Person:Robert McFarland (11)

Robert McFarland
b.1717 Ireland
m. Bef. 1705
  1. John McFarlandAbt 1708 - 1784
  2. James McFarlandABT 1710 - 1751/52
  3. Joseph McFarlandAbt 1711 -
  4. Rachel McFarlandAbt 1714 -
  5. Robert McFarland1717 - 1797
  6. Margaret McFarlandAbt 1718 -
  7. Rebecca McFarland1720 -
  • HRobert McFarland1717 - 1797
  • WEsther DunnAbt 1726 - 1794
m. 27 September 1748
  1. Joseph McFarland1752 - 1794
  2. Abraham McFarlandabt 1754 -
  3. William McFarland1755 - 1825
  4. Letitia McFarlandabt 1757 -
  5. Esther McFarlandabt 1759 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert McFarland
Gender Male
Birth? 1717 Ireland
Marriage 27 September 1748 Earl Township, New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Esther Dunn
Death? 25 Dec 1797 Rockbridge County, Virginia

Robert McFarland was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • John and Robert McFarland, March 5, 1747, acquired 1020 acres on Black Buffalo Lick [in present Wythe County]. Shortly thereafter, John recorded another survey for 106 acres on a branch of Reed Creek. "Keley's Virginia Frontier" by F. B. Kegley, Southwest Virginia Historical Society, Roanoke, VA. 1938 p 123ff.
  • Robert McFarland acquired 248 acres of land "on Stoney Fork of Re(e)d Creek" prior to August 1754, and probably closer to January 30, 1753, as listed in Col. James Patton's estate records, listed below:

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 442.--6th August, 1754. Robert McForland to John Downing, £20.14.0, 248 acres on Stoney Fork of Re(e)d Creek. Teste: Abraham Dunckleberry, Nathaniel Wilshire.

Will of Robert McFarland

Will Extract:
Will of Robert McFarland, dated 16 Feb 1792 and probated 6 Feb 1798; mentions wife, Easter and children (mentions that Easter and him had: Lettice, Easter, William, Thomas, Rachel, and Rebecca) and children by first wife: Jean, Robert, Martha, James, and Benjamin. Witnesses: David Edmundson, James Wilson, and Thomas Welch. Appraisal of Robert McFarland property by Jonathan Poage, James Poage, and Andrew (Cumins?). [SOURCE: Rockbridge County Will Book 2, page 65].

Will Transcript:
Will of Robert McFarland - Made 16 Feb. 1792 and Probated 6 Feb 1798
In the name of God Amen.
I Robert Mcfarland of the County of Rockbridge and state Virginia being in a low State of health but of sound mind and memory thanks be to God, for the same Do make this my last will and testament in the manner and form as followeth.
(Viz) I recommend my soul to God who give it and my body to the earth to be buried in a descent Christian manner at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned and as touching my worldly estate where of it has pleased God to bless me with.
I bequeath in the following manner after all my lawful debts are paid, I leave unto my wife Easter McFarland one Negro wench named Silory and her increase all to be disposed of at her death as she may think fit as also one feather bed and furniture.
Item I leave unto my first wife's children Jean, Robert, Martha, James and Benjamin each the sum of five shillings sterling.
Item I leave unto my daughter Lettis and Easter the sum of five Shillings Sterling.
Item I leave unto my son William Mc farlin part of the land I now live on (Viz) Beginning at John Mathews line and Running up the several Courses of the Creek to the mouth of a hollow opposite to the end of my house and up the several courses of the same to Thomas Welch's land also all the meadow land upon the north side of the Creek to him his heirs or assigns forever also one Negro boy named Jonas to him his heirs (?) assigns.
Item I leave to my son Thomas Mcfarlin the remainder of my land to him hisheirs and assigns forever also one negro Boy named George to him his heirs or assigns. Also one sorrel mare.
Item. I leave unto my daughter Rachel one negro girl named Dinah and her increase, to her heirs or assigns. Also one sorrel hors and saddle, feather bed and furniture, two Mich cows, six sheep, one Chest, two pewter dishes and six plates, one set of knives and forks.
Item I leave unto my daughter Rebecca one negro girl named Phebe and her increase, to her heirs or assigns.
And the remainder of my moveable Estate to be disposed of as my son Thomas may see fit, and I do hereby Constitute and appoint my two sons William and Thomas Mc Farlin Executors of this my last will and testament in witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Sixteenth Day of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety two forward interlined before signed.
Signed sealed and pronounced and declared to be the last will and testament of Robert Mc Farlin in the presence of David Edmundson, James Wilson, Thomas Welch.
(signed) Robert Mac Farland <X - HIS MARK>
At a Court held for Rockbridge County the sixth day of February1798. ...The foregoing writing purporting the last will and Testament of Robert Mc farland Decd was produced in Court by Thomas Mc Farland one of the executors therein named & proved by the oath of David Edmundson James Wilson & Thomas Welch subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded. ...And on the motion of said Executors who made oath according to Law Certificate is granted him for obtaining probate thereof in one form he having with James Wilson & Thomas Welch his secure entered into & acknowledged bond in the sum of two thousand Dollars conditioned according to Law.
Teste A. Reed CRC
[Source: Rockbridge County, Virginia Will Book 2, Page 65].

