Person:Samuel Cowan (4)

Samuel Cowan, Sheriff
b.23 July 1779 Virginia
d.30 December 1828 Blount County, Tennessee
m. BEF 1774
  1. Eleanor Cowan1774 - 1831
  2. John [Alexander] Cowan1775 - 1821
  3. Samuel Cowan, Sheriff1779 - 1828
  4. Andrew Cowan1782 - 1872
  5. Robert Cowan1784 - 1869
  6. Ann Cowanabt 1790 - abt 1850
  7. Polly Cowan
  8. William Cowan
  9. James Walker Cowan1798 - 1870
  10. David Luther? Leonidas? Cowanabt 1799 - bet 1870 and 1880
m. 19 JUL 1810
  1. Christopher Columbus Cowan1811 - 1879
  2. George Washington Cowan1813 - 1875
  3. Martha Clarinda Houston Cowan1815 - 1863
  4. Samuel Franklin Cowan1817 - 1883
  5. Eliza Jane Cowan1819 - 1890
  6. James Houston Cowan1823 - 1897
  7. Lucinda Gallaher Cowan1826 - 1903
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Cowan, Sheriff
Gender Male
Birth? 23 July 1779 Virginia
Marriage 19 JUL 1810 Blount County, Tennesseeto Esther "Hettie" Jane Houston
Death? 30 December 1828 Blount County, Tennessee

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Land Records

  • #227 - Samuel Cowan - Town Lots-Blount County-three lots #88, #89 and #90 intown of Maryville-CC James McLenahan and John Gardner Jun., Surveyed July 21, 1807. [Source: Territory South of French Broad, Land Grants].
  • #534 - Samuel Cowan - 89 1/4 acres - Blount County, waters of Bakers Creek-CC None Granted July 7, 1807. [Source: Territory South of French Broad, Land Grants].
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Both William Cowan (25) and David Cowan (1) had sons Samuel born about the same time. William settled in what is now Blount and David settled in what is now Sevier Counties, but both areas were originally in Greene and later Knox Counties prior to 1795. Sevier is adjacent to Blount, and David and William lived less than 20 miles apart. As a result, it is not easy to separate out records for their sons both named Samuel.

From "Tennessee Cousins", by Worth S. Ray, pg. 230: Samuel Cowan was Sheriff of Blount County, and as much, advertised the sale of lands belonging to James Sloan for foreclosure in favor of Henry Ferguson. Also the lands of George Montgomery for Mr. John Russell, and those of John Cooper for Thomas Henderson.

From Clan Huston web page: ( Posted by R. Emmett on August 17, 1999 at 07:30:03: In Reply to: ISOBELLA & SAMUEL HOUSTON/ROCKBRIDGE, VA posted by Teresa Topolewski on August 14, 1999 at 00:41:52:

Esther "Hettie" Jane Gillespie Houston, dau. of Polly Gillespie & James Houston, married Samuel Cowan (not Andrew) on Jul 19, 1810, Blount Co., TN. I have that information from the Family Bible Records of James H. Cowan, found in the State Library of VA. That is also what Rev. S. R. Houston says in his book of the family (1882). She's called Jane in some records. (There were 3 other Hettie's besides these two.) They had 7 children. Meanwhile, Esther "Hettie" F. Houston married Andrew Cowan, Sep 26, 1816, Blount Co., according to the Blount Co. marriage records and Rev. Houston and another book I found that I listed in my database as "Maxwell History." Somewhere or other I have the complete biblio info on it. This second Hettie was the dau. of Nancy Gillespie & Samuel Houston. Nancy Gillespie was the dau. of Isabella Houston & William Gillespie. And Maj.James Houston (m. to Polly Gillespie) was the son of Samuel Houston/Elizabeth McCroskey. Samuel & Isabella were two of the 6 children of John Houston/Margaret Cunningham who came here in 1735 or so. There is a Tenn-Gillespie expert out there who will probably see this and respond to you. If anyone has any information on the pre-emigration ancestors I hope they respond out here in public. Meanwhile, e-mail me and I'll send you what little I have on dates for these folks, and whatever else I can help with.
Be that as it may, the summary of Tennessee marriages before 1825 on Ancestry, based on TN state archive microfilm, identifies a marriage in Blount County TN between Samuel Cowan and Jane Houston 18 July 1810.