Person:Thomas Meek (6)

Thomas Meek, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
b.Bef 1730
m. Abt 1729
  1. Thomas Meek, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VABef 1730 - Bef 1788
  2. John MeekEst 1733 to 1745 - 1774
  3. Mathius MeekEst 1735 to 1755 -
  4. Robert MeekEst 1735 to 1755 -
  5. Martha MeekEst 1735 to 1755 -
  6. James MeekEst 1735 to 1755 -
  7. William MeekEst 1740 to 1750 -
  8. Mary Frances Meek1748 - 1833
  9. Jane MeekEst 1753 to 1760 -
  • HThomas Meek, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VABef 1730 - Bef 1788
  • WAgnes Unknown - Bef 1794
m. Bef 1750
  1. Daniel MeekBef 1750 -
  2. Mary MeeksEst 1753 to 1762 - 1821
  3. Elizabeth MeekBef 1754 -
  4. Martha MeekBef 1763 -
  5. Maj. Samuel Meek1763 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Meek, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Bef 1730
Marriage Bef 1750 to Agnes Unknown
Death? Bef Jan 1788 Augusta County, Virginia

Thomas Meek was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 156.--28th May, 1755. William McCutchen to Thos. Meek, plantationer, £40, 310 acres on Little River in Calf Pasture, part of William's 895 acre tract; corner Ro. McCutchon. Teste: David and Walter Coningham.
  • Page 550.--16th March, 1758. Wm. Smith to Thomas Meek, £10, 200 acres, foot of Brown Hill in line of Wm. McCutchen. Teste: Jno. Clark, Adam Dickenson. Delivered: George Wilson, August, 1758.
  • Page 735.--10th September, 1763. John Mann and Damis to Thomas Meek, £73.15, 254 acres conveyed by Beverley to Moses Mann, 4th February, 1748. and descended to John as eldest brother and heir-at-law of Moses; corner Wm. McCutchen's land. Grassy Lick Run. Teste: Hugh, Johnston. Robert Reed. Wm. Mann, John Smith, James Graham. Delivered: Thos. Meek, March, 1773.
Next record in Chalkley's:
  • Page 736.--Damis Mann's relinquishment of dower, 9th July, 1764. Delivered: John Meek, 10th January, 1787.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 305.--14th May, 1760. Thomas ( ) Meek, farmer, to James Risk, £10, 200 acres at foot of the Brown Hill, Wm. McCutchen's land. Teste: Jno. Clark, Jno. Kirkpatrick, James Hunter. Delivered: Samuel Craig, 12th May, 1785.

Will of Thomas Meek

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 38.--26th June, 1786. Thomas Meck's will (Meek?)--To wife, Agnes, home plantation; to son, Daniel, plantation on which he now lives; to son, Samuel; to four sons and daughters, viz: John and Samuel Meek, Elizabeth Reah, Mary Vachub, Martha Reah, Daniel Meek; James Reah's wife. Executors John Meek, James Reah. Teste: Thomas Hughart, Samuel Craig, Alex. Stuart. Proved, January Court, 1788, by Hughart and Stewart. Executors qualify.
  • Page 47.--25th March, 1788. Thomas Meek's estate appraised by Joans Henderson, Jno. Vachub (Walkup), James Berry.
  • Page 61.--25th March, 1788. Thomas Meek's estate appraised by John Vachub, Joans Henderson, James Berry.

Records of Thomas Meek in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 257.--16th August, 1758. Thomas Meek's bond (with Jno. Ward, Jacob Martin) as administrator of Moses Moore.
  • Page 57.--19th July, 1761. Francis Donnally's will--Wife, Sarah (and the child she now bears); six sons, Samuel, Henry, Francis, William, John, James; daughter, Mary. Executors, wife, Wm. Ledgerwood, James Callison. Teste: John Berryhill, David Scott, Alex. McFeeters, Archibald Armstrong. Proved. 18th August, 1761, by McFeeters and Armstrong.

Executors qualify, with Thomas Meek and Hugh Martin. Sarah's mark ( ). Callison's mark ( ). Meek's mark ( ). Ledgerwood's mark ( ).

  • Page 87.--14th November, 1766. Francis Fulten and Eleanor to Alex. Hamilton, £90.5, 271 acres on Little River of Calfpasture, James Henderon's line; corner Robert McCutchin. Teste: Mathew Moorehead, Robert McCutchen, Thos. Meek. (This name looks like Fullen.)

Information on Thomas Meek

61. Thomas Meek married Agnes _____. Thomas is connected to his father through mention in Augusta Co., VA court records as being the sibling of two of John’s minor children. Thomas purchased 310 acres on Little River in Calf Pasture from William McCutchen 20 Aug 1755 (Deed Bk 7, p155). His will was dated 26 Jun 1786 and probated in Jan 1788. His will was dated 26 Jun 1786 and probated in Jan 1788. It mentions his wife Agnes and children. He named his son John Meek and son-in-law James Reah as administrators.

101. John Meek married Jane McCutcheon on 11 Jun 1770. (Source: Notable Southern Families). 102. Elizabeth Meek married James Rhea about 1772 in Augusta Co., VA. He was born 1753 in Augusta Co., VA. He died 27 Nov 1795 Fayette Co., KY. 103. Daniel Meek

201. Sarah Meek married William McKight on 28 Feb 1801. 104. Samuel Meek was born on 16 Aug 1763. He married Elizabeth Allen. (She was the daughter of Robert Allen and his second wife Martha. Robert Allen was born 1715 in Ireland and died 30 Apr 1790 in Augusta Co., VA.) She was born on 7 May 1768. She died 12 Sep 1823. Children from bible records.

