Person:Thomas Lord (1)

m. abt 1582
  1. Elizabeth Lordabt 1583 -
  2. Thomas Lord1585 - bet 1643/4 and 1648
  3. Ellen Lordabt 1587 -
  4. Alice Lordabt 1590 -
  • HThomas Lord1585 - bet 1643/4 and 1648
  • WDorothy Bird1588 - bef 1675
m. 23 Feb 1610/11
  1. Richard Lord1611/12 - 1662
  2. Ann Lord1614 - 1688
  3. Dr. Thomas Lord1616 - 1662
  4. William Lord1618 - 1678
  5. Robert Lord1620 -
  6. John Lord1623/4 - bet 1691 and 1692
  7. Amy Lord1626 - 1690/91
  8. Dorothy Lord1629 - 1656/7
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4] Thomas Lord
Gender Male
Birth[4] ca 1585 Towcester, Northamptonshire, England
Residence[3] bet 1610 and 1629 Towcester, Northamptonshire, England
Marriage License 20 Feb 1610/11 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Englandto Dorothy Bird
Marriage 23 Feb 1610/11 Towcester, Northamptonshire, Englandto Dorothy Bird
Immigration[4] aft 29 Apr 1635 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesAboard Elizabeth and Ann from London
Alt Burial[7] Merriam Cemetery, Southington, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesAlmost certainly an error in this Find A Grave memorial.
Death[3] bet 29 Jan 1643/4 and 1648 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Religion? Puritan
Burial[6] Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

On 29 Apr 1635, the following party was added to the passenger list of the Elizabeth and Ann, consisting of the entire Lord family (plus a few others who are probably closely associated with them):S5

Theis underwritten names are to be transported to New England, imbarqued in the Elizabeth and Ann, Roger Coop'r, M[aste]r, the p'ties brought certificates from the Minister of the parish and Justices of the Peace, of their conformation to the orders and discipline of the Church of England, and that they are no subsidy men.

Richard Goard, 17
Tho. Lord, a smith, 50
uxor Dorothy, 46
Thomas Lord, 16
Ann Lord, 14
Wm. Lord, 12
John Lord, 10
James Cobbett, 23
Joseph Faberr, 26
Tho. Pond, 21
Robert Lord, 9
Aymie Lord, 6
Dorothy Lord, 4
Josias Cobbett, 21
John Holloway, 21
Jane Bennet, 16
William Read, 22
William Samond, 19

They almost certainly were followers of the Rev. Thomas Hooker, a very influential clergyman, who also was a passenger and many of whose congregation also appear. All of them settled for a time at Newtown (where Thomas's eldest son, Richard, had settled three years before), but in June 1636 about 100 settlers moved as a group under Rev. Hooker to the present site of Hartford, Connecticut. They carried Mrs. Hooker in a litter and lived for a time in caves carved into the river bank. Thomas Lord was therefore an "original proprietor and founder" of Hartford.

The ages of the children as listed in this database do not agree with those from the above named book.

The Lords lived on the north side of the highway on the bank of the Little River, now Wells Street. His sons, Richard and Thomas, had lots next to his.

At the Court in Hartford, 30 June 1652, Doctor Thomas Lord was granted the first medical license in the New England Colonies, and the fees that he could charge were set by law: "Thomas Lord, having engaged to this Courte to continue his aboade in Hartford for the next ensuing yeare, and to improve his best skill amongst the inhabitants of the Townes upon the River within this jurisdiction both for setting of bones and otherwise, as at all times, occasions and necessities may or shall require; This Courte doth grant that he shall bee paid by the Countey the sum of fifteene pounds for the said ensuing yeare, and they doe declare that for every visit or journey that he shall make, being sent for to any house in Hartford, twelve pence is reasonable; to any house in Wyndsor, five shillings; to any house in Wethersfield, three shillings; to any house in Farmington, six shillings; to any house in Mattabeseck, eight shillings; (he having promised that he will require no more,) and that he shall bee freed for the time aforesaid from watching, warding and training; but not from finding armes, according to lawe."

... He was a man of position and influence and was given the prefix "Mr."...

