Person:Samuel Brown (107)

Samuel Brown
d.BEF 22 MAY 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
m. ABT 1715
  1. Henry Brown, Jr.1716 - 1798
  2. Samuel Brown1717 - BEF 1750
  3. Daniel BrownABT 1720 - aft 1797
  4. David BrownABT 1723 -
  5. Thomas BrownABT 1728 - BEF 1786
  6. Robert BrownABT 1730 -
  7. Esther BrownABT 1737 - 1805
  1. Adam Brown1738-1748 -
  2. Henry Brown1738-1748 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Brown
Gender Male
Birth? 1717 Prob. New Jersey
Death? BEF 22 MAY 1750 Augusta County, Virginia

Samuel Brown was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Samuel Brown

  • Page 234.--6th December, 1749. Samuel Brown's will, farmer--Brother. Henry Brown, colt that runs at Round Oak; two youngest brothers, Daniel and David; wife, Mary, mare bought of Robert Gay; two children, Adam (eldest) and Henry Brown, infants. To eldest born, Adam, house and land at Round Oake. [s/b "Roanoke"] Executors, Adam Dickinson and brother Henry Brown. Teste: Benj. Hardin, John Dickinson, Isaac Scholley. Proved, 22d May, 1750, by Hardin and Dickinson.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER 19, 1748. - (67) Saml. and Jacob Brown on Roanoke. (Note: perhaps this is a different Samuel Brown?).
  • Page 236.--22d May, 1750. Executors qualify on above, with sureties Jno. Pickins and Wm. Acres.
  • Page 321.--10th August, 1750. Appraisement of Saml. Brown, on Round Oak, by Ephraim Vause, Wm. Buis, Thomas Buis. 7th November, 1750. Appraisement of above on Cowpasture, by Hugh Coffey, Elicksander Mealray, Jno. Donaley.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List of 1742 - Capt. George Robinson's List: George Robinson, Captain; James McFeron, Lieutenant; Pat. Shirky, Ensign; James Ranfro, Sergeant; Dan Manaughan, Mark Coal, Peter Ranfro, George Draper, Rob Roland, Edw. Smith, Fran Kelly, And. Ganghagall, Henry Stiles, Hen Philip, Thomas Rindel, Thomas Looney, Rob Looney, Dan Looney, Adam Looney, Mark Joans, John Askins, John Flower, James Coal, Bryan Cass, Cornel Dougherty, Wm. Acres, Tasker Tosh, Hen Brown, Sam Brown, James Burk, Wm. Bean, _____Evins, Sam Martin, Peter Kinder, Stephen Evins, Peter Watkins, Stephen Ranfro, Benj. Davis, Wm. Clark, Wm. Shepherd, Benj. Deeson, John Smith, Hugh Coruthers, Wm. Bradshay, John Coal, Wm. Craven, Simon Acres, Nicol Horseford, _____ Meason.
  • Page 8.--3d November, 1743. John A. Dobikin's will, of Orange County, farmer. Wife, son John, executors. Teste: Wm. Jeames, Wm. Galenbe, Samuel Brown. Proved, 12th May, 1746, by Wm. Jeames.
  • Vol. 1 - Original Petitions and Papers Filed in the County Court - February, 1745. Deposition of Samuel Brown, witness to will of John Dobekin, Sr., being about to leave the parts, 15th March, 1746, before Peter Scholl.
  • Vol . 1 - November 19, 1746. - (131) Road ordered from Ridge dividing waters of New River from waters of So. Br. Roanoak to end in a road that leads over the Blue Ridge--James Cambell and Mark Evans, overseers. Old Mr. Robinson and his sons, Thos. Wilson and his two sons, Wm. Beus and his brother, all the Ledfords, Saml. Brown, Henry Brown, Saml. Niely, James Burk, James Bean, Francis Estham, Ephraim Voss and servants, Francis Summerfield, John Mason, Tasker and Thomas Tosh, John and Peter Dill, Uriah Evans's sons, Mathuselah Griffiths and sons, John Thomas, Peter Kender.
  • Page 134.--25th January, 1748-9. John Cumberland's will--Brother James Cumberland, 1 shilling; wife, Catherine, executrix. Teste: Wm. White, Saml. Brown, Wm. James. Proved, 17th May, 1749, by all witnesses, and Catherine granted administration.