Person:Samuel Moore (72)

Samuel Moore
b.Est. 1715-1727
m. 1698
  1. William Moore, of Rockbridge Co., VAAbt 1700 - 1791
  2. Quinton MooreAbt 1710 - 1791
  3. James MooreEst 1711-1723 -
  4. Samuel MooreEst 1715-1727 - Bef 1753
  5. Elizabeth MooreEst 1720-1725 -
  6. John Moore, of the Borden TractAbt 1720 - 1798
  7. David Moore, of the Borden TractAbt 1722 - bef 1783
  8. Alexander Moore, of the Borden Tract1728 - Aft 1805
m. bef. 1752
  1. Andrew Mooreest 1752 - Abt 1791
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Moore
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1715-1727
Marriage bef. 1752 to Elizabeth Steele
Death? Bef. 21 March 1753 Augusta (later Rockbridge) County, Virginia, United States

Samuel was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Administration of Samuel Moore's Estate

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1753. - (416) Elizabeth and David Moore, widow and brother of Saml. Moore, Admrs. of Saml.
  • Page 478.--21st March, 1753. Elizabeth Moore and David Moore's bond as administrators of Saml. Moore, with sureties Joseph Kennerley, John Moore.
  • Page 80.--3d May, 1753. Samuel Moore's appraisement, by Patrick Hays, William McCanless, Samuel Lanlap (Dunlap?).

Records of Samuel Moore in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 119.--17th January, 1748-9. William Cowden's will--Sons, James and William, plantation when they are sixteen; wife, Jane. Executors, James Eakin, Jno. Moore. Teste: Walter Eakin, Alex. Moore, Saml. Moore. Proved, 16th February, 1748, by Saml. and Alex. Moore.
  • Page 161.--22d December, 1748. Will of Andrew Moore--500 acres to Alex. and Saml. Moore and their mother; James Moore, a cow; William Moore, 5 shillings; John Moore, 5 shillings; Quanten Moore, 5 shillings; David Moore, 5 shillings. Teste: Robert Breckinridge, George Henderson. 19th May, 1749, having been proved last February. Court proved by George Henderson, is now proved by Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 193.- (undated, appears to be abt. May 1749) - George Henderson and Elizabeth, his wife, to Wm. Moore, 320 acres in Borden tract. Teste: Nathaniel Evins, Wm. Mitchell. Samuel Moore.
  • Page 162.--19th May, 1749. Alex. and Saml. Moore qualify administrators above, with sureties Nathanl. Evins, Jno. Makey.
  • Page 2.--14th November, 1752. William McRory (McKory?) and Margaret to Adam Reed, 175 acres on the Mary Creek, part of 350 patented to Rev. Alexander McDowel, 10th July, 1745; Evans' run. Teste: David and Samuel Moore, Nathaniel Evans.
  • Page 252.--15th May, 1754. Same (From Borden's executors) to Andrew Moore, orphan infant, only son of Samuel Moore, late of Augusta, plantationer, who was one of the sons of Andrew Moore, late of Augusta County, deceased plantationer. by his uncle and guardian David Moore. Contract by Borden to sell a large tract to Jno. McDowell and Jno. sold this 700 acres to Andrew Moore, the Elder. Deed in pursuance of a chancery suit in County Court. Cor. to Wm. Moore, Wm. Lougbridge's line; cor. David Moore; cor. David and Alex. Moore.