Person:Thomas Chew (5)

Col. Thomas Chew, Sr.
b.BET. 1700 - 1702 New Kent Co., Virginia
d.27 MAR 1778 Orange Co., Virginia
m. ABT. 1695
  1. Joseph Chew, IBET 1695 - 1696 -
  2. Col. Thomas Chew, Sr.BET 1700 - 1702 - 1778
  3. Jane Chew1700 - 1766
  4. Ann "Nan" Mary Chew1703 - 1742
  5. Margaret Beverley1704 - 1740
  6. John ChewABT 1705 - 1756
  7. Larkin Chew, IIabt 1708 - 1770
  8. Anne ChewABT 1724 -
  9. John ChewABT 1726 - 1770
  • HCol. Thomas Chew, Sr.BET 1700 - 1702 - 1778
  • WMartha Taylor1702 - 1782
m. BET. 1722 - 1723
  1. Coleby Chew1718 - 1755
  2. Larkin Chew1721 - 1796
  3. Joseph Chew, IIABT 1725 - ABT 1696
  4. Elizabeth Chew1728 - 1782
  5. John ChewABT 1729 -
  6. Frances Chew1730 - 1784
  7. Hannah Chew1731 -
  8. Thomas Chew1733 -
  9. Samuel Chew1734 - 1778
  10. Alice Chew1740 - 1796
  11. Mildred Chew1741 -
  12. James Chew1744 - 1783
Facts and Events
Name[1] Col. Thomas Chew, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] BET. 1700 - 1702 New Kent Co., Virginia
Alt Birth? 1706 Virginia
Marriage BET. 1722 - 1723 Rapidan, Orange Co., Virginiato Martha Taylor
Other? BET. 1724 - 1725 SheriffElection
Other? 1741 Captain of MilitiaAppointed
Other? 1745 SheriffAppointed
Other? 1772 Justice of Spotsylvania Co., VAElection
Death? 27 MAR 1778 Orange Co., Virginia
Reference Number? 699
Military? Colonel in the Royal Artillery
Other? Commissioner of the PeaceAppointed
Occupation? Lawyer
Residence? New Kent & Orange Cos. VA
Alt Death[1] 1782 Orange County, Virginia

Thomas Chew was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Thomas Chew's land (Beverley Manor NE, 567 acres acquired from Dennis Byrne in 1742) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009 (Note: it is doubtful if Thomas Chew actually occupied this land. He had acquired several tracts in neighboring Spotsylvania and Orange County which appear to be for speculative purposes).

Acquisition of Land from Orange County Virginia Records:

  • Pages 135-140. 26-27 March 1742. Denis Bryne of St. Thomas' Parish, Orange County, to Thomas Chew of same, Gent. Lease and release; for ₤20 current money. 567 acres in Beverley Manner... corner to Robert Tuck (s/b Robert Turk) and Lott No. 1... Finley's line... Samuell Gray's [?] (Gay's) line to George Home's corner... (signed) D. Bryne Wit: Jas. Pickett, John Quin, Drewry Moore. 27 March 1742. Acknowledged by Denis Bryne and Sarah his wife. Sary relinquished her right of dower. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 5, Dorman, pg. 8].

Disposition of Land from Orange County Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 190-193. Indenture between Thomas Chew of Parish of St. Thomas, county of Orange, Gent., and Samuel Gay, county of Augusta, Gent., for five shillings.. sells 567 acres in Beverley Mannor.. beginning.. corner to Robert Turk.. Finley's line.. Samuel Gay's.. Home's line.. Robt. Turk's line.... (signed) Thomas Chew. Witnesses: Robt. Slaughter, William Waller, James Porteus. £30 paid in full consideration. Recorded Orange County 27 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 46].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 28--Deed, 26th July, 1745, by Thos. Chew to Samuel Gay, 567 acres in Beverley Manor. Recorded in Orange.

