Person:Robert Sittlington (1)

Robert Sittlington
m. Bef 1745
  1. Janet SittlingtonAbt 1747 -
  2. Robert Sittlington1748 - 1833
  3. Jean Sittlington1750 - 1829
  4. Mary Sitlington1759 - 1838
  5. Alexander SittlingtonEst 1760 to 1775 - Aft 1840
  6. Elizabeth 'Betsy' SittlingtonAbt 1761 - Abt 1816
  7. Nancy Agnes Sittlington1765 - 1838
  • HRobert Sittlington1748 - 1833
  • WMary FeamsterBef 1761 - 1829
m. 10 Oct 1778
  1. William Sittlington1779 - 1826
  2. John Sittlington1781 - 1868
  3. Mary Margaret Sittlington1783 - 1818
  4. Capt. Andrew Sittlington1785 - 1863
  5. Thomas Sittlington1792 - 1881
Facts and Events
Name Robert Sittlington
Gender Male
Birth? Nov 1748 prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 10 Oct 1778 Williamsville, Virginiato Mary Feamster
Death? 18 Sep 1833 Wallawhatoola, Bath County, Virginia

Robert Sittlington was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 5, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Sittlington, Robert - born 11/1748; entered service 1776 in Augusta County, Virginia, as substitute for Nathan Crawford, in Virginia company; received Pension 1832 in Bath County, Virginia; Adam Dickinson & William Douglass made affidavit there then, per County Court Clerk Charles S. Francisco; query letter in file 1911 from great great grandson J.R.S. Sterrett, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, states soldier died 9/15/1833. F-S7517, R2193.

Will Abstract

Pg. 186 - Will of Robert Sitlington, dated May 29, 1830
Wit: Samuel S. Williams, William D. Kincaid, John S. Kelso
Probated November 1833 Court
Exec: his three sons
Beq: to son Thomas the home plantation, with 50 acres across the river, and balance of an entry he now holds; slaves Solomon, Bill and Harriett; his rifle gun and desk
Thomas to deliver to son John the plantation known as "Minis", in tolerably good condition, with barn with clapboard roof
To son John, Minic Place, all bonds, receipts and book accounts against him cleared; Negro woman Winna and three children, except child Jacob to grandson John, son of John
to son Andrew a bond of $1000 cleared; another bond on him and Carlisle to be included in estate
to daughter Mary, Negro girl Rose
to grandson John, don of Andrew, Negro boy George
to son William's children, 100 acres at the head of the survey
to granddaughter Mary Jane Sitlington, daughter of son William, dec., Negro wonan Amy and her child, to live with their mother until the children are of age
to grandson Peter Sitlington, tract in chancery court of Andrew Ervine
all bonds half to son John; remaining half equally between son Andrew, son Thomas and guardian of son William's children for their education
to son Thomas, the clock
equally to the three sons - horses, cattle sheep and hogs; the surveyor's compas, household furniture and kitchen furniture and loose articles in the garret loft; waggon, cart, harrow, plows, gears and all farm utinsils, all iron implements
provision in the event of disputes, and if anyone goes to court he loses what is contested
codicil: the Minic Place has been purchased by son Thomas. If he does not convey this to son John, then he does not receive the home plantation, which then goes to John. Andrew is left as much mountain land as he needs to satisfy an obligation to James Bridger to convey Bridger a portion of the mountain survey conveyed to Andrew Erwin.
Dated July 21, 1932
Wit: Samuel S. Williams, Joseph Wood, Robert F. Barnett
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 163].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Feemster vs. Feemster--O. S. 64; N. S. 22--From Bath. Bill filed 8th May, 1798, by John and William Feemster against Elizabeth Feemster, relict of Thomas Feemster, deceased; John McCreery and Martha, his wife; Robert Sitlington and Mary, his wife; Adam Bratton and Elizabeth; Rachel Carlisle, alias Feemster, Susannah Feemster; Sarah Brown, daughter of Sarah Feemster, who married Hugh Brown, deceased; which Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel and Susanna are daughters and heirs of Thomas. Orators are also sons. Thomas made a will, but it was lost.
  • Feemster vs. Feemster--O. S. 371; N. S. 135--Bill, 1808, by James Bratton and Mathew Wallace, administrators de bonis non of Thos. Feemster, who died 1797, intestate, and his son William, administered. Wm. is dead some years and his administrators are son, Thomas, and widow, Polly. Thos. Feemster's distributees are viz: Widow Elizabeth; Jno., son of Thos.; Matty McCreery, daughter of Thos.; Robert Sitlington and Polly, his wife; Rachel Carlile, Elizabeth Bratton, daughters of Thomas; Joseph Wallace, administrator of wife, Susan; Mathew Wallace and Sally, his wife, daughter and sole heiress of Sally Brown (said Susan and Sally being daughters of Thos.).
  • Page 51--Will of John Sitlington, of the Cowpasture, Bath County. Son-in-law, James Kelso. Only surviving son, Robert Sitlington; daughter, Jane Crawford; daughter, Jennet Slown; daughter, Elizabeth Kelso; daughter, Mary Young; daughter, Ann Baty. Dated 12th September, 1792. Recorded in Bath, January, 1798.
  • Robert Sitlington's Declaration, September 26th, 1832: Born in 1749; mentions Capt. John Lewis, Lieut. Samuel Vance, Warrick's Fort, Lieut. John Cartmill, Capt. John McCoy, Capt. David Gwinn, Col. Campbell, Col. Williams, Gen. Greene, George Francisco, William Douglass, Adam Dickinson.

Information on Robert Sittlington

From "Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia, 1791-1842", by Jean Randolph Bruns, pg. 14:

  • p. 103 - Power of attorney given to William Sexton (X) of Bath to Robert McCutcheon to convey six acres on the Cowpasture, adjoining Robert Sittlington, widow Clendenin and Richard Mays, to Thomas Kinkeade. Oct. 21, 1797. Sworn before Valentine White, justice.