Person:Samuel Lusk (2)

Samuel Lusk
  1. James Luskabt 1712 - bef 1768
  2. David LuskABT 1715 -
  3. Samuel LuskAbt 1716 - Abt 1773
  4. William LuskABT 1720 - ABT 1771
  5. Hugh LuskAbt 1726 -
  6. John LuskBef 1728 -
  7. Mary LuskABT 1730 -
  8. Martha LuskABT 1732 -
  9. Sarah LuskABT 1733 -
m. ABT 1738
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Lusk
Gender Male
Birth[2][1] Abt. 1716 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage ABT 1738 to Agnes Unknown
Death[2][1] Abt. 1773 Rowan County, North Carolina

Samuel Lusk was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys:

  • Northern Neck Survey: Samuel Lusk, 19 Jan. 1748 - 17 Apr. 1749; 404 acres on Smiths Creek where he now lives; adj. his own line, Samuel Newman's survey, the [Great] Waggon Road. Chain Carriers - William James & Nichles Seehon (?) [sic, s/b Seahorn]. William Carroll present. Surv. George Byrne. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 27].

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Volume 2:

  • G-233: Samuel Lusk of Augusta County, 404 acres in said County. Surv. Mr. George Byrne. On Smith's Creek, adj. Samuel Newman, by Waggon Road. 21 July 1749. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Volume 2, pg. 34].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 100.--17th June, 1746. George Brackenridge, yeoman, to Samuel Lusk, farmer, £18 current money Virginia; 200 acres on south side Middle River of Shanando; William Anderson's line; corner to Jno. Finley. Witnesses, John and Robert Christian, James Trimble. Acknowledged, 18th June, 1746, and Ann released dower.
  • Page 148.--26th February, 1750-51. John Cowan, yeoman, to Saml. Lusk, farmer, 202 acres; Thomas Shield's corner in Col. Patton's line; Andrew Alexander's line; corner Robert Christian, Jennet, wife of John. Teste: Edward Erwin, Hugh Campbell, George Anderson.
  • Page 402.--Patent to Samuel Lusk, 20th July, 1768. Teste: Archibald Huston, John Carlile.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 92.--15th February, 1748. Samuel Lusk, farmer, to William Anderson, yeoman; Middle River of Shannadoe; John Finley. Teste: George Rennick.
  • Page 450.--20th November, 1754. Samuel Lusk, farmer, and Agness, to Alexander Thompson, taylor, £55.10.0, 202 acres in Beverley Manor; Thomas Shields' corner in James Patten's line; Andrew Alexander's line, corner Rob. Christian. Delivered to Mat. Thompson, May 1761.
  • Page 11.--8th September, 1770. Samuel Lusk and Agness ( ) to John Hare, £20, 150 acres patented to Samuel, 20th July, 1768, river bank; corner John Lusk. Teste: John Hare. Delivered: John Hare, March Court, 1778.
  • Page 432.--18th March, 1777. Samuel Lisk to John Grattan, on Naked Creek, patented to Samuel 16th March, 1771. (Note: Since Samuel Lusk died abt. 1773, this appears to be a different Samuel Lusk).

Processioning Lists of 1748 and 1755

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

Processioning List of 1748:

  • Page 25.--John Moffett and James Hogshead report, viz: 24th February, 1748, processioned for James Hogshead, present Robert Ralston; processioned for John Hogshead, present Robert Ralston; processioned for John Hogshead, present Robert Gilkison; processioned for Alex. Gardner, present Robert Gilkison; processioned for Robert Rennox, present Samuel Moore; processioned for Capt. McAnaire; processioned for Thos. Garner; processioned for Wm. Anderson, present John Lusk; processioned for John Moffett, present Wm. Anderson; processioned for John Young; processioned for James Anderson, present John Young; processioned for John Finley, Samuel Lusk, Wm. Anderson.

Processioning List of 1755:

  • Page 139.--By order of Vestry, dated 27th November, 1755, subscribers have processioned all the patroned land within bounds of Cap. Wm. Christian's Company, by Wm. Henderson, Thomas Stuart, viz: For William Scott, present Robert Cunningham, Waltee Davis; for Walter Davis, present Wm. Scott, Robert Cunningham; for Rob. Cunningham; for Thos. Black, present Thos. Rutlidge, Jas. Armstrong; for Wm. Henderson, present Ro. Cunningham, Geo. Caldwell; for Geo. Rutlidge; for John McNutt, present Wm. Marshall; for Wm. Marshall, present Saml. Caldwell; for James Caldwell; for John Coalter; for Wm. Ledgerwood; for Andrew Cowan, present Wm. Carry; for Wm. Carry; for James Moody; for James Wilson; for Robert Wilson; for John Shields; for Thos. Brown; for Rob. Wilson; for Andrew Alexander; for Samuel Blackwood, present Thos. Blackwood; for Thos. Blackwood; for Wm. Karr; for Robert Christian, present; for John Christian; for Wm. Christian; for Jas. Armstrong; for Wm. Armstrong; for James Frame; for Thomas Shields; for Jacob Van Lear; for James Bell; for Gabriel Alexander; for John Black; for Anthony Black; for Wm. Wright; for Jos. Tees (deceased), no one to show lines; for Wm. Long, present Alex. and John Long; for Wm. Long; for John Glass (deceased), no one to show lines; for Samuel Lusk, has no deed; for Samuel McCoule, has no deed; for John Hunter, has no deed; for James Patton (deceased), no one to show lines; for Thomas Stuart; for Edward Hall; for Alex. Thomson.

Records of Samuel Lusk in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • August 20, 1746 - (74) Cap. Daniel McAnaire to be overseer of above road with following tithables: Samuel Wallis, Alexr. Crawford, John Elliott, David Trimble, John Hogshead, Alexr. Gardner, Sampson Archer, Alexr. Gibson, Robt. Davis, Thomas Gardner, Walter Trimble, John Sixby, David Stuart, Ro. Renix, Francis Gardner, John Trimble, Thomas Beard, Ro. Gilkason, John Archer, James Bell, James Mills, James Dyer, Charles Clendening, Wm. Hogshead, Ro. Ralstone, John Moffet, Saml. Lusk, James Phillips, Danl. Brealey, Mathew Edmonston, James Trimble, John Ferguson, Wm. Anderson, John Spears, John McKenney, Wm. Brady, Ro. Armstrong, James Miller.
  • Page 135.--15th February, 1748. George Brackenridge to Mathew Erwin. Corner Samuel Lusk. Teste: John Francis, James Patterson, Robt. Alexander.
  • AUGUST 30, 1750. - (440) David Caldwell, Saml. Lusk, John O'Neal, Benj. Haws, added to list of tithables.
  • Page 289.--17th May, 1753. Samuel Lockhart and Catherine to Edward Heard (Mason), 200 acres on North River Shanando part of 400 acres patented to Samuel, April, 1751; corner Samuel Losk; corner James Beard.
  • Page 464.--23d August, 1766. Daniel Davidson's estate settlement, by administrator, recorded--Paid Saml. Lusk for Smith's work; paid John Ridle for linen; paid David Jones for assisting to take care of creatures; to trouble and expenses in going to the Jerseys.
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