Person:Robert McMahon (3)

  • HRobert McMahonabt 1706 - 1769
  • WJoan UnknownABT 1709 - BEF 1756
m. ABT 1727
  1. Samuel McMahon1727-1731 - BEF 1754
  2. John McMahon1734 - 1784
  3. Abraham McMahon1736-1742 -
  4. Agnes McMahon1739 - 1814
  5. Julian McMahonBEF 1741 -
  6. Jean McMahonAbt 1742 -
  7. Thomas McMahonAbt 1745 - Aft 1800
m. bef. 1756
Facts and Events
Name Robert McMahon
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1706
Marriage ABT 1727 to Joan Unknown
Marriage bef. 1756 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Robinson
Death? 26 May 1769 Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

Robert McMahon was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Land Entry Books of Augusta County - 1749, October 18th--Robert McMahon, 400 acres north of his own land.
  • Vol. 2 - Land Entry Books of Augusta County - 1749, November 29th--Robert McMahon, 50 acres joining Wm. Thompson, on North River; 50 acres on North River joining Saml. Lockhart; 100 acres joining Ro. Smith on Buffilo.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 402.--18th May, 1761. Robert McMahon and , his wife, to John McMahon, his son, £10, 140 acres on a branch of North River of Shanandoe. part of 300 acres patented to Robert, 12th May, 1759; cor. Conolley's land.
  • Page 406.--19th May, 1761. Robert McMahon to Robert Rebourn, £30, 380 acres on the Buffalo Draft on south side North River, patented Robert Smith, 16th August, 1756; cor. James Beard's land.
  • Page 493.--21st October, 1705 (s/b 1765). Robert McMahon and Margaret ( ) to Hugh Donehge, £30.18, 300 acres on a draft of North River of Shanando, patented to Robert, 12th May. 1759. Teste: John Reburn, John Ritchey, Andrew Ralston. Delivered: Hugh Donaho. January, 1768.

Account of Robert McMahon's Execution

"Robert McMahan the father of John McMahan of Augusta County, Virgina was executed at the Public Gallows in Williamsburg, James City county, Virginia on Friday, May 26, 1769. He murdered Robert Reaburn the son of his second wife Mrs. Margaret Reaburn. He was charged in Augusta county, Virginia and sent to Williamsburg for trial where he was found guilty and sentenced to death. The court records of Augusta county show a previous history of violence. He was involved with Samuel Lockhard or Lockhart in killing William Thomson's or Thompson's hogs, horses &c. in 1746.

Source: The Virginia Gazette newspaper, June 1, 1769, page 3, column 1. Augusta County, Virginia court records."

Original Source of the above article and sources:

1) Gems of Pike County Arkansas, Vol. 2., No. 6, Spring 1995, p. 6-24., by D.K.
2) Research Project, Robert McMahon, 1760-1783, p.25, 26, David Kelly c/ 2006.

Red Flag: The entire paragraph (with sources) above can be found in a substantial work by David Kelly, which, in turn is taken from his article in "Gems of Pike County Arkansas, Vol. 2, No. 6, Spring 1995, p. 6-24, by D.K. The original paragraph represents the conclusions D.K. (David Kelley) drew from his research. Nothing in the paragraph is a direct quote from the Virginia Gazette. Kelly's conclusions (though correct) cannot, therefore, be used as a primary source to prove John's parentage, that Robert Reaburn was Margaret's son nor that Margaret Reaburn was Robert McMahon's second wife. (Ample proof of these conclusions exists...just not in the Virginia Gazette article which reads only: "Last Friday were executed, pursuant to their sentence (being all that were capitally convicted and condemned the last General Court) the following cirminals, viz. Robert McMachen, from Augusta, for murder....") Artistswife2, December 3, 2012

- other sources have Robert Reaburn as the nephew of Margaret's first husband, Edward Reaburn.