Records of Thomas Chew in Spotsylvania County, VA

  • July 6, 1725. William RUSSELL of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to Thomas CHEW of the same parish and county. £36 ster., 614 a. whereon Saml. LOYD lived—originally granted one Larkin CHEW, by pat., June 4, 1722, and by sd. CHEW sold to sd. LOYD, and by the sd. LOYD and CHEW sold to Wm. RUSSELL, as by deeds having date July 7, 1724. Witnesses: Moseley BATTALEY, Zachary LEWIS, Richard BAYLEY. Rec. July 6, 1725. [Spotsylvania County Virginia Deed Book A, 1722-1729].
  • Feby. 5, 1733-4. Thomas CHEW of Spts. Co., Gent., to John GRYMES of Middlesex Co., Esqr. £93 10s. curr., 348 a.. (part of a tract granted Larkin CHEW, Decd., by pat. Dec. 3, 1714, and by sd. Larkin CHEW conveyed to sd. Thos. CHEW, as by deeds, March 4, 1727) in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. Wm. BARTLET, Owen THOMAS, Frederick COGHILL, Junr. Feby. 5, 1733-4. Martha, wife of Thomas CHEW, acknowledged her dower, etc. [Spotsylvania County Virginia Deed Book B, 1729-1734].
  • K-215: Col. Thomas Chew of Orange County possessed 750 acres in two tracts, 150 acres granted James Dyer 12 April 1734 & 600 acres granted Henry Downs 10 Sept. 1735. Resurv. by Richard Young shows 511 acres surplus. Deed for 1,261 acres to Chew in Culpeper County adj. James Dyer, Tho's Rucker, Rappadan River, Jos. Emmons, Robert Shearman, Rich'd Quinn, Downs, Charles Walker, Jam's Finney, Tho's Zachary, Nicholas Ware, Seth Huston, Henry Rice. 14 Jan. 1761. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 145].
  • Page 392. April 1733 - Thomas Chew, the elder son & heir of Larkin Chew, to Rice Curtis. Assignee of Wm. Hansford Gent & Samuel Short. 611 acres, On side of a run called Green branch. Corner to Mr. Snell and Mr. John Taliafero, Corner to Wm. Richerson & Jonathan Clark, Hickory standing in Warners line, Corner to Robert Hutcherson. Witnesses: Thomas Larnders, other names blank. Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deeds 1730-1738 Book B].
  • July 1, 1735. Thomas CHEW, heir-at-law, and Larkin CHEW, adms. Of the last will and testament annexed of Larkin CHEW, Gent., Decd., of St. Geo. Par., spts. Co., to Abraham MAYFIELD of par. and county afsd., for £12 ster., pd. by one James STEWART to Larkin CHEW, decd., for land herein mentioned; sd. STEWART conveyed sd. land to Anthony FOSTER, who conveyed it to sd. MAYFIELD, etc., etc. 200 a. in Par. and County afsd., on S. side River Po—part of a tract granted sd. Larkin CHEW, decd., by pat. June 4, 1722, etc. Charles SMITH, witness. July 1, 1735. [Spotsylvania County Virginia Deed Book C, 1734-1742].

