Person:Eldredge Thomas (1)

Eldredge Green Thomas
b.4 Jul 1895
d.16 Feb 1980 OHIO?
m. 1 Jan 1873
  1. Viola T. Thomas1872 - 1893
  2. James Willey Thomas1876 - 1954
  3. Louie M. Thomas1880 - 1902
  4. Miles E. Thomas1882 - 1958
  5. Elbert B. Thomas1885 - 1899
  6. Pearcy Thomas1889 - 1899
  7. William (Will) Self ThomasAbt 1895 - 1962
  8. Eldredge Green Thomas1895 - 1980
  • HEldredge Green Thomas1895 - 1980
m. Abt 1922
Facts and Events
Name Eldredge Green Thomas
Gender Male
Birth? 4 Jul 1895
Marriage to Unknown
Marriage Abt 1922 St. Louis County, Missouri, United Statesto Susan (Sudie) Ophelia Lay
Other Son-in-law: Winston Smith (1)
with Susan (Sudie) Ophelia Lay
Death? 16 Feb 1980 OHIO?
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1. Viola Thomas-died from complications of childbirth; 2. Wiley Thomas- Rheumatism and Arthritis 3. Louie Thomas- died of Typhoid 4. Miles Thomas- died of stroke 5. Peaarcy Thomas- died at age 10 , cause unknown 6. Elbert Thomas- died of Typhus Malaria 7. Will Self Thomas- died of complications of prostate 3-30-1962.8. Eldredige 8. Green Thomas- died of cardiac arrest and emphysema. 2-16-1980

In His Hands Wandora Thomas Smith

Apparently Will and Eldredge were in the first World War at the same time. My Father often described the reunion with his Mother on his return from Germany. As I understand it , he and Will came home at the same time, how this came about I do not know. But Will and Eldredge and Adaline all came together in a little dirt road. I imagine there were tears of joy and rejoicing to God for their safety. My Father was wounded in Germany, having a bayonette stuck in his neck from the soldier's bayonette marching ahead of him at night in a black out. He also carried to his grave a depressed skull fracture. don't know the particulars on that.

In His Hands Wandora Thomas Smith

 My parents left Alabama and livehood of farming after the big crash, around 1929. They headed for Ohio where the Rubber Companies could provide employment. Daddy never worked for them but Mother did during the IIWorld War.  Daddy was a skilled electro-plater, even gold plating.

In His Hands Wandora Thomas Smith

Eldredge Greene Thomas was born July 4, 1895, and died February 16, 1980. He was the youngest child in the family. He was the oldest living member of the Thomas family at the time of this research. He made his home in Cullman, Alabama. Went into the Army from the State of Texas as a young man. He served in World War I in the cavalry and infantry. His brother Will also served in the cavalry. He was honorably discharged after being wounded in France and serving in England. He returned to Alabama to marry Susan Ophelica Lay. They were married in St. Louis Missouri and lived in East St. Louis Illinois. They moved to Akron, Ohio and were both employed at Firestone Tire and Rubber Company.

Susan, born February 5, 1998 (should be 1898) liked to be called "Sudie". She stopped work before the birth of a daughter, Frances LaBelle Thomas born July 27, 1930 at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio. They had been married 8 years. When the baby was 6 months old they returned to Cullman, Alabama to go into business. They owned a grocery store, mill, gas station, butcher shop, barbershop, and farm. They grew sugar cane, cotton, sweet potatoes, and strawberries as money crops in addition to the business.

They had another daughter born in Alabama, January 25, 1933. She was named WanDora Sue Thomas.

From letter received from J.W. Thomas, 407 Lenford Avenue, Glencoe, Alabama 35905 on 10 June 2004

Year: 1900;�Census Place: Warrior, Etowah, Alabama;�Roll: T623 16;�Page: 8B;�Enumeration District: 163.

Search > Census > U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Warrior > District�163, image 5 of 7, Residence 131, Family 131, line 71, Alabama Etowah County, Warrior Precinct # 20, 14 june 1900 by John A. Gallant

Mauldin, Joseph M. ,head, W,M , June 1878, 21, M , 1, AL, AL, Al,

             , Delia, L, Wife, W, F, jan 1880, 20, M, 1,1,1,AL, AL, AL,
              , William B. son, W, M, Aug 1899, 9/12, S, AL, AL, AL,

Residence 133, family 133, line 81 This is Francis Adeline the daughter of Tyre after she was widowed

Thomas, Francis A. , head, W, F, Sept 1852, 47, Wd, Alabama, GA, SC, ,

              , Louis M. son, W, M, Feb., 1880, 20, AL, AL, AL, 
              , Miles E. , son, W, M, Mar, 1882, 18, AL, AL, AL,
              , William S,. son, 1895, 8, AL, AL, AL,
              , Eldridge, son, W, m, July 1895, 4, AL, AL, AL,

Susan, � Thanks for your email! Do you know Dalton Nix? He is a Jennings Nix descendent, and he has spent many many years researchers Jennings' family and descendents. I am sure he would love to hear from you since you are also from Jennings' line. His email is� He provided us with the information on the website regarding Jennings' descendents, and I am sure he would also like to update his files with�the additional information you sent! Thanks again, � Thomas Nix

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Hi, �� My name is Susan Gail Lawson Amato. I am the granddaughter of Eldredge Green Thomas. We are on page 19 of the family tree. I have a few corrections for you. Yes, Eldredge died in Ohio. !st wife was Susan Ophelia Lay 2nd wife was Elva Hickey son Gary Thomas married Kathy and had two children, Heather� and Kyle.Heather married Steve. They have 3 children Megan, Devin and Coliln.�Kyle married Jessica in 2006. �They all live in Knoblesville Indiana. � Frances LaBelle Thomas Lawson married Carl Lawson They had 3 children. 1. Larry born in 1951, married Patricia Hadnick, had a daughter Lauren. They live in Wadsworth, Ohio. 2. Denise Ferrell born 1952 married Larry Mark Ferrell(died in 1987 live in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Son, Jonathan had a son Cameron. 3. Susan Gail Lawson Amato born in Akron, Ohio 1955 married Paul William Amato had 2 children Patrick Thomas Amato born in Akron 1983 and Ashley Elizabeth Amato born in 1986 in Akron. Susan and Paul live in Brunswick, Ohio � Frances Thomas Lawson Kalapodis married Gust Kalapodis 1963 in Akron,Ohio daughter Georgene Kalapodis ( Akron) Son John Gust Kalapodis born 1964 in Akron, died 2006 Margate, Fla. � Wandora Sue Thomas married husband Winston Smith (died 2004?) Aptos CA son Barry Randall Smith died 2006, married Kathy had two sons Nathan and Nickolas live in Aptos, CA Daughter Celeste Smith married Bruce Freeman (divorced) live in Anaheim CA They had 3 children Winston, Olivia and Jane It was great to read about the relatives. Good luch in the search � �I hope this helps. My e-mail address is� Susan Amato 296 Nancy Circle Brunswick, Ohio 44212

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����� Thank you so much for the newspaper articles and info on my grandpa relatives. You are so considerate.

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