12/4/12 I believe Robert Reaburn was Margaret's son, rather than a nephew, because Robert and Margaret sold Robert land just one day after they had jointly sold property to Robert's oldest son, John. It appears that they "took care" to transfer land to both eldest sons. Copy of the Chalkley entry:

  • Page 406.--19th May, 1761. Robert McMahon to Robert Rebourn, £30, 380 acres on the Buffalo Draft on south side North River, patented Robert Smith, 16th August, 1756; cor. James Beard's land.

Records of Robert McMahon in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Land Entry Books - 1745, December 7th--John Hood, 400 acres, between the land of Hugh Thompson and Colonel Wood, near Ro. McMahon (afterwards McMahon's land).
  • Vol. 1 - JULY 16, 1746. - (70) Robert McMahon and Samuel Lockhard being bound over to this Court for misbehaving themselves towards William Thomson in killing his hogs, horses, etc., and William saying he feared further damage--they gave bond for good behavior, George Anderson and Wm. Pierce for Lockard, James Givens and Geo. Cathey for McMahon.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 18, 1746/7. - (151) Ro. McMahon--garnishee.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER, 1747. - Robert McMahon complains that Jean Robinson, of the Province of Pennsylvania, is indebted to him 15s. August, 1747.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 20, 1748. - (4) Robert McMahon bound to the peace on application of his wife, Joan, towards herself and her children. (Note: record indicates that Joan was previously married with children).
  • Vol 1 - May 1757, ( ) "John McMahon by 'Robert McMahon' his Next Friend Plt. agst William Thompson Defendant. Neither party appearing this Suit is dismissed."
  • Page 401.--16th May, 1752. Andrew Fought, yeoman, to Casper (Gasper) Fought, 112 acres. Teste: Robert McMahan (?), (Menehan?), (McHan?). Patented to Andrew, 1st June, 1750.
  • Page 477.--7th September, 1753. Samuel McMahon to Samuel Henderson, 165 acres on Dry River between Daniel Smith's and Shifman's lands. Teste: Robert McMahon, George Crawford, Henry Rebum.
  • Page 45.--16th May, 1754. Margaret Reburn's bond as administratrix of Edward Reburn, with sureties Robert McMahon, Henry Reburn. (Note: Robert married Edward Reyburn's widow Margaret as his second wife).
  • Page 56.--16th May, 1754. Robert McMahon's bond as administrator of Saml. McMahon, with sureties Archibald Hamilton, Thomas Story.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 16, 1754. - (194) Robert McMahon qualifies Admr. of his son, Saml. McMahon.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 16.-- (27th November, 1755: Vestry met. Processioners designated as follows, viz (to report before 1st March next):) John Finley and Wm. Thompson, in Captain Alexander Thompson's Company. Robert Shanklin and Thomas Waddell, in Captain Francisco's Company. George Crawford and Samuel Givens, James Allen and Robert McMagham between bounds of Companies of Captains Alex. Thompson, Israel Christian, Abram Smith, Rob. Scott, Ludwick Francisco, from thence to Swift Run Gap. Samuel Henderson and John Anderson to divide into precincts. Robert Hooks and Patrick Frazier, in Captain Robert Scott's Company.
  • Page 109.--19th May. 1755. Samuel McMahon's appraisement, by Thos. Stevenson, John Campbell, David Stevenson, and accounts--Paid Saml. McMahon, George Bowman, Jno. Reybourn. To Robert McMahon, Cr. (Sr.??), 21st May. 1755, by appraisement.
  • Page 195.--25th July, 1757. William Bell's will--To be buried at Stone Meeting House by side of wife lately ceased; to son Joseph, plantation if he die before he come home from Carolina; daughter Mary, gold ring he did usually wear; to son Edward Baird; sons, William, David, Saml. Bell and Edward Baird; leaves to every one of my other children 1 shilling. Teste: Robert McHan, John Theobald Maighan. Proved, 17th August, 1757, by the witnesses. David Bell is not in this Colony. Edward Beard qualifies with Henry Raybum, James Craig.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1758. - (179) Margaret Reaburn, widow and admx. of her decd. husband, has since married with Robert McMahon, and she is summoned to show cause why her children shall not be bound out.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY AND NOVEMBER, 1759 (A). - Margaret Reaburn, widow, married Robert McMahon. August Ct., 1758.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY AND NOVEMBER, 1759 (A). - Orders of Court, 1756: Margaret Reaburn, widow, married Robert McMahan.
