livingston Chapel Cemetery
  1.   Family Notes per User:Dalton J. NIx.

    Information provided by Earlene Stanfield, collected at the Etowah County Court House, Gadsden Alabama. Book A. page 71. Record list her as Frances. On the internet I found William F. Thomas married Francis A. Nix 24 Dec., 1872 Etowah County, Alabama. Minister of Gospel; G.F. Hullet OS Page 71. The difference in date could be the difference in the actual marrage and the date that the clerk came back to work and recorded the material in the record?

    The State of Alabama, Etowah County
    At a regular term of the Honorable, the Court of Probate, held in and for said county, and State, at the Court House of said County in the City of Gadsden, on the second Monday of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven, (1877) being the Eighth (8th) day of said month, the following proceedings were had, to-wit;
    The Hon Lemmel(?) E. Hamlin presiding Judge.
    Lettice Nix dec'd Estate of Order Setting day

    In Probate Court October 8th 1877.
    John Nix and W.F. Thomas, Administrators of said estate, having this day filed their application, in writing and under oath, praying for an order, and proceedings to sell certain real estate in said petition described, of the property of said decedent at the time of her death, for division , and upon the grounds that the same cannot be equitably divided among the heirs of said estate; and appearing from an inspection of said petition----------cannot read part of the last line------, are her four children and one grandchild to-wit; the said John Nix and Frances A. Thomas wife of said W.F. Thomas, son and daughter of said decedent of full age and residing in Blount County; and Gurley T. Nix a son and Texana Nix a daughter, both between the ages of fourteen years and twenty one years and reside in Etowah County; and Zemerly Nix a grandchild and daughter of Thomas Nix deceased, who was a son of said decedent, which said Zemerly is a minor under the age of fourteen years residing with its mother, Dicy Nix in Etowah County; It is therefore, ordered, that the 19th (?) day of November 1877, be and it is hereby appointed a day for hearing the said application, and the proof which may be submitted in support of the same: It is further ordered, that said Frances A. Thomas, Gurley T., and Texana Nix have notice of this proceeding and of the day set for hearing the same, by citation to be personally served on them ten days before said day appointed for such hearing and that the said Zemerly Nix have the same notice by service of citation upon the said Dicy Nix, she having the custody of the said Zemerly Nix. It is further ordered by the court that William Harris, be and he is hereby appointed Guardian ad.litensa(?), in this proceeding for the said minor Gurley T., Texana and Zemerly Nix; the said Harris being considered by the court, as, in every respect, a fit and proper person to attend to, and to protect the interest of said minors in this proceeding. It is further ordered that said William Harris be forthwith notified of his said appointment, and of the said day set for the said hearings, that he may attend, and be prepared properly to contest the same in behalf of said minors.

    The only other family member of Paw Nix that we have been able to learn about was his sister Adeline.

    Francis Adeline Nix was born September 26, 1855 in Etowah County, Alabama. She was the third child of Tyree and Letty NIx. Adeline married William S. Thomas, a preacher and they became the parents of 8 children, one girl and seven boys. In 1899 Rev. William died leaving Adeline with three boys to raise. On December 7, 1905 Adaline married Thomas J. Moarrow (commonly called Uncle Tom), he was somewhat peculiar and was strict on Adeline's boys. Before Uncle Tom died in 1919 he ask Will, one of Adelines boys , to promise to always take care of his moother and Uncle Tom would leave all he had to Will. Will always kept his promise and Adeline lived with him and his family until her death on January 8, 1926. She is buried in the Livingston Chapel Cemetery in Cullman, Alabama.

    I have been told that Adeline was a very small frame lady with long silky black hair that touched the floor when she was sitting in a straight chair and her eyes were blue.

    Aunt Lena visited with Adeline's youngest son, Eldridge, about 12 years ago and met some of his family. Since that time she has met and corresponded with other descendanats of Adeline's and we have had some of her family attend our reunions. They have come from Indiana, Alabama and Ohio.