Records of Robert McFarland in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1752. - (321) Peter Scholl, qualified Colonel of Foot; Low Todd, qualified Lieut. of Horse; John Dunbar, qualified Capn. of Horse; John Fitzwater, qualified Ensign; Francis McBride, qualified Cornet; Ro. McFarland, qualified Lieut.; Ro. Young, qualified Capn. of Horse.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 16, 1752. - (366) John McFarland, qualified Ensign; Joseph Crocket, qualified Captain Co. of Foot; Ro. McFarland, qualified Lieutenant.
  • Page 203.--17th February, 1758. Colonel James Patton's estate; appraised by Thomas Stewart, John Ramsey, Edward Hall. List of bonds, bills, &c., due the estate: Robert McFarland, 30th January, 1753. (Note: the bonds due Col. James Patton's estate were mostly for land conveyed to settlers).
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1775 - page 20, Robert McFarland, son of Robert.
  • Vol. 1 - At a Court of Commissioners, held for Augusta County, the 16th day of July, 1776, and continued by adjournment to the 17th of July, 1776, at the Court House of the said County, agreeable to a commission from the late the Honorable the Committee of Safety of Virginia. Present: Samuel McDowell, gent; Michel Bowyer, gent; Sampson Mathews, gent. The Commonwealth of Virginia against Alexander Miller, defendant.-- Upon considering the charges against Alexander Miller, the defendant, as well as the evidence adduced in support of the same, and also the verdict of the jury, we, the Court, are of opinion that the matter, as far as it relates to aiding and giving intelligence to the enemy, comes within the ordinance of Convention, and therefore give judgment: That the said Miller be confined to the bounds of the plantation whereon he now lives, in this County, till the end of the present war with Great Britain, and that he do not in any manner aid, abet, correspond, or converse with the enemies of America, nor argue nor reason with any person or persons whatsoever on any political subject relating to the dispute between Britain and Amercia, or until he be thence discharged by the Executive Power, or General Assembly, of the Commonwealth of Virginia; and in the meantime he, the said Miller, be kept in safe custody until he shall enter into bond himself in the sum of one hundred pounds and two good securities in the sum of fifty pounds each. And that the whole of the costs of this prosecution be levied on the estate of the said Alexander Miller, viz: To Thomas Smith and James Hill, they finding themselves and horses for going 120 miles to William Hutchison's, on Indian Creek, in Botetourt County, each at the rate of 4 pence per mile, and for returning the same distance with the prisoner, at the rate of 4 pence per mile each. To Robt. McFarland, summoned by the officer; to assist, for going 50 miles, at 4 pence per mile. To the witnesses for attending one day each, 25 pounds of tobacco, or two shillings and one penny, viz: William Ewing, Silas Hart, Mary Erwin, James Montgomery, William Givens, Robert McFarland, Thomas Smith, and James Hill. To the clerk, for attendance two days, twenty shillings. To the sheriff, for attending the Court and summoning a jury, twenty shillings. To Daniel Kidd, for summoning the witnesses, in which he rode 150 miles, at four pence per mile. And that the clerk issue executions for the above sums, respectively, when required thereto by the claimants. (Signed) Samuel McDowell. A true copy. Test: William Cunningham, Clerk. We of the jury do find the defendant guilty of the charge mentioned in the warrant, and do assess a fine of one hundred pounds and two years' imprisonment. (Signed) Jos. Humphreys.

