Person:Thomas Rutherford (30)

Thomas Rutherford, of Frederick County, VA
  1. John Rutherford1689 - 1789
  2. Thomas Rutherford, of Frederick County, VAabt 1695 - 1768
  3. Joseph Rutherfordabt 1700 - bef 1788
  4. Reuben Rutherford, of Frederick County, VAabt 1705 - 1764
  5. Benjamin Rutherford, of Frederick County, VA1718 - bef 1805
  6. Mary Rutherford1720 - bef 1798
  • HThomas Rutherford, of Frederick County, VAabt 1695 - 1768
  • WSarah deMontargisbef 1710 -
m. Bef. 1728
  1. Hon. Robert Rutherford1728 - 1803
  2. Thomas Rutherford - 1796
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Rutherford, of Frederick County, VA
Alt Name Thomas Hugh Rutherford
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1695 Essex County, Virginia
Marriage Bef. 1728 to Sarah deMontargis
Death[1] 1768 Frederick County, Virginia

Thomas Rutherford was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Frederick County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

As listed in the record below, Thomas Rutherford acquired 400 acres "on the North River of the Shenandoah River above the Great Plains" by patent on 30 June 1731:

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 159-63. 28-29 April 1742. Thomas Rutherford of Orange County to Wm. Glover of same. Lease and release; for ₤27 current money. 215 acres... east side of the main road from Potomack to Just Hyte's... corner to a tract of land granted by pattent to John Calvert deceased... dividing line between the heirs of John Calvert and Turrance Kelly... Abraham Holingsworth's line... purchased by Thomas Rutherford of Turrence Kelly. (signed) Thomas Rutherford. Wit: J. Wood, Just Hite, Jacob Hite, John (X) Downey. 27 May 1742. Proved by J. Wood, Just Hite and John Downey. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 5, Dorman, pg. 9].
  • Pg. 199-202. Indenture 7 May 1745 between Thomas Rutherford of county of Frederick and James Gill of county of Augusta .. for five shillings.. parcel of land in County of Augusta on the North River of the Shannendo above the Great Plains, containing 400 acres of land.. granted to Thomas Rutherford by Pattent 30 June 1731.. (signed) Thos. Rutherford (seal). Witnesses: Andrew Campbell, James Porteus, Jno. Newport, Wm. Russell, Wm. Green. Proved and recorded 23 May 1745, Orange County. Payment of ₤80 Pennsylvania money.. release acknowledged. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 47].

Records in Frederick County, VA

  • 1750/1 Feb. 14 O. S., FOB 3, p.383: Ordered that Gersham Keys THOMAS RUTHERFORD and Richard Stephenson View and lay off a Road the most Convenient & best way from Mr RUTHERFORDs towards Cunninghams Chappel and make report of their proceedings to next Court. [p.49 of the report; p.60 of the document] [Frederick County Order Book 3 (1748-1751)].
  • 1750/1 Feb. 15 O. S., FOB 3, p. 387: Ordered that Robert Worthington John Smith & BENJAMIN RUTHERFORD View and lay off a Road from the great Road leading from Mr Jacob Hites to John Smiths to the head of Worthingtons Marsh thence down the s d Marsh the nearest and best way into the Road near John Swims called Keys's Road and into the Road leading by THO: RUTHERFORDs to Vestal's Ferry And that Robert Worthington be Overseer thereof And it is further Ordered that the Tithables within Two miles on each side the s d Road Clear and keep the same in Repair according to Law. [p.49 of the report; p.60 of the document] [Frederick County Order Book 3 (1748-1751)].
  • 1761 May 7, FOB 9, p. 311: John M c Cormick is Appointed overseer of the road from his house to Crawford’s Muster Ground in the room of THOMAS RUTHERFORD deceased Ordered that the Tithables formerly appointed work on the same [p.107 of the report; p.118 of the document] [Frederick County Order Book 9 (1760-1762)].
  • 1768 March 3, FOB 14 Part 1, p.197: Upon the Petition of THOMAS RUTHERFORD praying to have the Warm Spring Road viewed from Andrew Tilleroys the Nearest & Best Way to Henry Lloyds Ordered that Thomas Hart Thomas Lloyd James Shirly & Richard Bowen or any Three of them being first Sworne do Veiw the same & Report the Convenience & Inconviniene that attend the same [p.136 of the report; p.147 of the document] [Frederick County Order Book 14 (1767-1770) Parts 1 and 2]
  • 1772 June 3, FOB 15, p.352: Upon the Petition of Mary Wood leave is Granted her to alter the road leading from Luptons into the Town as it is already cleared by THOMAS RUTHERFORD's Pasture adjoining the Town [p.168 of the report; p.179 of the document] [Frederick County Order Book 15 (1770-1772)]

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 13.--4th September, 1747. John Millar (Millan) and wife Hannah to Francis Hughes, late of Lancaster County, Penna., part of 400 acres patented to Thomas Rutherford, of Frederick County, and by him sold to James Gill, late of Augusta; other part in possession of Thomas Moore Teste: Mathew Skeen, Thos. Milsap. Delivered to Abra. (?) Bird, January, 1754.
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