    The above material was copied from a letter received on 15 July, 2002 from Gail Tyler, 3719 Beech Springs Road, Quirman, LA 7126, <>

    Handwritten note attached;
    Dear Dalton;
    Sorry I am so late getting this info to you. Between kids + work I have been really hopping this last month. Hope the enclosed info gives a little insight on Gurley (Pa Nix to us). If you have any questions please feel free to coantact me. We try to hold our annual Nix reunion in Sept. When I get info on thiis I will forward it to you.
    Regards Gail Tyler gr-grandaughter of Gurley Nix.

    Adaline was very small in stature. My Father, being 6 foot even, said she could stand straight, underneath his arm when it was extended out to his side. Adaline had long, silky black hair and blue eyes and her husband had red hair and blue eyes. I am told that half of the 8 children took after her coloring and half after William's coloring.

  2.   .

    1860 Federal Census, Aalabama, Blount County, Page 21, Eastern Division, County of Blount, enumerated on 15th day of June 1860, J. H. Skinner, Post Office Summitt, stamo #1053, image 41 of 106, Residence 290, Family 279.

    Tyra Nix, 35, M, w, Farmer, 700, 100, S., Carolina
    Lettie ?. 30, F, S. Carolia,
    Thomas B. 11, M W, S. Carolina,
    John, 8, M, S. Carolina,
    F. A. 4, F, Alabama,
    Gerly, 1, M, Alabama,

    Nix, Jennings
    State: Alabama
    Year: 1860
    County: Blount
    Roll: M653_2
    Township: Eastern Division
    Page: 1056
    Image: 414

  3.   .

    1900 census, Alabama, Etowah, Union/Warrior, image 17of 18. family # 147,
    Thomas, James W, Head, W, M, Nov 1875, 24, M, 0, Ala, Ala, Ala,
    Martha L., Wife, W, F, Mar 1881 19, M, 0, Ala, Al, Ala,

  4.   .

    Name: William S Thomas: 1920 Federal census
    Age: 28 years
    Estimated birth year: 1891
    Birthplace: Alabama
    Race: White
    Home in 1920: Crane Hill, Cullman, Alabama
    Roll: T625_11
    Page: 2A
    ED: 52
    Image: 0810

    image 3 of 24, Craane Hill and Metheville Road residence 19, Family 21, line 26
    Thomas, William S. Head, M, W, 28, S, Al, Al,Al, Farmer, Own Farm
    Frances A., Mother, F, W, 67, Wd, Al, Al, Al,

  5.   .

    Year: 1900; Census Place: Warrior, Etowah, Alabama; Roll: T623 16; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 163.
    image 5 of 7, Residence 131, Family 131, line 71,

    Alabama Etowah County, Warrior Precinct # 20, 14 june 1900 by John A. Gallant

    Mauldin, Joseph M. ,head, W,M , June 1878, 21, M , 1, AL, AL, Al,
    , Delia, L, Wife, W, F, jan 1880, 20, M, 1,1,1,AL, AL, AL,
    , William B. son, W, M, Aug 1899, 9/12, S, AL, AL, AL,

    Residence 133, family 133, line 81
    [This is Francis Adeline the daughter of Tyre after she was widowed]

    Thomas, Francis A. , head, W, F, Sept 1852, 47, Wd, Alabama, GA, SC, ,
    , Louis M. son, W, M, Feb., 1880, 20, AL, AL, AL,
    , Miles E. , son, W, M, Mar, 1882, 18, AL, AL, AL,
    , William S,. son, 1895, 8, AL, AL, AL,
    , Eldridge, son, W, m, July 1895, 4, AL, AL, AL,

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    Family Data Collection - Marriages Record
    Name:Frances Adaline Nix
    Spouse:William F Thomas
    Marriage Date (Day, Month, Year):24 December 1872
    City:Etowah Co

    Full Context of Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920
    Spouse 1: William F. Thomas
    Spouse 2: Francis A. Nix
    Marriage Date: 24 Dec 1872
    Marriage Place: Etowah
    Surety/Bond Date:
    Performed By: Minister of Gospel
    Surety/Perf. Name: G. F. Hullet
    OSPage: 71

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    Family Data Collection - Births Record
    Name:Nix, Frances Adaline
    Father:Nix , Tyre
    Mother:Holden , Lettie
    Birth Date:26 September 1855