Person:Robert Allen (25)

Robert Allen, of Frederick County, VA
  • HRobert Allen, of Frederick County, VA1695 - BEF 1769
  • WDeborah Montgomeryabt 1705 - ABT 1742
m. BEF 1727
  1. Maj. John AllenABT 1732 - BEF 1794
  2. Robert Allen, Jr.1736 - BEF 1791
  3. Rebecca Allen1740 -
  • HRobert Allen, of Frederick County, VA1695 - BEF 1769
  • WSarah Cathey1697 - Bet 1765 - 1769
m. abt. 1744
  1. David Allen1744-1750 - BEF 1779
  2. Benjamin Allen1745 - 1826
  3. Thomas AllenBEF 1746 - 1822
Facts and Events
Name[1] Robert Allen, of Frederick County, VA
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1695 County Armaugh, Ireland
Marriage BEF 1727 Irelandto Deborah Montgomery
Marriage abt. 1744 poss. Frederick County, Virginiato Sarah Cathey
Alt Marriage 1744 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Cathey
Death[2] BEF 1 AUG 1769 Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
Burial[2] 1769 Old Opequon Cemetery, Kernstown, Frederick County, Virginia

Robert Allen was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Person:Robert Allen (25)
Person:Robert Allen (71)


Note: there were two Robert Allen's in the general area. Robert Allen (25) was in Frederick County, while Robert Allen (71) was in old Augusta. There may be some confusion over the identity of their respective wives and children . If the distinction between the two was not recognized, its possible that different genealogists have used documentation for one to established the wife and child list of the other. More research needed.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 165-69. [Page 164 blank]. 20-21 May 1742. Jost Hite of Orange County to Robt. Allen of same. Lease and release; for ₤49 current money. 685 acres on the south side of Opecckon Run granted by pattent Oct. 1734 unto Jost Hite... at a post Opeckon Run... down the run. (signed) Jost Hite. Wit: David Vance, Wm. Dobbins, John Harrow. 27 May 1742. Acknowledged by Jost Hite. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 5, pg. 9]

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 19, 1746/7. - (177) Sarah, wife of Robert Allen, a witness from Frederick Co.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1756 (B). - Stuart vs. Givens.--John Stuart, of Augusta, Taylor, and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Givens, one of the daughters of Samuel Givens, late of said County, deceased, orator and oratrix. Samuel died, leaving Sarah, an infant, leaving will dated 22d October, 1740, and made his wife, Sarah (mother of oratrix, now wife of Robert Allen of County of Frederick), and oratrix's brothers, John and Samuel Givens, executors, which will was proved in Orange in 1741, John and Samuel qualifying as executors. Bill filed March, 1755.
  • Page 236.--16th March, 1758. John Davis Wilper's bond (with Alex. Galespy, Robt. Allen) as administrator of Henry Baughman.
  • Page 340.--21st November, 1759. George Kinkade's appraisement, by James Ward, Andrew Gillespie, Robt. Allen.
  • Page 106.--17th February, 1762. Adam Dean's bond (with John Dean, Robt. Allen) as administrator of James Bourland.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1762 (B). - John David Wilpert, administrator Henry Baughman, vs. Mathew Lindsay.--Invoice of Henry Buchman's estate left in Greenbrier when drove off by the enemy. Witnesses are John Gay, John Warrick, Hugh Young and wife, John Meak (in which house saw same articles, Lawrence Hencemen. Witnesses when they killed the man, Felthe Yoken, Mathes Yoken, Nap. Gregory, Robert Allin, William Elliott.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1767. - (215) Ro. Allen appointed surveyor of highway, vice Isaac White. Ro. Gragg appointed surveyor of highway from Duck Ponds to Middle River. Wm. Patton appointed Constable, vice Wm. McCandless.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 22, 1767. - (250) Witnesses: Thomas Kennerley, David Bell, Adam Dean, Robert Allen.
  • Page 101.--8th September, 1779. David Allen's will--To wife, Elizabeth; to children; to wife's mother, Mary Allen; to son, Robert, infant, £5 in lieu of a horse left him by his grandfather, Robert Allen; to son, John Crooks Allen, infant; to sons, James and David, infants; to daughter, Mary, infant; to son, James Joseph Allen, infant. Executors, brothers John Allen, in Frederick County, and Thomas Allen, in Shanando. Teste: John Montgomery, James Henry, Patrick Hall, James Givens. Proved, 16th November, 1779, by James Henry and Edward Hall. Executors qualify. (Note: David Allen was Robert's son).

