Person:Samuel Henry (16)

Samuel Henry
b.abt. 1746
d.Bef. 17 Aug 1789 Washington County, Virginia
m. est. 1730/32
  1. James Henry, of the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VAabt 1732/35 - Bef 1809
  2. Samuel Henryabt 1746 - Bef 1789
  3. Betsy Henrybef 1750 -
m. abt. 1770
  1. Robert Henryabt 1772 -
  2. Charles HenryAbt 1774 -
  3. Mary Henryabt 1776 -
  4. Sarah Henryabt 1778 -
  5. Elizabeth Henrybef 1781 -
  6. Jane "Jean" Henryabt 1780 -
  7. James Henry1783 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Henry
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1746 [assumed age 24 at marriage]
Marriage abt. 1770 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Berry
Death? Bef. 17 Aug 1789 Washington County, Virginia[Will Proven]

Samuel Henry was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Acquisition of Land in Augusta County, VA


Samuel Henry's land (Beverley Manor SW, 340 acres, acquired from James Henry in 1771) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

Samuel Henry appears to have acquired land in 1771 in "Beverley Manor" from his brother, James Henry, who had acquired the land in 1762 from Robert Ramsey and Margaret, in the following Chalkley's transaction: (this tract is shown above)

  • page 506.--18th August, 1762. - Robert Ramsey and Margaret, of Anson County in North Carolina, to James Henry, £70, 340 acres in Beverley Manor, cor. Samuel Huston; cor. Robert Alexander and Patrick Hays; cor. Wm. Purris. Acknowledged and privy examination. Delivered: Samuel Henry, 21st June, 1771. (Note: it appears that this land was provided to Samuel Henry, brother of James Henry in 1771)

Acquisition of Land in Washington County, VA:

  • 1772, Samuel Henry purchased 260 acres in Washington Co VA(survey # 25) and two other tracts (surveys # 74 & 75) in the name of his wife and sons. Source: Abingdon, VA area property from the Washington Co VA surveyors records.

Will Transcript

Samuel Henry WillWashington County, Virginia, Will Book 1: Pps 114-115
Probated Washington Co. Virginia on 17 August 1786
In The Name Of God Amen. That I Samuel Henry of Washington County, Virginia being weak in body but of sound memory and judgement, blessed be God for all his Mercies. Calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it it appointed for all men once to die do recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors, and as for what worldly Estate goods and chattels it has pleased God to Bless me with one with in this life at this time I do order and bequeath in following manner;
And first I order that the land I bought from ARCHIBALD MAGINNIS be sold at the discretion of my Executors, and my other effects that can be spared all my lawful debts to be paid. I leave and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth the third(s) of the plantation I live on and third of the plantation I bought from GEORGE BERRY, during her widowhood and if she marries, her third part to be valued by men what it is to be, and herebeforesaid what is just and one cow and year old heifer, her choice, the black horse their saddle and bridle one bed and furniture the dresser furniture her own pot and little oven her wheels and reel and one chest and two Sheep, her choice.
I leave and bequeath to MY TWO SONS ROBERT and CHARLES to them their heirs and assigns the plantation I bought from GEORGE BERRY equal shares according to Quantity and Quality and the plantation I now live on I leave to MY SON JAMES to his heirs and assigns.
I leave to MY THREE DAUGHTERS MARY, SARAH, and JEAN a ten pound ???? horse saddle and bridle and a cow to each of them to be paid as follows (to wit) ROBERT to pay MARY, CHARLES to pay SARAH, and JAMES to pay JEAN two years after said ROBERT, CHARLES and JAMES are come of age and if it should be that another lawful heir should appear I desire allow and appoint JAMES HENRY, my brother JAMES BERRY, ROBERT KINKAID and my beloved wife ELIZABETH make it an equal share which my sons, Robert, Charles and James are to pay when it comes of age, and I further allow that my children be raised, schooled and cloathed out of my personal Estate and if it should be that any of my heirs should die under age I allow that their share shall fall to the other of the same sex, females to females the males to the males and further I allow that the sheep and hogs be for the use of the family and I do appoint my brother James Henry, James Berry, Robert Kinkead and my beloved wife Elizabeth to Execute this my last will ( following line appears to have been added later) “ and I do hereby revoke & disannul all other wills and testaments .”
Testaments and do Ratify and confirm this to be my last Will and Testament. In Witness my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of April One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Six.~
(Signed) Samuel Henry {seal}
Witness present
Adam Hope
Thomas Berry
Mary Berry

