Person:Robert Snodgrass (14)

Robert Benjamin Snodgrass
m. abt. 1753
  1. Margaret SnodgrassAbt 1755 - 1825
  2. Robert Benjamin Snodgrass1756 - 1822
  3. Benjamin Snodgrass1761 - 1820
m. abt. 1775
  1. Robert Snodgrass1776 -
  2. Joseph Snodgrass1778 -
  3. John Snodgrass1779 - 1830
  4. Sarah Snodgrass1782 -
  5. Martha Snodgrass1785 -
  6. David Snodgrass1787 -
  7. Margaret Snodgrass1793 -
  8. Mary Snodgrass1795 -
  9. Benjamin Snodgrass1798 -
  10. Nancy Snodgrass1802 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Benjamin Snodgrass
Gender Male
Birth? 1756 Culpeper County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1775 to Mary Ann 'Polly' White
Death? 06 November 1822 Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky

Robert Snodgrass was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Robert Snodgrass

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I, ROBERT SNODGRASS, being in sound mind and memory, taking not consideration the mortality of man, make this my last will and testament, First recommending my soul to God, Second that my body be buried in a decent Christian like manner, Third revoking all former wills whatsoever, Fourth that all my just debts be paid, Fifth do bequeath unto my son David Snodgrass all my real and personal Estate that he may have in taking care of me and my wife and furnishing us with such necessity of life as we shall stand in need of and further more the said David Snodgrass is to pay unto his brother Jas. John and his sisters Patsey, Sally, Peggy, Polly, Nancy and the legal representatives of his brother Robert Snodgrass dec'd the sum of forty dollars each and the same sum of forty dollars to both the representatives of Robert, dec'd the foresaid forty dollars to be paid to the legatees named in this will is to be paid within two years after the death of my wife and myself, to be paid in the common currency of Kentucky.
In testimony whereof I have unto set my had and seal this third day of October in the year of our Lord 1822.
(signed) Robert Snodgrass (seal)
Signed in the presence of us: Elijah Ferell, John Waggoner
Probated November Term 1822

Records of Robert Snodgrass in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - White vs. Moore--O. S. 168; N. S. 59--Bill, June, 1808. Complainants are, viz: John, Nathaniel, James, William White, Margaret (White), wife of James McFarland, Rebecca (White), wife of William McFarland, Mary (White), wife of Robert Snodgrass, David Greenlee and his children (infants), heir of their mother Jane, who was Jane White, all being heirs and legal representatives of John White, who was only heir-at-law and legal representative of Thomas Boyd, who was son of Andrew Boyd, who died many years ago, leaving a tract in Augusta County, 240 acres. Andrew died testate in Augusta, devising to his wife and sons, Thomas and John. Andrew's widow died intestate and her part descended to Thomas, the eldest son. After Andrew's death, a patent issued in Andrew's name for an entry of his for 115 acres, but some one struck out Andrew and inserted John. John died testate, without issue, devising his lands to his wife, Elizabeth, for her life, with reversion to her son, John Varnum. Then Thomas Boyd died intestate, leaving complainants' his heirs. But Elizabeth Boyd and William Moore, who bought claim of Varnum, set up an adverse claim. Answer says Andrew Boyd died 1750. A patent for the 115 acres issued in 1759 in name of John, when he was not more than 12 or 15 years old. Andrew Boyd's will dated 26th February, 1749, proved in Augusta 22d May, 1750, to cousin, John White, if he came here to live. Wife, Rebecca.