Person:Thomas Alderson (2)

Thomas Alderson
m. 1726
  1. Mary Alderson1736 -
  2. Rev. John Alderson, III1737/38 - 1821
  3. Curtis Alderson1740 - bef 1804
  4. James Alderson1742 - 1775
  5. Thomas Alderson1744 - 1837
  6. Benjamin AldersonABT 1745 - AFT 1820
  7. Simon Alderson1747 - 1798
  8. Samuel Alderson1749 -
m. 15 DEC 1767
  1. Margaret AldersonABT 1768 - AFT 1822
  2. Davis AldersonABT 1769 - 1851
  3. Jane Alderson1771 - 1860
  4. Naomi Alderson1773 - AFT 1850
  5. Abel Alderson1775 - 1841
  6. Hannah Alderson1777 - AFT 1860
  • HThomas Alderson1744 - 1837
  • WSarah Bond1748 - 1835
m. 14 NOV 1778
  1. John Alderson1779 - 1855
  2. Curtis Alderson1782 - 1837
  3. James Alderson1784 - 1872
  4. Ruth Alderson1785 - 1860
  5. Frances Alderson1788 - 1856
  6. Clemency Alderson1795 - 1876
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Alderson
Gender Male
Birth? 22 AUG 1744 Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 15 DEC 1767 Baltimore County, Marylandto Hannah Davis
Marriage 14 NOV 1778 Baltimore County, Marylandto Sarah Bond
Death? 5 MAR 1837 Monroe County, West Virginia

Thomas Alderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Land Survey in Virginia:

  • Page 174 - Thomas Alderson, 80 acres, adjoining Jacob Woodley, Looker, Carols, November 2, 1770. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 63].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 18, 1777. - (238) Following were witnesses against the same, viz: Thomas Alderson, David Harned, Joseph Burgess, John Bright, John Owens, Samuel Felps, Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Scothorn. (Note: this record appears to be in reference to a case on the preceding page: William Hinton, same (tried on same charge as Alexr. Miller)--(fined) £400 and four years imprisonment).
  • Page 440.--16th September, 1779. John Harrison's estate sold at vendue To John Reeves, Thomas Alderson. Account of debts paid 1777. Sworn to 18th May, 1784, by Col. Reuben Harrison.
  • Vol. 1 - DISTRICT COURT JUDGMENTS. APRIL, 1790. - August County, Sec.--To the sheriff, or goaler, of the County ____. We send you herewith the bodies of William Hinton, Martin Groeder and John Groeder, taken and brought -- by warrant --- of Abraham Smith, Esq., County Lieutenant, upon information made upon oath before Daniel Smith, Esq., by David Hernot and John Owens of being guilty of a breach or coming under the Act of Assembly made in this State for punishing certain offenses and after learning sundry evidences, viz: David Harnet, John Owens, Thomas Alderson, Joseph Smith, John Conner, Joseph Burgess, Jacob Falkner, George Keller, Peter Grass, John Bright, we are of opinion that the said William Hinton, Jr., Martin Groeder, and John Groeder have been guilty of a breach of the Act aforesaid. You are therefore required to receive them -- until they shall from thence be discharged by order of the Justices of our said Court, to be held on the Third Tuesday in September next, and this shall be your warrant. Given under our hands and seals this 23d day of August, 1777. (Signed) Sampson Mathews (seal), William Bowyer (seal), Alexander Sinclair (seal).
  • (continuation of case above): Joseph Smith--reputed Tory and drinking the King's health. Capt. Hite intended to take him and desired Smith to go with him. Went to Hinton's mill. Found and seized him. Resisted. Got away. Stoned them. Called to them and told them, you will be all hanged yet. Followed them. With stones. Two recruits. Offered them ye money (?) and would not go with d____ scoundrel. Willing to go before. Several suspected Tories. Johnson, whom Hinton called out to assist him and damned him for not complying with his sworn word. A barbeque that night when open war was to be declared. Arnet, Owens and Alderson.--Hinton followed Hite and Smith. Where the d____ Tory catchers. If here I would tie to apple tree and would whip till I made them enlist in my service. I am Tory. The King has a right to the country and shall have it. Have no occasion to come here, for I can raise men enough to take the country and I will do it, for I am Captain of better men than they. Whipped two of their officers today and served them in ye same manner as how did Washington. See Howe drive them as stray sheep. Mrs. Scothern.--Had sworn two into his service. Who are they? Phillips and Williams, who had before entered into our service. (Proved by Alderson.) Bright.--Damned him for giving information to take up Tories and turned his pistol towards him. Burgess.--Last fall heard him declare himself a King's man, and that the King had a right to the country. Heard some good news. What it was--Howe driving General Washington through the Jersey. Do you call that good news? Yes.