Records of Thomas Chew in Orange County, VA

  • Pages 9-12. 19-20 May 1735. Rice Curtis Senr. of Spotsylvania County to Thomas Chew of Orange County. Lease and release; for £60 sterl. 600 acres on the wast side of the little mountains and on both sides of blew run and adjoining to the line that divides this county from Hanover County, also adjoining the lands of Mr. John Minor, George Homes and Alexander Cleaveland, on which the said Chew have built a house, part of a patent granted to Thomas Chew for 1,600 acres and by Chew sold to Curtis and by Curtis sold again to Chew. ... in the county line between Orange County and Hannover County on the upper side of the little mountains and on the west side of a small branch, corner to Mr. John Minor... corner to John Duglasses standing on the bank of blew run... at the foot of a hill corner to Alexander Cleveland... (signed) Rice Curtis. Wit: G. Lightfoot, Jno. Lightfoot, James Porteus. 20 May 1735. Acknowledged by Rice Curtis, Senr. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 2].
  • Pages 270-72. 17-18 May 1736. Thomas Chew and Martha his wife of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County , to Andrew Harrison of same. Lease and release; for ₤15 sterling. 200 acres, part of 1,000 acres granted by pattent to the abovesaid Martha Chew 28 7br [Sept.] 1728... on the east side of Wisell run... corner stake of Capt. Givins... (signed) Thos. Chew. Wit: W. Russell, Stephen Smith, Jno. Newport. 18 May 1736. Aknowledged by Thomas Chew, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 20].
  • Pages 357-61. 20-21 Sept. 1736. Thomas Chew of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, Gent., to George Braxton of St. Stephen's Parish, King and Queen County, Gent. Lease and release; for £70 current money. 650 acres... in the county line between Orange County and Hannover County on the upper side of the Little Mountains and on the west side a small branch and being corner to Mr. John Minor... corner to John Douglass on the bank of Blue Run.. foot of a hill being corner to Alexr. Cleveland... (signed) Thos. Chew. Wit: Nich. Battaile, T.W. Bellfield, M. Batteley. 21 Sept. 1736. Acknowledged by Thomas Chew, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 25].
  • Pages 10-13.26 May 1737. Thos Chew of Orange County, Gent., to Frances Maddison, widow, and James Maddison, son and heir of Ambrose Maddison, deceased, both of same. For £200 current money. Ambrose Maddison in his lifetime and the said Thomas Chew obtained a pattent for 4,675 acres in Spotsylvania, now Orange County, bearing date 15 Nov. 1723. Ambrose departed this life before any legal division of the land was made, by which the whole was vested in Thomas Chew as survivor. Thomas Chew hath reserved to himself 1,825 acres bounded... land of Mr. John Scott which devides the said land from the residue of the said tract... To Frances Maddison during the term of her natural life and to James Maddison after the death of Frances, all the residue of the said 4,675 acres, being 2,850 acres adjoyning to the lands of John Baylor, the Ochina [?] Tract and Col. William Todd's land... (signed) Thos. Chew. Wit: Wm. Waller, J. Lewis. 26 May 1737. Acknowledged by Thos. Chew, Gent. On motion of George Taylor admitted to record. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 35].
  • Order to Thomas Chew, Gent., coroner of Orange County, to summon Benja. Cave, Gent., Sheriff, to April Court next to show cause unto the justices why orders of the County Court ar not executed, 25 March [1737]. Executed 10 April 1737 by Thos. Chew, Coroner. [Orange County Virginia Judgements - 1736, Dorman, pg. 77].
  • Anthony Goodson vs. Benjamin Cave Gent., Sheriff of Orange County. On 16 May 1735 the plaintiff recovered against William Henderson £3.13.11½ and 90 pounds of tobacco damages sustained by trespass upon the case. Cave arrested Henderson in execution and then permitted him to go at large. Summons to Benjamin Cave Gent., 16 June [1736], executed 7 July 1736 by Thos. Chew, Coroner. Judgement. [Orange County Virginia Judgements - 1736, Dorman, pg. 86].
  • Pages 243-246. Indenture 25 Oct 1744 between Thomas Chew of St. Thomas Parish, Orange County and Tully Choice of same.. 150 acres of land on East side of the main road adj. lands of Mr. Beale.. rent per year for 25 years of £3.15.0 .. and 50 pounds of Tobacco, by the 25 day of November yearly.. on the failure of payment shall be annulled.. and further it is agreed the said Chew keep all mines an quarried to himself. Lastly.. provided Tully Choice pay to the said Chew.. when the 25 years shall expire.. they then shall have a lease from the said Chew as they think fit. (signed) Thomas Chew (seal), Tully Choice (seal). Witnesses: Henry Field, J. Clayton. Recorded Orange County 6 January 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 9, Dorman, pg. 26].
  • Page 246. Intenture 25 Oct 1744 between Thomas Chew, Gent., and Tully Choice, both of Orange County.. rents 150 acres.. (same terms as in preceding indenture). Recorded Orange County 11 January 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 9, Dorman, pg. 26-27].
  • Feby. 8, 1748. Thomas Chew of Orange Co., Gent., son and heir of Larkin Chew, late of Spts. Co., Gent., Decd., and Larkin Chew of Spts. Co., Gent., son and Devisee of the sd. Larkin Chew, Decd., to John Thruston of Gloucester Co., Gent. Sd. Larkin Chew, Decd., in his lifetime, April 2, 1721, for consideration of £100 curr., by his deeds of Lease and Release acknowledged in General Court of Va., April 29 last, conveyed to Wm. Dolton of Gloucester Co., 996 a. in Spts. Co., sd. Dolton dying intestate, the sd. land descended to his son, Wm. Dolton, who being possessed thereof, by his will, dated Dec. 8, 1733, made the same land to his wife, Sarah Dolton, and the heirs male of her body, and in case of no issue, after her death to my brother, Michael Dolton, etc., then to my sister, Mar-garett Dolton, sd. Wm. dying soon thereafter his will was proved in Co. court of Gloucester. It appears that sometime after, the sd. John Thurston, party to these presents, intermarried with Sarah Dolton, widow and relict of the testator of the afsd. mentioned will. It appears by a recent survey that the land intended to be conveyed in the deed afore-mentioned was not contained within the bounds therein laid, etc.; the sd. Chews hereby convey the sd. Property to sd. Thruston. Witnesses, Wm. Carr, Roger Dixon, A. Foster, Edmund Waller. March 7, 1748.
  • Grant of the King (George II) by Wm. Gooch, Gov. of Va., to Church wardens of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. 570 a. in Spts. Co., on S. side River Po, 512 a. being a part of a pat. to Larkin Chew, Gent., April 26, 1732, the residue, part of a pat. granted Harry Beverley, Gent., March 25, 1715, and by divers conveyances now vested in the sd. churchwardens. 1s. yearly for every 50 a. on St. Michael and All Angels' Day. Dated, Sept. 29, 1748. Recd. March 8, 1748, on motion of Zachary Lewis, Gent., one of the church wardens.