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 497.--20th November, 1771. William Lowrie and Isabel and Robert Lowrey, Sr., to James Henry, 170 acres of Borden's 92100, 160 acres of which was devised to Wm. Lowrie by his father John Lowrie, by will in Augusta, the remaining 10 acres sold by said Robert Lowry, John Weir's line, Edmiston's corner. Teste: Samuel Huston, William Walker, Robert Lowrey, Samuel Henry. Delivered: James Henry, 26th July, 1774.
  • Page 375. (undated, appears to be bet. 1771-1774)--The Meeting House line. Teste: James Steel, William Scott. Samuel Henry.
  • MARCH 18, 1773 - (95) Hemp certificate: Samuel Henry.
  • Page 291.--7th May, 1793 (appears to be incorrect, s/b 1783?). Robert (mark) Caldwell's will--Executors, Samuel Henry and Robt. Thompson; to wife, Agness; to son, David, home place; to other two sons, William and Robert; to daughter, Mary, if she stay with the family. Teste: James Frazer, Sarah Henry. Proved, 20th May, 1783, by the witnesses. Executors qualify.
  • Page 520.--18th March, 1777. Thomas Carson's will--Now enlisted in Capt. John Syms' Company of Ragulars as a soldier; Col. Alex. Thompson to take care of his pay while in service, and in case of testator's death, or being killed, then Col. T. is to give his estate to Colonel's daughter, Agness, whom testator appoints his heir. Teste: Alex. Crawford, Samuel Henry. Proved, 21st March, 1786, by the witnesses.
  • MARCH 18, 1783.- (5) Called Court on Philip, a negro slave of Henry Garrett, and formerly property of Major Thomas Johnston, of Louisa County, charged with murdering Alexander Hunter, of Augusta County, and wounding the wife of Samuel Henry.--Guilty and to be hanged on 16th April next at 10 o'clock a. m. His value is fixed at £65.
  • Page 3.--11th December, 1786. Robert Moodey's verbal, solemn, and dieing words: Living on ye head of Long Meadow; to nephew, John Frazer, Mansion House and 200 acres, joining Samuel Gilor's, Samuel Frazer's lines; to niece, Ann Frazer, 100 acres joining Samuel Henry, with ye Wallowing Hole Improvements. Teste: Samuel, James, (X) Ann Frazer. Proved, 18th April, 1787, by the witnesses. Administration granted John Frazer.
  • JULY 17, 1787. - (347) Following reported as refusing to give in list of taxes: Samuel Henry, David Clarkson, Jacob Daggy, Archibald Hamilton, Jr., Joseph Hamilton, Patrick Lacey.
  • AUGUST 21, 1787. - (350) Commonwealth vs. Samuel Henry (vid, page 347).--Dismissed.
  • Page 244.—(undated, appears to be abt. 1790) - List of book debts due Thomas Stuart--By John Allison (Middle River); James Bates, Jr.; Manis Burgey; James Buchanan (near John Tate's); ditto (Burden's Land); John Bell, son to the widow; Wm. Burbridge; Wm. Barnett (Rockfish); John Caldwell (son Samuel); John Cock (Mason); Jno. Campbell (son to Henry); Robt. Campbell (son to widow); Robt. Cowan (son to James); William Campbell (Sander's son); Robt. Campbell (Smith); Alex. Elliot (son to George); William Fulton (Bigham's son-in-law); James Frazer (Scotchman); ditto (Long Meadow); William Fulton (schoolmaster); James Henry (son to Samuel); (additional names cited)
  • Page 2.—(undated, appears to be 1792) - James Lessley, Jr.'s, estate in account with James Kerr and Robt. Kinney, executors--1775, November ____, paid James Culbertson for cheese for Mrs. Lessley's funeral; October ____, expenditures and work done supplies of grain, &c., about the time of their death; 1776, November 20, paid Geo. Craig for making Lessley's and his wife's coffin; 1779, paid Samuel Henry for 6 gallons whiskey for Betsy Lessley's funeral.
  • Page 278.--26th March, 1790. William Palmer's will--To sons, Robert, William, executors; to daughters, Mary, executrix, Ann, Martha; to son-in-law, James Spence. Teste: Samuel Henry, Wm. Spence, Mary (mark) Dunlap. Proved, 18th July, 1797, by Henry and Spence.
  • Page 506.--18th August, 1762. Robert Ramsey and Margaret, of Anson County in North Carolina, to James Henry, £70, 340 acres in Beverley Manor, cor. Samuel Huston; cor. Robert Alexander and Patrick Hays; cor. Wm. Purris. Acknowledged and privy examination. Delivered: Samuel Henry, 21st June, 1771.
  • 1798--February 9, Thomas McElwee and Saml. Henry, surety. Thomas Milkwee and Elizabeth Henry, daughter of said Saml. Henry,
  • 1799--December 2, Wm. Blain and John Henry, surety. Wm. Blain and Sarah Hopkins Henry, daughter of Saml. Henry (consent). Teste: P. Thompson.
  • (undated, appears to be abt. 1803-1805) McCune's administrator vs. Saml. Henry--O. S. 49; N. S. 17--Augusta. In 1798 Samuel McCune sold a slave to a certain Samuel Henry, then of Augusta County, but since gone to parts unknown. (Note: referring to a different Samuel Henry, perhaps a son?)
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    Samuel Henry birthdate is unknown. Samuel married Elizabeth Berry ca 1770. Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles Berry. Charles Berry's will was proved 15 Sept 1789 in Augusta Co VA. In Charles's will, his daughter is referred to as Elizabeth Henry.

