Person:Robert Cowan (13)

Robert Cowan
b.22 Jun 1784 Virginia
d.17 Sep 1869 Arkansas
m. BEF 1774
  1. Eleanor Cowan1774 - 1831
  2. John [Alexander] Cowan1775 - 1821
  3. Samuel Cowan, Sheriff1779 - 1828
  4. Andrew Cowan1782 - 1872
  5. Robert Cowan1784 - 1869
  6. Ann Cowanabt 1790 - abt 1850
  7. Polly Cowan
  8. William Cowan
  9. James Walker Cowan1798 - 1870
  10. David Luther? Leonidas? Cowanabt 1799 - bet 1870 and 1880
m. 1808
Facts and Events
Name Robert Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Jun 1784 Virginia
Marriage 1808 McMinn County, Tennesseeto Elizabeth Colville
Death? 17 Sep 1869 Arkansas
Burial? Arkansas

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Robert and James Walker Cowan settled about eight miles south of Bentonville. A brother-in-law of the Cowans, by the name of Colville, settled in the same locality. Colville Township derives its name from the latter. Colville went to California in 1850, and on one occasion he left the camp of himself and comrades and went out prospecting, and was never afterward heard from. Robert Hubbard, the first representative of Benton County in the State Legislature, settled near the Cowans, and Benjamin and Jefferson Hubbard settled lower down on the Osage. (Chuck Gibson posting)

Bureau of Land Management, GLO Patents (to Robert Cowan) … Fayetteville Land Office … Certificate #4187 (5 certificates before brother, James Walker Cowan), 08/01/1844; #12,227 (10/01/1860)


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