Person:Thomas Stephenson (8)

Thomas Stephenson
b.Est 1710 Ireland
  • HThomas StephensonEst 1710 -
  • WRachel _____Est 1715 -
m. Bef 1740
  1. Thomas Stevenson, Jr.Est 1740 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Stephenson
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1710 Ireland
Marriage Bef 1740 Irelandto Rachel _____

Thomas Stephenson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Importation/Headrights to Orange County, VA

"Headrights" were grants of 50 acres of land per "head" - or per white male over the age of 16 who transported himself to the colonies. They appeared in the Court of Common Pleas in Orange County, Virginia. These headrights functioned as the only real immigration record for English, Scot or Irish immigrants during that time period. The headright identifies the country of origin and generally the port of entry in the colonies. The following persons appeared in Orange County, Virginia Court:
  • 22 May 1740 - Thos Steavenson, Rachel Steavenson (from Ireland)

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records: (these records may be for this Thomas Stephenson)

  • Page 101.--15th February, 1748. John Stevenson's bond, £500, as administrator of John Hindman, with sureties Henry Downs, Thos. Stevenson, Samuel Givins.
  • 20 May 1752 O. S., p. 247 - Ordered that Andrew Erwin, Thomas Stevenson and Patrick Crawford be Overseers of the Road in the room of John King and that with the Titheable Persons that Usually worked on the sd. road under the sd King they Clear and keep the same in repair According to Law. [Source: Augusta County Road Orders, pg. 44].
  • 20 March 1755 N. S., p. 384 - Ordered that William Bell jr. Appoint the Several Precincts to Patrick Crawford Andrew Erwin and Thomas Stevenson Overseers of the highway from Davis's Mill to John Ramseys on the South River-- [Source: Augusta County Road Orders, pg. 71].
  • Page 109.--19th May. 1755. Samuel McMahon's appraisement, by Thos. Stevenson, John Campbell, David Stevenson, and accounts--Paid Saml. McMahon, George Bowman, Jno. Reybourn. To Robert McMahon, Cr., 21st May. 1755, by appraisement.
  • Page 311.--17th May. 1759. Samuel Scott's estate settlement, by Robert Scott and Robert Hooks, executors. Paid Thos. Stevenson, Christopher Zimmerman, Robt. McFarson, David Nelson, Henry Downs, Saml. Wilkins, Wm. Craig, Wm. Snodon, Margaret Fowler, William Jordan, Jno. Vought, Patrick Cain, Doctor Harrison, Hugh Thompson, Jonathan Gibson, Jas. Beard; 1 coffin for Samuel Scott; 1 coffin for George Scott; keeping 3 negroes one year, nine months, bv R. Scott. Vendue to, viz: David Crighton, Jno. Paul Fought, David Logan, Jas. Underwood, James Berkley, widow McDonald, Patrick Quin. Joseph Kinkade, John Love, Bernard Man, Jacob Pence, John Wilkins, Ann Scott.
  • 19 May 1761, p. 5 - Thomas Stevenson Jr. is Appointed Surveyor of the Highway in the room of David Stevenson and It is ordered that with the Tithable persons that Usally worked Under the said David Stevenson he Clear and keep the same in repair According to Law. [Source: Augusta County Road Orders, pg. 90]. (Note: most likely son of this Thomas Stevenson).
  • 19 May 1761, p. 5 - Mathew Robertson is hereby Appointed Surveyor of the Highway in the room of Thomas Stevenson and It is Ordered that with the Adjacent Tithable persons that Usally worked Under the said Stevenson he Clear and keep the same in repair According to Law. [Source: Augusta County Road Orders, pg. 91].
  • Page 276.--20th September, 1763. Ann Kinkead's bond (with Thomas Stevenson, Joseph Kinkead) as administratrix of Burrows Kinkead.
  • Page 421.--27th September, 1765. John Cochran's estate appraised, by Jno. Anderson, Thos. Stevenson, Jas. Allen, Sr., James Allen, Jr.

Information on Thomas Stephenson

From "Settlers by the Long Grey Trail: Some Pioneers to Old Augusta County", pg. 209:
The Stephensons were early in Old Augusta - "22nd. May 1740, John Stephenson came into court and made oath that he imported himself Sarah and Mary Stephenson from Ireland to Philadelphia, and thence to this Colony." On the same date Thomas Stephenson and Rachel proved their importation by the same route. (Orange County Court Order Book, 1739-1741; pg. 159, and 157.)