Information on Robert Allen

Robert Allen emigrated ca 1737; one of first settlers in Shenandoah Valley

From "Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia", by Cecil O'Dell, pg. 294:


Robert Allen (b. 1700c) purchased 685 acres from Jost Hite (part of Hite's 5,018 acre patent land) for 49 pounds on 20 May, 1742. (Tract 140E, Map 8). By Deed of Gift, Robert gave 342 acres of his tract to his son John Allen on 5 Feb. 1760. This land, located about 2 miles southwest of Winchester, Virginia, lies on the south side of Opequon Creek on both sides of Frederick County Highway 628/Middle Road.

Robert first married to Deborah Montgomery, came to Orange County, Virginia from Armaugh County, Ireland. By 1747, he had married his second wife Sarah (Cathey) Givens, widow of Samuel Givens.

Robert Allen was deceased by 1 August 1769 when his will (dated 19 December 1765) was proved in Frederick County Court. He listed wife Sarah and sons: John, Thomas, Robert, and David Allen. He left the plantation he lived on (most likely the remaining 342 1/2 acres) to his son Benjamin Allen. He bequeathed five pounds each to his grandsons, Robert Allan and Robert Givens. He appointed sons Benjamin and John to serve as his executors.

John Allen (b. 1725c), the son of Robert Allen and Deborah Montgomery, was deceased by 2 July 1794 when his will (dated 13 May 1794) was proved in Frederick County Court. Children listed were: Robert, Ann, Thomas, Martha, Elizabeth, John, Washington, James and Catherine. He also listed daughter Deborah's son Peter Allen Tharp. His wife Ann and sons Robert and Thomas were appointed to serve as executors. Ann Allen, Robert Allen and Joseph Lucky (administrator's of Robert Allen's estate) sold 342 1/2 acres (the 1760 gift to Robert from his father) to Charles Magill, Attorney, for 1,971 pounds, 15 shillings U.S. money on 12 October 1796.

Benjamin Allen and his wife Margaret sold the land which he had inherited from his father Robert Sr. to Theodus McCarty for 675 pounds on 31 May 1777.

Robert Allen, Jr. purchased 290 acres north to his deceased father's 685 acre tract from Samuel Pritchard and his wife Margaret on 5 November 1771. Pritchard had purchased the 290 acres from John Harrow who had purchased it from Jost Hite. (Tract 140F, Map 8).

Robert Allen, Jr. was deceased by 6 December 1791 when his will (dated 15 November 1791) was proved in Frederick County court. He bequethed the lower (east) section of the plantation to his son Montgomery Allen. He left the upper section to his wife Martha and after her death, it would devolve to son Montgomery. Daughters listed were: Deborah, Martha, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy and Sarah (under 18 years of age). He appointed son Montgomery and Archibald Magill to serve as executors.

David Allen was deceased by 16 November 1779 when his will was (dated 8 September 1779) proved in Augusta County Court. He appointed his brothers, John Allen in Frederick County and Thomas Allen in Shenandoah County, to serve as his executors. He listed his father Robert and his wife's mother Mary Allen (perhaps her maiden name and consequentily, David's aunt as well as mother-in-law.). His wife Elizabeth's maiden name may have been Reed since Mary Allen married William Reed. Children listed were: Robert, John Crooks, James, David, James, Joseph and Mary.

Thomas Allen, son of Robert Sr., married Abigail Millar, daughter of William and Catherine Dubois Millar. They moved to the present-day Front Royal, Virginia area from William and Tabitha Russell on 9 December 1767 for 35 pounds. This land is a part of the 4,950 acre tract patented to William's father (also named William Russell) on 17 December, 1735.

Thomas was deceased by 9 September 1822 when his will (dated 27 September1815 with codicil dated 13 September 1819) was proved in Shenandoah County court. Relatives listed were: his wife Abigail; his deceased son William's two children; grandson Thomas M. Allen; daughter Deborah Russell and her sons Thomas, William and Robert Russell; sons Thomas, Robert and David Allen; grandsons Algernon S., Thomas G., and William T. Allen; deceased daughter Rebecca Williamson's son Philip D. Williamson. The codicil recorded the death of his son Robert M. Allen and the bequest of one-third of Robert's inheritance to his widow Rebecca. Sons Thomas Allen, Jr. and David H. Allen and nephew isaac Miler were appointed to serve as executors.

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