Records of Thomas Chew in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA Records:

  • Vol. 1 - December 9, 1745. - (2) William Russell, James Porteus, Gabriel Jones, John Quinn, and Thomas Chew qualified Attorneys.
  • Page 1.--9th December, 1745. Andrew Pickens to William McFeeters, £6 12-1/2 acres Wm. McFeeters' old survey. Witnesses, Thos. Chew, James Trimble, Jno. Madison. Acknowledged, 10th December, 1745.
  • Page 43.--12th December, 1745. Moses Thom(p)son, of Province of South Carolina, to John Madison, of Augusta, £110 current money; 731 acres, part of 1,041 acres sold to Thomson by Wm. Beverley out of 118,491 acres known as Beverley Manor; corner to Adam Thomson's land; corner to John Ramsey. Witnesses, James Patton, Thos. Chew, Mary Patton, Rebecca Vickers, Henry Downs, Jr. Proved by James Patton, Thos. Chew, and H. Downs, Jr., 14th April, 1746.
  • Page 39.--27th March, 1746 (not 7, but 1745-6). Timothy Crosthwaite, of County Orange, to James Patton, _____ consideration; 400 acres in fork of James River granted by patent to William Crosthwaite, deceased, 12th February, 1742, and now in possession of Timothy, eldest son and heir of William. Witnesses, Thomas Chew, Henry Downs, Sr. and Jr. Proved by all the witnesses, 14th February, 1746, and 23d May, 1747.
  • Page 35.--14th April, 1746. James Patton and John Lewis to John Graham, £23.9.6 currency money, Virginia; 606 acres on Great River of Calfpasture, on east side, corner to James Lockridge, corner to Given's land. Witnesses, Thomas Chew and James Carter. Acknowledged by both, 14th April, 1746.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1746. - (29) Geo. Cathey vs John Ouin--Pl. nonsuited and makes oath that he never employed Thos. Chew to bring suit and Judgt. vs. Thos. for costs.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 12, 1746. - (43) Alexander vs. McClure--Thomas Chew asks permission to withdraw the bill in order to bring suit which is denied until the charge vs. Col. Patton is tried. Judt. in this case, page 184 infra 20 March, 1746--Look it up.
  • Page 96.--18th June, 1746. Adam Thomson, farmer, to James Armstrong, malster, £63 current money Virginia; 310 acres on north branch of Cleristee's Creek, a small island in said creek; corner to James Caldwell; corner to John Madison. Witnesses, Andrew Lewis, Thos. Chew, James Trimble. Acknowledged, 18th June, 1746, and Elizabeth releases dower.
  • Page 115.--18th June, 1746. Hite, McKay, Robert Green, sole heir and executor of Wm. Duff, to Robert Craven, £40.4.0 current money Virginia; 670 acres on north side Linville's Creek, part of 7,009 acres patented 26th March, 1739. Witnesses, Thomas Chew, Gabriel Jones. Thos. Slaughter. Acknowledged by all, 19th June, 1746.
  • Vol. 1 - August 21, 1746. - (80) Thomas Chew, Att'y, made to pay all costs because of his neglect in not summoning the witnesses on his side.
  • Page 228.--20th May, 1747. John Pickens, Gent., to William Baskins, £10 current money Virginia; 212 acres; corner to James Lesley. Teste: Jno. Buchanan, Thos. Chew, 212; Charles Campbell. Acknowledged, and dower released by Eleanor, his wife, 21st May 1747.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 21, 1747. - (199) Grand Jury Presentments: Col. Thomas Chew, common swearer;
  • Page 2.--Back of book reversed. Henry Downs to John McKearney, 20th August, 1748, conveyed to Thos. Chew, George Taylor, Benj. Cave, Justices of Orange, to take privy examination of Jane, wife of Henry, 25th May, 1749. Executed 15th August, 1749. See supra, p. 69
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1759. - Richards, &c., vs. Sevier.--Signatures: Valentine Sevier, James Duncanson, John Semple, Robert Phillips, George Frazer, Henry Willis, Daniel Fitzhugh, Thomas Chew, Rob. Duncanson, James Hunter, Fielding Lewis, James Esten. Proved in General Court, 22d October, 1754. Ben Waller, Clerk.
  • Vol. 2 - SEPTEMBER, 1802 (N to Z). - Williams vs. Alexander--Original deed by Thomas Chew to Saml. Gay, 26th July, 1745. Letter to attorney by George Williams, late of the County of Augusta, but resident in County of Ross in Ohio. Original deed by Beverley to Danis Bryne, 23d July, 1740, 567 acres in Beverley Manor, corner Robt. Turk, corner Finley, Saml. Guy's line, George Home's corner. Original deed, 15th June, 1757. Saml. Givens and Martha to John Williams.
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