Information on Robert McFarland

BIOGRAPHY: Robert McFarland was born about 1705 in (perhaps Tyrone County), Ireland, son of Robert McFarland. When he was about 25 to 35 years old, he came to America with his father and family, first settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ...It is most likely in Philadelphia that Robert met his first wife, and they had at least five children that reached maturity. She must have died about 1747/1750. ...At least by 1751 Robert had moved to Peters Township, Cumberland (that part now in Franklin) County, Pennsylvania. There, in about 1751 he married his second wife, Esther _____ (last name perhaps Houston). They had at least 8 children, all born in Peters Township. ...About the summer of 1778 Robert sold his land holdings in Peters Township and moved, along with his wife and all children by his second wife, their families, and at least one nephew, to Rockbridge County, Virginia. There he remained the rest of his years, dying Christmas Day in 1797. Esther died there in 1794.

SOURCE: "Genealogy of the Joseph and William McFarland Branches of the McFarland Family 1675 to 1910" by Thomas S. McFarland 1910 Cable, Ohio.

"Robert McFarland, my great grandfather, was born in the same county <Tyrone> in the latter part of 1705. His first wife came from the same county. They came to America in 1740. They had four sons and two daughters. Catherine Dean was the second wife of this Robert McFarland. The latter Robert McFarland, my grat grandfather, had four sons and four daughters. Robert died on Christmas day, 1799 (Note: other sources say 1797). The family landed at Philadelphia and purchased land of the Penn's, but subsequently went to Rockbridge County, Virginia" Esther, wife of Robert, died in 1794, and was buried at Falling Springs Chruch, Rockbridge County. They were the grandparents of my father, also named Robert. When Esther was buried, now one hundred and sixteen years ago, the coffin was place on the hounds of the front wheels of a wagon, drawn by a yoke of oxen, and thus taken three miles to the place of burial. The roads were too bad to admit of the corpse being taken in any other way. Her grandson, my father, then at the age of twelve years, rode behind his father on horseback to the funeral. Their children were Joseph, Abraham, William (my grandfather), Thomas, Letitia, Esther, Rachel, and Rebecca."

Information on Robert McFarland

From the research of Gary Morris: LAND: 1754 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Donegal Township. Deed Book D, page 130. Robert McFarlin and wife Esther, June 8, 1754, to Ludwick Lyndemote of Lancaster County 290 pounds. 206a Donegal Township: Robert McFarland Sr., Widow Work, William Mitchell, late of John McFarlin. Patent dated 4 March 1748 to Robert mcFarlin 7 March 1752 W22, W54, J30 8 June 1754. Delivered to Christopher Crawford 2 Aug 1754, per order of Lyndemote. SOURCE: Lancaster County Deed Abstracts 1729-1770 (LDS Fiche 6049244).

MARRIAGE: 1748 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Earl Township, New Holland [town] Robert Makefareland/Mcffarland and Esther Dunn married on Sep 27, 1748 in Earltown (New Holland), in the presence of Adam Kuhn, Bernhard Bobete, and "many English people of both sexes." SOURCE: RECORDS OF MARRIAGES 1748-1766, EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF HOLY TRINITY, Lancaster, privately published, page 3 by Frederick S. Weiser. Mentioned in THE MYTH OF SIR JOHN MACFARLANE 1997,1998 by James A. McFarland (C)ole Creek Productions, Inc. Tulsa, OK, copy at Houston Public Library (Clayton Branch).

PROBATE-LINKS: 1779 PENNSYLVANIA, Cumberland County, West Pennsboro Township. [Robert McFarland and a Dunn]. WILL of Mary Thompson of West Pennsboro, spinster Jan 27, 1779 / 15 June 1779. To my grandmother. Sister Jean Dunn, a minor. Brother James Dunn. Executor Robert McFarlan and William Galbraith. Witnesses John Todd and Robert Wilson. SOURCE: Cumberland County will Abstracts: Will Book C page 153.


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    IMMIGRATION: 1719-1722 PENNSYLVANIA, Chester County, Donegal Township. 1719 immigration to Chester County, Pennsylvania. On record in 1722 in Donegal Township: Robert McFarland and sons Robert and James (Presbyterian). Also
    families recorded were: Robert Wilkins and his sons Thomas, William, Peter, and
    John; Gordon Howard and his sons Thomas and Joseph; Hugh, Henry and Moses White.
    Came from lands west of River Foyle (Tyrone County?), Ireland.