Person:Samuel Cowan (5)

Samuel Cowan
b.21 JUN 1780 Tennessee
d.ABT 1851 Alabama
m. est. 1766
  1. Susan Cowanest 1766 - 1836
  2. John Finley Cowanest 1768 - 1837
  3. David Cowanest 1770 -
  4. Andrew Cowan1772 - abt 1840
  5. Robert Cowan1776 - 1841
  6. Dorcas CowanABT 1778 -
  7. Samuel Cowan1780 - ABT 1851
  8. William CowanABT 1782 -
  • HSamuel Cowan1780 - ABT 1851
  • WMary Dixon1783 - 1856
  1. Esther Caroline Cowan1820 - 1903
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? 21 JUN 1780 Tennessee
Death? ABT 1851 Alabama


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From Thelma Cowan, 25 April 2014--personal communication

…[O]ne of Robert Cowan's descendants, William McRight Owen, for membership in "Sons of the American Revolution." I obtained this in 2000 at their Library. in Washington D.C.. The date was Dec 21, 1915.

National Number #26772, Robert Cowan, born in Scotland and died in Virginia. Mr. Owen states he was born in Lawerence Co. Alabama in 18 ?_.

He is the son of William Pitts Owen, who was born 1838, died 1907, and his wife Martha Wert. She was b 1840, died 1906.
Mr. Owen was the grandson of Michael Wert, b 1814, d 1893 and Esther Caroline Cowan, b 1820, d 1903.
Mr. Owen stated he was the great-grandson of Samuel Cowan, b1780 , d _., and his wife Mary Dicson, b 1783, d _, married in 1803, Franklin TN.
Then to continue, Mr. Owen gave his last information as the great-great-grandson of Robert Cowan (blank) and his wife Susan Woods (blank).

Information follows that Robert enlisted March 6, 1778 as private in Capt John Steeds Company Forth Virginia Regt, commanded by Capt Neville. He was mustard out because of ill health on Feb. 16, 1779. There was mention of children, Andrew, John, Robert, two daughters mentioned but no names for them. Then Samuel (born 1780, died ?) married 1803?.