  • * Vol. 1 - MAY AND NOVEMBER, 1759 (A) - McMachan vs. Sampson Mathews.--Qui tam for not voting for Burgesses, 1758.
  • Page 267.--19th May, 1761. John Ker and Lucie ( ) to Hugh Botkin, £13.10, 174 acres on a draft of North River of Shanando; cor. Robert McMahan. Teste: John Botkin, William Kerr, William ( ) Mathers, John Reburn. Delivered: John Botkin, 5th June, 1762.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 20, 1761. - (133) John McMahon and Richd. Stockdon, bail for Rob. McMahon.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1764 (A). - Hugh (mark) Botkins. Bond dated 19th September, 1761, to Handry Picket, conditioned to making deed to 174 acres, comprehending the place John Kare sold to Richard Botkin, joining Robert Reburn and John Strain, on the east; Robert McMahan and John Botkin, on the west; John Richey and James Orrey and Edward Beard, on the north. Test: John and Mary Botkin.
  • Page 152.--15th March, 1768. Hugh Donaho, farmer, and Elizabeth to James Anderson, son of John Anderson, £68.15, on a draft of North River of Shanando; corner Charles Campbell's land on northwest side of the Pennsylvania road, field of Robert McMahon's, being 300 acres patented to Robert McMahon 12th May, 1759, and conveyed by Robert to Hugh 21st October, 1765. Delivered: John Anderson, November, 1767.
  • Page 305.--21st March, 1768. James Anderson to John and James Hookes, £40, 300 acres patented to Robert McMahon, 12th May, 1759, on a branch of North River of Shanandore, Alexander Walker's corner. Delivered: James Hook, 21st March, 1775.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1768. - (314) Overseers road: James Gamwell, vice John Anderson: Robert McMahon, from John Seewright's Mill to Thomas Connerley's.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 21, 1768. - Committal of Robert McMahan upon suspicion of murdering Robert Reburn. Recognizance as witnesses and signatures of Jean Reburn, John Reburn, Thomas McMahon, Robert Patterson, James O. Murray, Robert R. Craig.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 26, 1768. - (71) Called Court for examination of Robert McMahon, charged with the murder of Robert Reaburn.--Sent to Williamsburg for trial.
  • Vol. 1 - 1769. - Michael Bowyer's account as Jailor allowed for insolvent fees for 1769: Chas. Fred. Sivert, in goal for debt, 20 days; Robert McMahon, in goal for felony, 24 days. (Note: listed among many others).
  • Page 418.--20th June, 1769. Henry Picket and Jean to Hugh Donaghoe, £10, 174 acres on a draft of North River of Shanandoe, corner Robert McMahon. Teste: John McMahon, James Coulter, Samuel Erwin. Delivered: Hugh Donaho, 8th March, 1775.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 26, 1769.- (260) Robert McMahon vs John Jones.--Abates by plaintiff's death. (Note: this record establishes that Robert McMahon had died prior to this date).
  • Page 500.--22d August, 1770. John and James Hooks to John McMahon, £16, 100 acres on a draft of North River of Shanando patented to said Robert McMahon, 12th May, 1759. Teste: Robert Hook, John Gabriel Jones. Delivered: John McMahon, January, 1773.
  • Page 132.--16th November, 1779. John McMahon and Deborah ( ) to Jno. Harper. Patented to Robert McMahon, 12th May, 1759, whereon said Harper now lives.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 21, 1784 - (242) Robt. and John McMahon's death abates suits--see page 248, infra.
  1.   Examination for Murder of Robert Reburn, in Augusta County Court Records, Book XIII, p.71, 21 Nov 1768, Primary quality.