211. Thomas Meek was born on 18 Dec 1785. He moved to Indiana after 1827 as all of his children were born in Augusta County. He married Catherine Phillips on 31 Oct 1807 in Augusta Co., VA according to marriage records. Her father was Thomas Phillips. She is listed on the 1850 Census for Rochester Township, Fulton Co., IN and was living with her daughter Sarah Meek Rank and Sarah's husband Amos John Rank. Catherine is listed as being 65 VA.

311. Elizabeth Jane Meek was born on 19 Sep 1808. She married Andrew Phillips. 312. Lovina M. Meek was born 21 Nov. 1810. She married Edward Douglas. 313. Mary Phillips Meek was born on 9 Sep 1812 in Augusta Co., VA. She died on 6 Sep 1895 in Warren Co., IA. She was buried in Norwalk, IA. She resided in Indianola, IA. She married Samuel Jacob Lockridge on 9 Dec 1832 in Augusta Co., VA. He was born on 11 Oct 1809. He died on 17 Mar 1866 in Iowa. His father was Samuel Jacob Lockridge. 314. Julie Ann Meek was born on 8 Dec 1814. 315. Enos T. Meek was born on 23 Nov 1816. 316. Robert Allen Meek was born on 9 Aug 1818. 317. Nancy P. Meek was born on 8 Nov 1820. (She may be the person Nancy Miner age 29 married to Ally Miner age 39 listed in the 1850 census of Liberty TWP, Fulton Co., IN. Listed with them was Catherine Meek age age 65 VA and John F. Meek age 23 VA. This assumes that Catherine was listed twice by both daughters.) 318. Sarah L. Meek was born on 15 Oct 1823. She died 12 Jun 1914. She married Amos John Rank They were listed in the 1850 Census for Rochester Township, Fulton Co., IN. 319. John W. Meek was born on 13 Jan 1827. 212. Robert Allen Meek was born on 11 Mar 1788.

321. Sarah P. Meek was born about 1826. 322. William Meek was born about 1828. 323. Mary A. Meek was born about 1830. 324. John Meek was born about 1832. 325. Elizabeth A. Meek was born about 1832. 326. Isabella Meek was born about 1834. 327. Anna Meek was born about 1837. 328. Rachael Meek was born about 1838. 329. Joshua Meek was born about 1839. 330. Amanda Meek was born about 1840. 213. Martha Ellen Meek was born on 26 Sep 1790. 214. Susanna Meek was born 16 Jan 1790. 215. Montecue Allen Meek was born on 12 Jan 1795. He died on 6 May 1879 in Doddridge Co., WV. The 1820 census list children 1 Male 2 fe. He married 20 Nov 1817 (1) Susannah Gabbert (Daughter of Jacob Gabbert and Barbara Ollinger.) She was born on 1 Nov 1789. She died on 6 Oct 1870.

331. Unknown Meek. 332. Elizabeth Jane Meek was born on 27 Aug 1818. She died 30 May 1903. 333. Levina Barbara Meek was born on 16 Mar 1820. She died 18 Jun 1906. 334. Hannah Russell Meek was born on 22 Sep 1821. She married Joshua Wright. 335. Catherine Susan Meek was born on 14 Dec 1823. She married James D. David. 336. Josiah Meek was born on 4 Jul 1825. 337. Hezahiah Meek. was born on 7 Apr 1827. He died on 14 Dec 1919. He married (1) Mary Ellen Pepper on 1 Feb 1849. She was born on 19 Jan 1828. He married Marcelia Crook. Children from bible records.

431. Josiah Meek was born 25 Jan 1850. 432. Martha Ellen Meek was born 25 Jan 1852. 433. Thonberry Meek was born 24 Oct 1853. 434. George Washington Meek was born 14 Mar 1855. 435. Randolph Meek was born 29 Jul 1857. 436. Monticue Meek was born 14 Oct 1859. 437. James Sylvester Meek was born 24 Jul 1862. He died 26 Dec1922 in Dodrifge Co., WV. He married Amanda Bell Meek 2 Jan 1893. 438. Sylvias Meek was born 7 Oct 1864. 439. Lloyd Meek was born 2 Jun 1867. 338. Henry Fixe Meek was born on 12 Nov 1829. He died 27 jul 1898 339. Jacob Gabart Meek was born on 4 Nov 1833. He died on 14 May 1903. He married Mary E. Apsy on 28 Nov 1854. He married (2) Almira E. House on 18 Nov 1874. He married (2)Jane Bungarder. 105. Mary Meek married John Vochub. 106. Martha Meek married Robert Rhea (Reagh) about 1781 in Bath Co., VA. He was born in 1759. He died 31 Oct 1834 in Pocahontas Co., WV. Robert Reagh of Bath County petitioning to have a divorce granted since his wife Martha after having been married to him for nine years and having numerous offspring then ran off three years prior with John Ewing and “continues to live in a state of adultery, regardless of those duties she owes as a wife, or mother” . Petition dated September 10, 1793. Robert married (2) Catherine Boiler who had David Rhea. (Information from Sonia Ranschau.) A. William Rhea was born 30 Oct 1782.