Family:Jennings Nix and Lucinda Alexander (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1824 Pickens District, South Carolina, United States
Aft 1900

For the past several years I have been building a descendants tree for Jennings NIX, b 1803 in Georgia, married Lucinda (Letty) Alexander 1824 in Pickens District, South Carolina. In 1851-52 Jennings and his family moved West to Blount County, Alabama, where Luninda died in 1856. Jennings married a second time and had three additional sons. All of the families remained in the North Alabama area except for two sons that continued to move West.�

	But there is a reason for my posting on this board. I found Jennings and Lucinda in the 1850 census for Pickens South Carolina as follows:


	State:	SC	Year:	1850
	County:	Pickens County	Record Type:	Federal Population Schedule
	Township:	Western Division	Page:	374
	Database:	SC 1850 Federal Census Index

Western Division of the district of Pickens South Carolina enumerated by me, on the 27th day of July 1850, Thomas Lee

It is not possible to read the page number on the top right corner of the sheet because the sheet is placed so that section of the sheet is cut off. If you view the census at <> It is, however, image #6 of 160 in the Western Division of the South Carolina, 1850 Federal Census . The census index gives the page # as 374, but this sheet is before that, maybe #372 or #373.

Line #13, Dwelling #46, Family #47 Jennings Knix, age 50, sex M, Farmer, $600, born Georgia, Cannot read or write. Line #14 Lucinda, Age 50, F, born Georgia, cannot read or write. Line #15, Family #48, David Alexander, age 86 M, none, born Virginia, cannot read or write. Line #16, Mary Alexander, age 85, F, born Virginia, cannot read or write. Line # 17, William Alexander, age 17, M, born South Carolina,

Line #18, Dwelling #47, Family #49, Ts. Alexander Knix, age 19, M, Farmer, born South Carolina, Line #19, Elizabeth Knix, age 16, F, born South Carolina.

There is no doubt that this is Jennings and Lucinda, and it would appear that the second family would be her parents, The ages are off from what other researchers have by four years, but so are Jennings and Lucinda.

The other family would be Thomas Alexander NIX, the youngest son of Jennings and Lucinda and his young wife of one year, Elizabeth Gassaway, daughter of William W. Gassaway and Cosly (Cosby) Curtis.

Two questions: 1)Who is the William Alexander age 17 on line # 17, I looked for a grandson of David and Mary, but could not find one that matches. and 2) Can I assume that this David Alexander is the same as the Daniel D. Alexander b 1760, and Mary Unknown that I had previously assumed as the parents of Lucinda and the in-Laws of Jennings? Would his full name be Daniel David Alexander???