    In 1772, Samuel Henry purchased 260 acres in Washington Co VA(survey # 25) and two other tracts (surveys # 74 & 75) in the name of his wife and sons. Source: Abingdon, VA area property from the Washington Co VA surveyors records.

    SAMUEL Henry's will was probated 17 August 1789, >perhaps< written ca 1777 in Washington Co VA. The will mentions brothers JAMES & WILLIAM living in Botetotourt Co VA. In 1767, JAMES Henry purchased 408 acres in the Borden Grant District (survey # 215). On 20 Nov 1771, JAMES Henry purchased another 170 acres from William, Isabell, and Robert Lowry. Survey test were Samuel Huston, William Walker, Robert Lowry, & SAMUEL Henry......this survey links SAMUEL to the proper JAMES as his brother.

    Samuel Henry and Elizabeth Berry had the following children:

    a. Robert Henry born ca 1772, married margaret McGill or Magill in Green Co TN on 1 Jan 1800

    b. Charles Henry born ca 1774, married cousin Nancy Henry (dau of James Henry)

    c. Mary Henry born ca 1776, married Hugh McGill or Magill in Greene Co TN on 21 May 1800

    d. Sarah Henry born ca 1778, married William McGill or Magill in 1809 in Timber Ridge, Greene Co TN.

    e. Jean/Jane born ca 1781

    f. James Henry born 1 April 1783, married Margaret "Peggy" Maxwell 16 Mar 1809 in Abington, Washington Co VA. James died 14 Dec 1833 and is buried in the Timber Ridge Cemetery, Greene Co TN.