Person:John Cowan (33)

John [Alexander] Cowan
b.1775 Virginia
m. BEF 1774
  1. Eleanor Cowan1774 - 1831
  2. John [Alexander] Cowan1775 - 1821
  3. Samuel Cowan, Sheriff1779 - 1828
  4. Andrew Cowan1782 - 1872
  5. Robert Cowan1784 - 1869
  6. Ann Cowanabt 1790 - abt 1850
  7. Polly Cowan
  8. William Cowan
  9. James Walker Cowan1798 - 1870
  10. David Luther? Leonidas? Cowanabt 1799 - bet 1870 and 1880
  1. Campbelll Gilmore Cowan1807 - 1846
Facts and Events
Name[3] John [Alexander] Cowan
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1775 Virginia
Burial? Oct 1821 Dallas, Alabama
Death[2] 12 Oct 1821 Dallas, Alabama, United States

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John Cowan and Rosannah Gillespie Family Bible transcribed by Margie Cowan




  • Capt. John [Alexander] Cowan is not to be confused with the Major John Cowan (?-c1779), who is commonly identified as having been killed on the Clinch River in an Indian raid between 1778 and 1780. (See Indian Captivity Stories.)
  • Capt. John [Alexander] Cowan is also not to be confused with Maj. John Cowan (1763-1832) who married Agness Martin (1763-1827) in Green Co., TN on Aug. 12, 1788 -- see Green County, Tennessee, Marriages, Roll 94, Page 38 -- and who died April 22, 1837 in Franklin Co., TN. (Too many undocumented internet family trees have the two John Cowans confused and intermingled.) Both John Cowan and wife, Agness Martin, are buried in the Goshen Cemetery, near Cowan, TN. Major John Cowan (1763-1837) is usually identified as the son of Robert Cowan (1732-1784) and Susannah Woods (1736-?).
BILL ... if this last statement is not correct, change it and let me know …Margie, I think it likely that the John Cowan who married Agness Martin was in fact the son of Robert Cowan=Susannah Woods. But there's also the possibility that the John Cowan who married Agness Martin is the son of Samuel Cowan=Ann Walker. I don't at the moment know how to distinguish between these two possibilities since both John's lived in the same area in Blount County. Q 19:46, 9 June 2014 (UTC)
  1.   1820 Alabama State Census, in Alabama State Census, p. 6.

    The enumeration of Dallas County, State of Alabama, for the year 1820, taken in pursuance of an act of the general Assembly. Entitled, an Act, authorizing the taking the Census of the Alabama Territory. Passed the 9th of February 1818.

  2. 2.0 2.1 John Cowan and Rosannah Gillespie Family Bible transcribed by Margie Cowan
  3. From Margie Cowan, Jun 9 2014, personal communication with User:Quolla6:

    I have found absolutely no proof that his middle name was Alexander … not even any documents with A as a middle initial. However, several of his sons wrote vanity bios for Owens (Alabama) and they all state his middle name was Alexander. Several grandsons were named John Alexander Cowan and claimed they were named for their grandfather. So, while I can find no proof his middle name was Alexander, there is strong family tradition for that being his middle name. Thus, I’ve put his middle name in brackets.