Person:Samuel McCorkle (2)

Samuel McCorkle, of Augusta County, VA
d.bef. 16 Dec 1788 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Est. 1714-1718
  1. Emeline McCorkle1718 - Aft 1764
  2. James McCorkleAbt 1722 - 1760
  3. Robert McCorkleest 1726-1728 -
  4. Samuel McCorkle, of Augusta County, VAAbt 1729 - bef 1788
  5. Archibald McCorkle1732 -
  6. John McCorkle1734 - 1781-1784
  7. Thomas McCorkle1736 -
  • HSamuel McCorkle, of Augusta County, VAAbt 1729 - bef 1788
  • WSarah Buchananbef 1734 - 1790
m. ABT 1750
  1. Andrew McCorkleAbt 1751 - 1777
  2. John McCorkle1753 - 1814
  3. Sarah McCorkleABT 1755 - 1785
  4. Samuel McCorkle1759 - 1840
  5. Robert McCorkle1760 - 1833
  6. Elizabeth McCorkle1765 -
  7. Mary McCorkle1769 - ABT 1792
  8. Martha McCorkleBEF 1770 - 1835
Facts and Events
Name Samuel McCorkle, of Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] Abt. 1729 Argyleshire, Scotland
Marriage ABT 1750 Augusta. County, Virginiato Sarah Buchanan
Will[2] 1 Sept 1785 Augusta County, VirginiaWill Written
Death[2][4] bef. 16 Dec 1788 Augusta County, Virginia
Probate[2] 16 Dec 1788 Augusta County, VirginiaWill Proven

Samuel McCorkle was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Document:Will of Samuel McCorkle, Augusta, VA, 1785
MySource:Will of Samuel McCorkle (2)


McCorkle Family Roots


NOT to be confused with Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, b. 1746, Lancaster County, PA, d. 1811, who was an early founder of the University of North Carolina and was a son of Alexander McCorkle and Mary Montgomery. This Samuel McCorkle was a first cousin, once-removed to Samuel Eusebius McCorkle.

Early Land Transactions of Samuel McCorkle

Samuel McCorkle acquired land in Augusta County, Virginia sometime before February, 1749. The acreage of his tract is apparently not listed in Chalkley's and also is not shown on the Hildebrand Map, although it appears somewhere close to 500 acres. It is located fairly close to tracts acquired by his father James McCorkle and his brother, Robert McCorkle.

Image:McCorkleSamuel SW.JPG

Samuel McCorkle's land (SW, # of acres or year not listed) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Note that tract acquired by Robert McCorkle (269 acres, 1749), brother of Samuel McCorkle is located nearby to the northeast and tract acquired by James McCorkle (370 acres, 1747), father of Samuel McCorkle is located nearby to the north.

Land Acquisition in "Beverley Manor", Augusta County, VA:

Samuel McCorkle is one of the few settlers whose land in Augusta County apparently cannot be located in early records as obtaining a grant from William Beverley in Chalkley's, which is apparently why J.R. Hildebrand on his map was unable to attach a date of acquisition or acreage for Samuel's land. Hildebrand knew from the transactions of other settlers that acquired land that "adjoined" Samuel's land, where the land was located, but from the following citation, Samuel McCorkle's family apparently "squatted" on this land, prior to 1736, which explains the lack of any land acquisition record in Augusta County, which is further confirmed in the Processioning List of 1755 (listed further below): (source: McCaffrey/McCorkle database ) Broken Link

"By the late 1740s, a group of the Pennsylvania McCorkles had moved down the Great Valley to the Staunton area of Augusta Co., Virginia. They purchased land from William Beverly in an area known as Beverly Manor. In 1732, Beverly petitioned the Colonial Council, "I could get a number of people from Pennnsylvania to settle on the Shenandoah if I could obtain land there". While the government at Williamsburg and the Church of England did not relish the idea of Presbyterians in Virginia, they did like the barrier to the Indians that these settlers provided. When Beverly surveyed the land in 1736 he noted that some people from Pennsylvania were already settled there. In fact, Beverly and a James McCorkle (father of Samuel) engaged in a lawsuit since James was already living on the surveyed tract. The court ruled that James could stay after he paid nominal sum to Beverly. Some early male McCorkles mentioned in Lyman Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia are: Alexander, James, Robert, Patrick, William, Benjamin, Samuel and John."

Processioning List of 1755

"Processioning" was the process of periodically re-verifying property lines between settlers. These lists are useful in showing the settlers in specific areas, at specific times. In this case, this Processioning List of 27 Nov., 1755, shows that Samuel McCorkle could not produce a deed for the property he was living on in Beverley Manor, verifying that he was "squatting" (living on land without title) on this tract (note that there are also other settlers unable to produce title for their land):

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Records:

  • Page 139.--By order of Vestry, dated 27th November, 1755, subscribers have processioned all the patroned land within bounds of Cap. Wm. Christian's Company, by Wm. Henderson, Thomas Stuart, viz: For William Scott, present Robert Cunningham, Waltee Davis; for Walter Davis, present Wm. Scott, Robert Cunningham; for Rob. Cunningham; for Thos. Black, present Thos. Rutlidge, Jas. Armstrong; for Wm. Henderson, present Ro. Cunningham, Geo. Caldwell; for Geo. Rutlidge; for John McNutt, present Wm.Marshall; for Wm. Marshall, present Saml. Caldwell; for James Caldwell; for John Coalter; for Wm. Ledgerwood; for Andrew Cowan, present Wm. Carry; for Wm. Carry; for James Moody; for James Wilson; for Robert Wilson; for John Shields; for Thos. Brown; for Rob. Wilson; for Andrew Alexander; for Samuel Blackwood, present Thos. Blackwood; for Thos. Blackwood; for Wm. Karr; for Robert Christian, present; for John Christian; for Wm. Christian; for Jas. Armstrong; for Wm. Armstrong; for James Frame; for Thomas Shields; for Jacob Van Lear; for James Bell; for Gabriel Alexander; for John Black; for Anthony Black; for Wm. Wright; for Jos. Tees (deceased), no one to show lines; for Wm. Long, present Alex. and John Long; for Wm. Long; for John Glass (deceased), no one to show lines; for Samuel Lusk, has no deed; for Samuel McCoule (McCorkle), has no deed; for John Hunter, has no deed; for James Patton (deceased), no one to show lines; for Thomas Stuart; for Edward Hall; for Alex. Thomson.

Will of Samuel McCorkle

Summary from Source:Chalkley,_Lyman._Chronicles_of_the_Scotch-Irish_Settlement_in_Virginia - Vol 3, Will Book No. VII

  • Page 104.--1st September, 1785. Samuel (mark) McCorkles will, planter--To wife, Sarah (executrix with Patrick Buchanan); to son, John; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Martha Callesone; to son, Samuel; to son, Robert; to daughter, Sarah Chapman, and her first son; to daughter, Elizabeth McCorkle; to grandsons, Samuel and Wm. McCorkle. Teste: John Wallace, Mary Buchanan, Jno. Heizer. 16th December, 1788, proved by Wallace and Hizer. Executors qualify.
  • Page 123.--16th February, 1789. Samuel McCorkle's estate appraised by Wm. Wilson, John Wallace, Samuel Heizer.

For a transcription of the full will see MySource:Will of Samuel McCorkle (2)

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  3. I do not find a DOB or POB for Samuel in Source S1, which pointed to McCorkle Family Roots

    After checking the source S1
  4. Samuel died between 1 Sept 1785 (will written) and 16 Dec 1788 (will recorded) S2