Military Service

American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 1, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Alderson, Thomas - entered service in Rockingham County, Virginia; born 8/22/1744, Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Virginia as a child; granted Pension 1832 in Monroe County, Virginia. R26

Information on Thomas Alderson

Husband: Thomas Alderson
Born: 22 AUG 1744 at: Bucks Co., PA
Married: 15 DEC 1767 at: Baltimore Co., MD
Died: 5 MAR 1837 at: Monroe Co., (W)VA
Father:John Alderson, II
Mother:Mary Jane Curtis
Other Spouses: Sarah Bond
Wife: Hannah Davis
Born: 1748 at: Pennsylvania
Died: 1778 at:
Father:John Davis
Mother:Jane Van Vost
Name: Margaret Alderson
Born: ABT 1768 at:
Name: Davis Alderson
Born: ABT 1769 at: Harford Co., MD
Married: 15 SEP 1788 at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA
Died: 14 NOV 1851 at: Washington Co., VA
Spouses: Leah Carroll Catherine Thrasher Elizabeth Jones
Name: Jane Alderson
Born: 22 JAN 1771 at: Augusta Co., VA
Married: 24 MAR 1789 at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA
Died: 27 AUG 1860 at: Greenbrier Co., WV
Spouses: Robert Withrow
Name: Naomi Alderson
Born: 11 JUL 1773 at: Augusta Co., VA
Married: 1789 at: Harford Co., MD
Died: AFT 1850 at: Richland Co., OH
Spouses: Frederick Amos
Name: Abel Alderson
Born: 11 AUG 1775 at: Virginia
Married: 16 FEB 1804 at: Harford Co., MD
Died: 18 MAY 1841 at: Hartford Co., MD
Spouses: Ann Amos
Name: Hannah Alderson
Born: 7 OCT 1777 at: Virginia
Married: 5 AUG 1792 at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA 1
Died: AFT 1860 at: Fayette Co., (W)VA
Spouses: Samuel Withrow
1) Co., Marriages
Husband: Thomas Alderson
Born: 22 AUG 1744 at: Bucks Co., PA
Married: 14 NOV 1778 at: Baltimore Co., MD
Died: 5 MAR 1837 at: Monroe Co., (W)VA
Father:John Alderson, II
Mother:Mary Jane Curtis
Other Spouses: Hannah Davis
Wife: Sarah Bond
Born: 13 JUN 1748 at: Baltimore Co., MD
Died: 1835 at: Monroe Co., (W)VA
Father: Benjamin Bond
Mother: Clemency Taylor
Other Spouses: Thomas Smithson, Jr.
Name: John Alderson
Born: 6 SEP 1779 at: Rockingham Co., VA
Married: 24 JAN 1824 at: Monroe Co., WV 1
Died: 16 SEP 1855 at: Monroe Co., (W)VA
Spouses: Nancy Johnson
Name: Curtis Alderson
Born: 1782 at: Virginia
Married: 10 NOV 1800 at: Monroe Co., WV 1
Died: FEB 1837 at: Monroe Co., (W)VA
Spouses: Susannah Larue
Name: James Alderson
Born: 30 APR 1784 at: Greenbrier Co., WV
Married: 15 MAR 1808 at: Monroe Co., WV 1
Died: 1872 at: Monroe Co., (W)VA
Spouses: Elizabeth Keaton Letha Canterbury
Name: Ruth Alderson
Born: 1785 at: Greenbrier Co., WV
Married: AUG 1809 at: Greenbrier Co., WV 2
Died: 1860 at: Virginia
Spouses: David Evans
Name: Frances Alderson
Born: 14 OCT 1788 at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA
Married: 15 AUG 1815 at: Monroe Co., WV 1
Died: 13 SEP 1856 at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA 3
Spouses: John Marcus Alderson
Name: Clemency Alderson
Born: 1795 at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA
Married: 19 FEB 1820 at: Monroe Co., WV 1
Died: 1876 at:
Spouses: Levy Alderson
1) Monroe County Marriages 1799-1869
2) Greenbrier County, WV Registry of Marriages
3) Co., Death Index