There is no record of the death of Thomas Lord, though he was a prominent Hartford resident, nor is there any settlement of his estate on the Probate Records. A possible clue to the approximate date of his death may be derived from an entry on the Hartford Town Votes under the date of January 29, 1643-4. The Governor, Mr. Hooker, and several others, including Thomas Lord Senior and his son, Thomas were freed from "Common worck in the hyway" for the next three years. As this is the last reference in the volume to Thomas Lord Senior, it may be conjectured that he died about 1644.

Thomas migrated on the Elizabeth & Ann (on 29 April 1635, “a smith, Tho[mas] Lord,” aged 50, “uxor Dorothy,” aged 46, “Thomas Lord,” aged 16, “Ann Lord,” aged 14, “W[illia]m Lord,” aged 12, “John Lord,” aged 10, “Robert Lord,” aged 9, “Aymie Lord,” aged 6, and “Dorothy Lord,” aged 4, were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Elizabeth & Ann [Hotten 72]). He was a smith in England [Hotten 72].

He resided first at Cambridge and removed to Hartford by 1636. In the Hartford land inventory of February 1639/40, “Thomas Lord Senior” held nine parcels [HaBOP 54-56], with seven acres more added on 18 February 1641/2, when the town of Hartford “ordered that Thomas Lord shall have seven acres added to his further lot in the Cow Pasture in consideration of his fence in the neck of land” [HaTR 61].

Thomas Lord was preceded to New England by his son Richard. As a resident of Towcester, Northamptonshire, Thomas Lord and his family would have been acquainted with Rev. THOMAS SHEPARD {1635, Cambridge}. One might, therefore, have expected the Lord family to remain in Cambridge upon arrival in New England. That they moved very soon to Hartford suggests that Richard Lord had quickly formed a close association with Rev. Thomas Hooker and those associated with him.

On 29 January 1643/4, the town of Hartford “ordered that Mr. Governor, Mr. Hocker [Hooker], Mr. Stone, Mr. Goodwing, Thom[as] Standla & Thom[as] Lord Senior & R[i]ch[ard] Olmsted & Thom[as] Lord Junior shall be freed from common work in the highway for the three years next ensuing on condition that they shall at their proper charges make the highway passable with laden carts from John Beddele’s house to Thom[as] Standla’s house before the end of the foresaid three years” [HaTR 69]. This is the last record that can be assigned to the immigrant Thomas Lord. He may have died not long after.S8

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    THOMAS, Hartford, came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, from London, aged 50, with w[ife]. Dorothy, 46; and ch[ildren]. Thomas, 16; Ann, 14; William, 12; John, 10; Robert, 9; Amie, 6; and Dorothy, 4; call[ed]. at the London custom-ho[use]. a smith; but that may have been a godly deception. His eldest s[on]. Richard, had been sent over three y[ea]rs. bef[ore]. and Thomas stopped at Boston, or Cambridge a y[ea]r. or more, but was an orig[inal]. propr[ietor]. and among first sett[led]. at H[artford]. Date of his a. is not ascert[ained]. but it was a[about]. 1667. His wid[ow]. Dorothy, wh[o]. a. 2 Aug. 1676, made her will 8 Feb. 1670, in wh[ich]. she names ch[ildren]. of her dec[eased]. s[on]. Thomas; a. Ann, w[ife]. of Thomas Stanton; William; John; Robert; Amie, w[ife]. of John Gilbert; gr[and].s[on]. Richard, bef[ore]. ment[ioned].; and gr[and].ch[ildren]. Hannah; Dorothy; and Margaret, ch[ildren]. of d[aughter]. Dorothy, w[ife]. of John Ingersoll.

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    'Thomas Lord … lived at Towcester at least from 1610 to 1629; …'
    'The last date on which mention is found of him in Hartford records was 29 Jan. 1643/4, and he probably died that year, certainly before 1648. There is no extant record of his will or estate.'

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    Great Migration (members only)

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The Elizabeth and Ann (1635)
The Elizabeth and Ann, also known as the Eliza and Ann sailed in the spring of 1635. The passengers are found scattered amongst a number of entries in Hotten's Emigrant Ancestors.
Sailed: May? 1635 from London, England under Master Roger Clapp
Arrived: July? 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts

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