Person:Robert McFarland (10)

Col. Robert McFarland
b.15 March 1759 Orange County, Virginia
d.10 February 1837 Jefferson County, Tennessee
m. BEF 1757
  1. James McFarlandBEF 1757 -
  2. Col. Robert McFarland1759 - 1837
  3. Benjamin McFarland1769 - 1860
m. 7 JAN 1778
  1. James McFarland1778 -
  2. John McFarland1780 - 1850
  3. Jane McFarland1782 - 1837
  4. Elizabeth 'Betsy' McFarland1784 -
  5. Sarah Lucy McFarland1788 -
  6. Robert McFarland, III1791 - 1844
  7. Mary McFarland1793 -
  8. William McFarland1795 - 1814
  9. Rachel McFarland1802 -
Facts and Events
Name Col. Robert McFarland
Gender Male
Birth? 15 March 1759 Orange County, Virginia
Marriage 7 JAN 1778 Washington County, Virginiato Margaret McNutt
Death? 10 February 1837 Jefferson County, Tennessee

Robert McFarland was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 3, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

McFarland, Robert - born 3/15/1759 in Orange County, Virginia; moved at abt. age 8 with father to Bedford County, Virginia, for abt. 4 years, thence to Botetourt County, Virginia, where entered service in 1776; moved to Washington County, Virginia, where entered service in 1779; married there (wife mentioned but not named); moved to Jefferson County, Tennessee, there granted Pension in 1832 as Robert Sr., when a Robert McFarland Jr. was presiding justice of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions; reference made 12/5/1837 to death of Colonel Robert McFarland Sr. and to his son Carl Robert; query letter in file states soldier died 1834 in Jefferson County, Tennessee; query letter in file states soldier also was in War of 1812 service; query letter in file states soldier died 5/20/1834, married Margaret McNutt of Jefferson County, Tennessee, & son Robert was born 4/17/1791 (died 8/11/1844, married (1) Hannah Barton, (2) Mary Ann Scott, & was War of 1812 soldier). F-S2004, R1681.

Information on Robert McFarland

27. Col Robert MCFARLAND II (Robert , John , Robert , Unknown Male ) was born on 15 MAR 1759 in Orange, North Carolina [Orange County, VA per Revolutionary War Pension Application]. He died on 10 FEB 1837 in Jefferson, Tennessee.

[Notes] Col married (1) Margaret MCNUTT daughter of George MCNUTT and Isabella CALLISON on 07 JAN 1778 in Washington, Virginia. Margaret was born on 23 DEC 1759. She died on 25 JUL 1803 in Jefferson, Tennessee. (Note: Margaret McNutt was too old to have been a daughter of George McNutt (1751-1853) and Isabella Callison. Perhaps she was a sister of George McNutt?)

They had the following children:

65 M i William MCFARLAND was born in 1795.
+ 66 M ii James MCFARLAND
+ 67 M iii John MCFARLAND
68 F iv Jane MCFARLAND was born on 12 MAR 1782.
       Jane married John Hogan BEAN.  
+ 69 F v Elizabeth MCFARLAND
+ 70 F vi Margaret MCFARLAND
71 F vii Sarah Lucy MCFARLAND was born on 13 DEC 1788.
       Sarah married William GEORGE. William was born in 1785.  
+ 72 M viii Robert MCFARLAND III
73 F ix Mary MCFARLAND was born on 28 MAY 1793.
       Mary married Rowland LARRIMORE. Rowland was born in 1790.  
74 M x William MCFARLAND was born in 1795. He died in 181
       William married Mary MCNUTT. Mary was born in 1793. She died in 1852.  
75 F xi Catherine MCFARLAND was born on 26 JAN 1799. She died in 1854.
       Catherine married John INMAN. John was born in 1796. He died in 1869.  
+ 76 F xii Rachael MCFARLAND

Col married (2) Nancy Neal COX daughter of Benjamin NEAL and Elizabeth UMN wife of Benjamin NEAL on 31 MAR 1805. Nancy was born in 1775. She died before 1820.

They had the following children:

77 F xiii Melinda MCFARLAND was born on 20 JUN 1806.
78 F xiv Kittarah MCFARLAND was born on 22 SEP 1808.
       Kittarah married Zopher JAYNE. Zopher was born in 1805.  
79 F xv Dorcas MCFARLAND was born on 24 OCT 1811.
80 F xvi Ibbie MCFARLAND was born on 26 JUN 1813. She died in 1820.
+ 81 M xvii Benjamin MCFARLAND
82 F xviii Dorcas MCFARLAND was born in 1818.
       Dorcas married Beverly Burl TALLEY. Beverly was born in 1812. He died in 1880.  

Col married (3) Mary WEAVER on 08 MAR 1821 in Jefferson, Tennessee. Mary was born in 1760.